Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~Baby N#2: 23 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby is listening to my voice, heat beat and loud sounds like honking car or dog barking, or toddler yelling...

What I'm Wearing?
Thanks to Alison my maternity wardrobe has expanded even more! She has generously lent me more clothes now that Miss Delainey is here. I now have clothes to wear when we are in Phoenix since all of my maternity clothes are for fall & winter.
Also a few shirts that I bought earlier in pregnancy actually fit now so I'm happy to be able to wear them. I also broke down and ordered a larger size pair of Lululemon Wunder Unders crops because I can't find decent maternity workout bottoms.

Aversions or Cravings?
This baby has the sweetest tooth! I'm trying to keep my sugar intake to a reasonable amount which is really hard.  I'm trying to fill up on vegetables and drink lots of water when I get cravings. I'm also eating every couple of hours so that I'm never starving and give in to a quick sugary fix. 

How I'm feeling?
Overall I'm feeling great. This is my favourite part of pregnancy- not too big that you are uncomfortable, lots of energy, yet you look pregnant and not just fat. I am still feeling a bit stressed in terms of the amount of things I need to do in the next couple of months but I can only do as much as I can do so I just need to prioritize. I just hate having to skip workouts because I need to organize a closet/room, file or clean the house. 

There is a little football player in there! Last night as I was laying in bed, my belly was jumping all over the place. Baby was practicing kickboxing or something. I've also been getting braxton hicks- not painful or anything but definite tightening. Usually it means for me that I need to change positions, go pee or drink more water. 

No real complaints other than I could definitely go to bed earlier each night but I have too many things to do.

# 4- prenatal yoga class, Pregnant Not Dead Workout, prenatal DVD, Pregnant Girl Workout.
It was a lighter workout week due to a very busy weekend. I've been focusing more on weights and strength training than cardio the last couple of weeks. I run a little bit on the treadmill  when the workout calls for a cardio interval but mostly I've been walking. While it's not too uncomfortable to run yet, I just need a break after focusing on running for the last year.

What I'm Excited for? 
Our trip to Phoenix!

What I Miss? 
Having a race to train for, and my body, although I do love the bump and the voluptuous chest.

Meeting the 4th and final midwife on our team last week at our prenatal appointment. I was starting to think there was a conspiracy against meeting her since the last time we had an appointment with her she was called away to a birth so we had to meet with one of our other midwives. This time, I almost missed the appointment because of the fire drill. Thankfully the clinic was ok with us being 10 minutes late so we were still able to meet with N. I've had a few friends have her as a midwife and they raved about her so I had high expectations. Of course, she was just as wonderful as everyone said and I'm so glad to have her on our team.

Pregzilla Moments?
I know we have time, but I seriously dislike all boys names and the few that I do like are either too common or don't work with our last name at all. I'm not sure how we are going to agree on a name. We decided on the middle name a long time ago but the first name is proving to be very challenging. 

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Still no real progress in this area. I've been looking around, both locally and online for ideas. I've found a few bedding pieces that I think will work. I'm going to check around in the US before I buy anything just in case. I'm afraid to commit until I know for sure! 

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. Looking great! Boys names are hard eh? Have you used the baby name genie? You enter your last name and the baby's gender and it comes up with names. I used to just go on and keep getting new names and then if I liked any I would write them down for John to read.

  2. I'll be honest with you...with both of our sons, we didn't come up with many name options we could both agree on until right before the baby arrived. For our first, I didn't even know if we had a name when he was born, but found out she liked one of them I had suggested a couple weeks before his birth.

    I also have to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. You look great! Delainey had a sweet tooth too. And I am officially coming with you on your trip. Heat and shopping. I am in. :) and 23 weeks already - HOW?? wow.

  4. I'm glad you finally got to meet her! She is the BEST! Did I tell you she wasn't even on call when I went into labour with Piper but gave us her personal number to call so that she would definitely be at our birth? Probably not something she normally does but I'm thankful she got to deliver Zoey and Piper!

    Our boy names were Beckett (when we were pregnant with Zoey) and Rowan (pregnant with Piper). It's funny because I always think of Rowan as a boy name and don't really care for "unisex" names, and whenever I say Rowan, everyone says they know girls named Rowan! I would NEVER think of that as a girl's name. Anyway, I guess it's good that Piper is a girl!


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