Thursday, October 31, 2013

~Day in the Life: Working Mom~

Here is a glimpse into a week day around here.

Sometimes the evening routine changes- I may or may  not workout, hubby might make dinner instead of me, we might run some errands right after work, but for the most part this is what a day in the life of this working mom looks like.

(this is from Tuesday)

5:00am- Alarm clock goes off. Hit snooze a few times. Too early!

5:25am- Finally roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to get ready. I shower at night so it's quicker to get ready in the AM.

Miracle bag
6:00am- Dressed and ready to go. Audrey wakes up and as much as I want to rush in to comfort her, I know I will be late if I do. Hubby goes in to get her. I quickly grab my lunch from the fridge, show Milo where his food is since he seems to forget every morning & night, kiss hubby and Audrey goodbye and head out.

6:10am- Drive to the train station. I'm running late.

6:22am- Arrive at the train station and fight the road rage due to people not knowing how to yield or park properly. I walk to the train platform.

It's so dark!

6:27am- Got on the train and manage to get a seat. I check Facebook, emails and Instagram while on my way downtown.

6:46am- Get off the train at my stop

6:52am- At my desk and checking emails. Turns out I wasn't late after all! Being late is my biggest pet peeve so it always stresses me when I'm late.

7:35am- Must have coffee and breakfast now! Go to the office kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I always bring & eat my breakfast at my desk.

Coffee, water, and bowl of yogurt, granola & fruit
8:30am- Meeting with my boss to discuss the plan for the day and deal with some current issues

9:00am- Bathroom break & selfie

9:30am- Take a quick break for a couple Energy Bites and some water. Chat with a coworker in the kitchen about her recent trip and Halloween.

9:35am- Return to spreadsheets.Work, work, work!

11:00am- Step out to The Bay to look for maternity nylons. They don't carry them but I decide to try a regular pair in a larger size in hopes that they stay up better than my previous pair of maternity nylons. The saleslady is somewhat helpful and insists that I not wear control top since it will constrict the baby.

11:25am- Fell down while walking back to the office (inside). My shoe slipped out from under me- I hate dress shoes on smooth tile floors! I was wearing low wedges too. Totally embarrassing since it was in front of a bunch of people. The crazy thing is that no one stopped to ask if I was ok, except for a security guard when I got up and walked around the corner. Thankfully I fell on my one knee and hand and nothing hurts.

12:50pm- Oops it's lunch time! I usually bring my own lunch and eat it at my desk.

Leftover chicken & veggie quesadilla
Dried fruit & nuts
Baby is kicking and punching lots so I'm not too worried about the fall. Caught up on blogs while eating.

2:30pm- I'm not that hungry but decide to have an apple & peanut butter snack since I know I will be starving on the way home if I don't eat something now. Quickly finish up some work- clients always want something as you are packing up for the day!

3:16pm- Rush out of work and get on the train. Running behind but not too worried about it...

Train platform in the afternoon
3:35pm- Get off the train and drive to Audrey's dayhome

3:55pm- Pick up Audrey and for once there is no fight to put on her jacket, boots or get into the carseat!! It's going to be a good night!

Telling me "all done" with the picture taking
Such a diva!
4:13pm- Arrive home and change out of work clothes

4:35pm- Audrey has been asking for food since we got in the car so she gets some strawberries & raisins to tide her over until dinner. I eat some Jelly Bellies...

4:45pm- Audrey and I play with the duplo blocks. I'm exhausted and dreading having to make dinner, especially since it's a new recipe.

5:15pm- Start working on dinner- Pasta with Cauliflower Sauce and Chicken from a Rachel Ray cookbook. Easy enough but still manages to be difficult with a crying toddler at your feet who won't tell you what she wants. I get a bit frustrated with her but then decide that figuring out what's wrong is more important than dinner. I think she just wanted attention which can be difficult when I need both hands for chopping and cooking. A 5 minute break was all she needed though.

6:00pm- Audrey and I start eating. She tries a bite or two and says she doesn't want it. Figures!

6:10pm- Hubby arrives home. Once she seems him eating dinner, she suddenly gobbles down her own bowl. What a turkey!

6:30pm- We finish up dinner. Since I cooked, it's hubby's turn to do the dishes (and there were a lot!). He waits until after Audrey goes to bed to tackle them so we can have some family time. We play and watch some hockey highlights- which Audrey loves! She can't quite say hockey, it sounds more like hotdog!

7:20pm- Time to start getting Audrey ready for bed- bath, milk, story time. I wish I could go to bed too! I usually do the night time routine since Hubby gets her up most mornings.

8:00pm- She's finally down, although not asleep yet. She plays in her crib for a few minutes, talking to her stuffed animals.

8:15pm- I head downstairs to workout (even though I want to sleep). I need to burn off the candy calories that I ate! I do the Pregnant, Not Dead workout which has me sweating!

8:50pm- Pack lunches for the next day

9:00pm- Shower and get ready for bed

9:30pm- Finally in bed, editing pictures and writing my weekly pregnancy post

10:00pm- Lights out. Sleep time for this exhausted mama!

That's my typical week day! Not hugely exciting- we try to save the craziness for the weekends!


  1. When I shower before bed my hair goes crazy by morning!! How do you get your pics to change like the one of Audrey? Sounds like a busy day! I didn't know you took the train!

  2. Sounds very much like our day! Except Paul both leaves early for work and comes home late :-)

    Don't you just love the take a bite and then the "no like!" - so annoying! Apparently Max eats all the food when Daddy gives him dinner though....

  3. That is a full and busy day! What do you think of working 7-3? I'm not a morning person but having those extra hours at night would be nice

  4. I am tired just reading all that!! I have no idea how you do it. Good work mama. I worked 7-3 too, loved it! I need to make more energy bites Right now I am eating shower left overs during my midnight feedings. No good!!


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