Thursday, October 10, 2013

~Three Things Thurday~

1. I really need to stop drinking anything but water while sitting on the couches at home! A few weeks ago I spilled my entire cup of coffee onto the carpet- I knocked it off the coffee table with my feet. A few days ago, I had a cup of tea sitting on my lap, it tipped over and soaked my pants and the leather chair. And then last night I had my tea in my hand while Audrey climbed over me and spilled it all over the fabric couch and carpet. I really can't be trusted anymore with drinks in the living room. At least it wasn't red wine.

Coffee stain- looked way worse in person
Came out with the steam cleaner
2. The race photos from Harvest Half are available now. I won't be purchasing them as I look horrible in 98% of them. I will share this photo since I don't look too awful.

My photographer from last year was way better!

3. I received my 5 Year Anniversary gift from my company yesterday. I've been there for almost 6 years but they just started this program so I still get a gift! It came in a beautiful engraved wooden box, with a big chocolate bar and personalized HBC gift card. Perfect gift- something I can eat and go shopping with!

What's the worst thing you have spilled on your carpet/couch?

Does your company give out anniversary gifts?


  1. I am so clumsy too!! Always spilling on myself. That photo is great!! Great gift for sure, that's a nice incentive!!

  2. I agree with Alison, I am a klutz too. I am not sure what the worst thing I have spilt but with parties I always find beer to be the worst, the smell it hard to get out.
    I rarely get good races pics, I think that one is good of you!
    Awesome gift! We get a extra bonus every 5 years. I just got my 5 year one - perfect timing before I am off for a year.

  3. We get pins and a weird looking watch - that is about it! Nothing else. So I eat all the free pizza and hot dogs I get :-)

    I think that picture is nice!

    When I was pregnant with Max I broke 4 Coca Cola glasses. We used to have lots, but now only have 5 left...oppsies!

  4. Now I want some chocolate!!

    I spilt grape juice on my couch! That sucked! I spill on myself all the time, especially when we have pasta and I'm usually wearing white? M has learned to make me change before now! Lol

  5. Thats an awesome anniversary gift! We get these silly glass inukshuk things and they get bigger with every milestone. I already have two of them...

  6. I didn't do it, but Harley chewed a lip gloss of mine and got it all over our carpet. Good thing he is cute :) That's a great program! Definitely encourages your workers to stay more than 6 months, etc


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