Friday, October 4, 2013

~Race Goals, Sniffles and Threads~

Tomorrow I plan to race my 9th half marathon, 2nd while pregnant. It will be my 2nd time doing the Harvest Half Marathon, which is probably my favourite half marathon course so far. Last year it was my first half marathon post-baby, now I'll be running it with a +1.

I'm finding it hard to not set goals for myself. I really want to but realistically I need to listen to my body and let that determine how fast, or slow, I go. This course has a few rolling hills and one nasty hill at 17K. It has the most beautiful scenery and even though you are running in the city, it feels like you are running in a quiet, secluded area. Fish Creek Park is my favourite local place to run.

So I guess my goal is to have no goal! This race is unique and while I have trained for it, every day is different when you are pregnant. I just hope that the pelvic pain is minimal and I don't have to stop too many times to go to the bathroom! One of my running friends and fellow SeaWheezer said she would run with me as she is battling an injury so we will just enjoy the race rather than try to meet a time goal.

I'm really looking forward to this race as I know a lot of people who are racing it. A bunch of bloggers, including Leigh and Cori (anyone else?), my office has a team of walkers/runners as well as a good showing of people from the CHRR. I think it will be a good event! Good luck to everyone!

Unfortunately, I am still battling my cold. It felt like it was getting better yesterday but I'm not sure. I'm hoping it stays out of my chest until...never? I tried the neti pot for the first time last night and it helped immediately but I think you need to do it several times a day to keep cleaning out your sinuses.

So please all keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!!!

This week was much better for outfit planning. I wasn't late once this week and I didn't feel overly stressed getting ready each morning. Success!

A Little Grey
Blazer- H&M
Grey rosette shirt- Joe
Pants- Thyme
Necklace- RW&Co
Bracelet- gift
This shirt has the cutest little rosettes at the neckline.

Popped & Purple

Skirt/dress- Pink Blush (borrowed from Alison)
Black maternity shirt- Isabella Oliver
Grey cardigan- Jacob
Necklace- RW&Co
This skirt (is actually a dress) is so comfortable! The bump really popped this week. 

Blazer- United Colors of Benetton
Shirt- Thyme
Scarf- Jacob
Maternity skinny jeans- Joe's
Boots- Browns
I was on the search for some leopard print to add to my wardrobe. I finally found the right scarf. I kind of want to wear it everyday!

Blue for Boy
Sweater- H&M
Lace shirt- Old Navy
Grey maternity pants- Thyme
I've been wearing a lot of blue lately. I must be preparing for all the blue that's about to enter my life!

Now to decide what to wear for tomorrow's race! Long sleeve? Short sleeves? Pants? Capris? Coral? Blue? Too many choices! I hate being too warm but I also hate being cold. I might add a throwaway shirt in the mix.

Have a great weekend! 

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