Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~ Baby N#2: 24 Weeks ~

How big is Baby N?

It just seems crazy to me that the baby is the size of a cantaloupe now! Skin is more opaque and pink now. Getting closer and closer to viability. 

What I'm Wearing?
I pulled out my maternity winter coat this week, thanks to the snowfall and dropping temperatures. It's pretty comfortable and warm. I'm glad I invested in it last time and happy I can get even more wear out of it. It's pretty much a necessity for our lovely winters.

What am I NOT wearing? Maternity pantyhose! Why is it so impossible to find them? I've checked Target, The Bay, and Walmart with no luck. I would rather not by them at Thyme again since they don't stay up very well and are pretty expensive. For now I am going to try some regular nylons in a bigger size to see if they work. (So far so good- the front seam isn't super obvious and they aren't falling down! Time will tell if they work with a bigger belly though).

Aversions or Cravings?
Frickin Halloween candy everywhere! I also blame Whitney for sending me home from Alison's shower with bags of sweets! I can not buy any more candy or sweets until after this baby is born!

How I'm feeling?
Overall pretty good still. I have a fair amount of energy, although it seems to fade fast in the evenings. I have been getting slight heartburn during some workouts and when painting/waxing the hutch from being in awkward positions but it doesn't last long. I've also had some calf & foot cramps on occasion but I think it's more from dehydration or pushing myself in a yoga pose.

So many kicks all the time! It's a pretty amazing feeling. Hubby has been feeling lots of movement too. I think I may have felt hiccups yesterday since it was a pretty rhythmic feeling but I don't know for sure. 

I could also use more sleep but for the most part I don't have any complaints. I haven't needed to use the wedge or an extra pillow yet.

# 4- prenatal yoga class, Lindsey's 30 minute treadmill workout & a toddler interrupted Denise Austin toning workout, Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project Month 5 DVD (thanks Alison!), Pregnant, not Dead workout.
I didn't get a chance to workout as much this week. Between being super tired in the evenings or just plain busy there hasn't been much time to squeeze a sweat in. The workouts I did get in were pretty tough and I'm definitely feeling them.

What I'm Excited for? 
Escaping winter wonderland next week, starting my new position at work, the hutch being 99% done and finally being able to work on the nursery (although that's still a few weeks away).

What I Miss? 
Wine. My pants staying up.

Miss Delainey's baby shower- can't wait to have my own sweet newborn again to cuddle with all the time, mostly finishing the hutch and meeting my friend and her son for a playdate on the weekend.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I found some bedding pieces at Target that fit our nursery colour & theme- grey and aqua (not teal, according to hubby). It's a start- maybe we will look for paint colours this weekend and that will really kick us into gear!

Jumping on the chevron train

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. Love that top! I am hoping my baby comes soon, with no maternity coat its getting a tad chilly for me haha.
    Great job on the workouts, I think as long as you are trying that is more than most people can even say, so good for you!
    Halloween candy is the death of me, so I only buy chips to give out since I do not like them really. Then I can put leftover chips in Chad's lunches.
    Love the Target buys!

  2. I love your nursery decor!! We chose similar colours (grey and turquoise) and I found Target had an awesome selection of baby stuff to match :)

  3. Omg I love that polka dot blanket!! I love it!! I will send my sister this weekend when she goes!! Lol a cantaloupe!! Hard to believe !!

  4. Nicole, you are looking great! Congratulations on your impending arrival!

  5. Looking great! Love the target buys! Great color combo. So xexcited to see the nursery come together. Good work on the work outs!!


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