Friday, October 25, 2013

~Bump Fashion~

It's Friday again. The weeks are going by too fast but at least that means Friday comes around sooner!

Tomorrow is a special day. It's Leigh's birthday!! Hope you have a great day and that Mr. D & Harley spoil you!

My Isabella Oliver order from Zulily arrived! It took forever to ship to Zulily- likely because it was coming from the UK so I was worried that it wouldn't arrive in time for my trip to Phoenix, since often customs can be a nightmare.

Overall I am pretty happy with both pieces. The turquoise tank that I ordered does not look like the same colour as what they had on the site:

website photo
My tank
(sorry it's such a bad photo)
The tank I received is a green colour, could probably be called turquoise, but it's definitely not the turquoise in the website picture. I am a bit disappointed since I really liked that blue but I don't dislike the one I received. It's probably a better colour for fall/winter anyway.

Ok, when I compare the pictures they don't look that different, but it's definitely more green than blue in person. Am I just crazy or do the rest of you see a difference in the colours?

I really like the tank since it's long enough that I can wear it under sweaters as a layering piece but with the ruching it allows me to wear it on it's own (with a cardigan since it's cold here!). Despite the fact that it's a tank, I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of it in the next few months. I'm sure it will be great for postpartum as well since the ruching is very forgiving.

The second piece I bought, the Ruched T-shirt maternity dress is perfect! It fits so well and I might like it even more than my black Isabella Oliver tank dress. And it's not purple, black or grey!!!

I definitely think that Isabella Oliver clothes are worth the hefty price tag. The four pieces that I own are definitely my favourite and most flattering maternity clothes. I also think they will work for post-partum since the ruching will hide the shrinking belly nicely.

While I wish I could afford to have a wardrobe full of Isabella Oliver clothes, I think I picked some great pieces that are versatile and worth the money, especially since I got a great deal on the above pieces from Zulily. My only regret is not investing in them during my first pregnancy!

Now onto some recent outfits:

Red Ruching
Shirt- borrow from Alison
Skirt- Thyme
Ruching is the best part of maternity clothes! It's so flattering and comfortable. While I don't wear a lot of red (not sure why?), I love this shirt. And look, no sweater over top!

Straight, Slim & Stripe
Striped shirt- H&M
Black slim pants- Thyme
Cardigan- Gap
Staple + Green
Isabella Oliver tank dress
Cardigan & Belt- Old Navy
Multi-Colour Stripes
Striped sweater & flats- Old Navy
Happy weekend! 

I'll be in the garage all weekend working on the hutch. My self-imposed deadline is fast approaching!


  1. I see the color difference in the first tank! But you are right, might be a better fall color anyways!! Nonetheless cute!! Love the outfits as usual! I need to figure out how to set up a mirror at home to take pics or get better at self portraits, as I love some of the outfits I'm pairing up being pregnant! Have a great weekend!!

  2. You look great!! Love that dress you bought! I should have looked at that brand more. Great outfits too.

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) I think you should wear more red, you look fabulous in it!


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