Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~Thanksgiving Weekend Recap~

What a wonderful long weekend to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for!

Friday night hubby and I watched Hangover III. Of course, I feel asleep and missed the last half an hour. I just can't stay awake for movies anymore! I watched the rest later on and overall the whole movie was pretty funny!

Saturday we went to Audrey's swimming lessons. Poor kid is so cold in the water that I don't think she enjoys them as much as she would if she wasn't shivering. We will have to look for a warmer pool for the next round of lessons I think. Afterwards we went home and I worked on the hutch again.

3rd coat done
That night we had Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. It was a delicious meal, as usual and we got lots of visiting in. Audrey and her cousin L had a great time playing together.

Reading with Daddy

Her favourite game- Audrey sandwich!


Cousin Love!
Sunday afternoon we went to the Zoo after Audrey's nap. Since the zoo is still mostly closed due to the June flooding, it didn't take very long to see the open exhibits which was perfect for the amount of time we had.

Audrey LOVED the penguins! She kept squealing and pointing at them! Usually the penguin exhibit is jam packed with visitors so it was nice to see the penguins being more interactive and being able to watch them for awhile.

This one loved showing off for us

We ventured over to the Canadian Wilds section.

A vacant enclosure due to flooding
There were so many signs that showed where the river water rose to. It was crazy to see. The Zoo was devastated by the flooding and many buildings have to be seriously reconstructed or even torn down.

Friendly deer
Monday I finally started distressing the hutch. I did a bunch of research (on Pinterest!) and got an idea of exactly how I wanted the piece to look. First I tried the distressing method that the lady at the paint store recommended but it didn't work very well. I think I had too many layers of the white coat. Instead I used a light sand paper which worked much better. So far I've done the doors and the bottom half of the hutch.

It won't be hugely distressed which is the look I am aiming for. It's starting to look pretty good so I am very relieved! I was worried for a bit that it wasn't going to turn out but like a lot of DIY projects I think it looks worse before it starts to look better. Hopefully I can distress the top part of the hutch during the week so that I can spend the weekend waxing it. I am so ready for this project to be complete!

We had Thanksgiving dinner #2 at my Aunt's house on Monday night. We enjoyed visiting and stuffed ourselves silly with a delicious turkey dinner! It was my cousin's birthday so we had decadent chocolate cake rather than pie. My Aunt makes the best chocolate cake so no one was complaining there, especially not Audrey!

A little unsure of the doll

Reading with her favourite cousin

Dad's shoes


Even I got a hug!


Auntie kisses

Failed attempt at a family photo
We are so lucky to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with both our families in one weekend.

Yay for a 4-day work week!!!


  1. Looks like a great and busy weekend!! Love all the photos. Hutch is really coming along!! So exciting.

  2. Getting close to the hutch being done...can't wait to see it in your house! :) Glad that you guys had a great weekend :)

  3. I watched Hangover III on Friday night too! Sound like you had a great weekend. I love Audrey's little outfits.

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

    I'm still eating turkey....tonight is turkey pho stock making time!


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