Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Darn plague carrier (yes, my child) got me and I'm down for the count.

What? It's not my fault!
I was just sitting here reading my book

Headache, stuffed up nose, running nose, sore throat, sore everything? Check.

The whole household (minus the cat) is sick. Hubby came home early from work yesterday and pretty much crashed. Audrey, while she sounds the worst, has more energy than I've ever seen her have so we still sent her to daycare today.

I stayed in bed till noon.

Oh I miss those days!

Since I can't take any drugs, rest is the only way I can get better. Well it's the best way to get better anyway.

In case you missed it, although if you were anything like me, you were doing a lot of stalking and speculating yesterday, Miss Delainey Brynn Black has arrived!!

She is the sweetest, tiniest, most perfect little girl! As I predicted, she came the day before her due date. She has stolen the hearts of her parents and I CAN NOT wait to meet her- once my cold is gone and her parents are ready for visitors, that is.

I'm off to continue resting now.


  1. Oh no, feel better!!
    I am so happy for Alison and Justin, and she is adorable!
    I guessed the 29th I think, so very close. I thought she'd be a Sept baby :)

  2. Oh no!! Not a cold! I hope you feel better soon!! I'm praying I don't get sick, allergies were enough for this mama to be! Miss Black is adorable, so glad she is here safe and sound!! I was waaay of on my guess and guessed Oct. 4! Haha.

  3. I caught a cold from Liam too. Darn kids. Hope you feel better soon. Try to get your hands on some Thieves oil from Young Living. That stuff is amazing. Eucalyptus too!

  4. Oh no, hope you guys feel better soon :( I love Audrey's shirt :)


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