Thursday, October 17, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Yesterday, just as I was packing up to leave work for the day and also to go to my prenatal appointment, the fire alarm went off.

I work on the 47th floor of a high rise building.

Luckily, I can use the pregnancy card to avoid walking down 47th floors. While physically  I can do it (can't be harder than a half marathon!), I have a phobia of staircases that are higher than 3 stories. Not heights per say as I'm fine on chairlifts, elevators, working on the 47th floor, etc. but actually being able to look down multiple stories freaks me right out. The procedure for people who are unable to take the stairs is to stay in the stairwell outside your floor and wait until you either receive word that you can go back to work or that you can take the elevator down. We waited for 35 minutes in the stairwell until it was announced that the building was safe and we could return to work. Since I could still make my prenatal appointment, although a few minutes late, I quickly took the elevator down and left. In the lobby, the building staff were handing out chocolates to thank everyone for their cooperation. Nice gesture for the inconvenience.

Chocolate makes everything better!
2. I tried a new crockpot recipe last night and it went horribly wrong. Firstly, it had way more prep than I like for a crockpot meal- I prefer to just cut up some veggies &/or meat, throw it in and let it cook all day. I don't like having to cook everything first before combining it in the crockpot. While the recipe itself is probably good (except I think it calls for too much rice), the biggest mistake is that I prepped it all the night before (since I have no time in the morning) so it sat together overnight in the fridge. I've done this several times before without issue but I guess it doesn't work so well with this recipe. It was a huge disappointment- mostly since the texture was off. It made a huge pot and I hate wasting food so I asked hubby how it could be salvaged. He added a few extra ingredients and made it into cakes that he fried. Soooo much better!

Salvaging my crockpot mess
3. My husband cheated... on our hairdresser. She has been doing my hair for 9+ years and his for almost as long. Since she cuts hair out of her home, he's been finding it difficult making the time to drive to her house for appointments. Against my advice, he went to a salon close to his office for a cut and he greatly regretted it. He said the stylish didn't wash his hair first, didn't ask him what he wanted done and just started cutting, clumsily. He said he had to stop looking in the mirror part way through the cut since he was just getting more and more mad! The cut cost double what our long time hair dresser charges him and he was so angry. Personally, I think that if you find a great stylist you make the time to go see him/her since you only go every 6-10 weeks (depending on what you are having done). Unfortunately he didn't learn from this experience and he plans to continue cheating on her. I wonder how many bad hair cuts will make him realize that the extra time is really worth it?

For the record, his hair doesn't look horrible. It is quite short and really time will tell if it is actually a bad cut or not but for now he's still presentable!

Do you have a bizarre phobia?
Do you attempt to salvage a bad recipe or just throw it out?
Would you ever cheat on your hairstylist?


  1. I can't imagine how long it would take for everyone in such a tall building to get out! What was the recipe that you tried to make? Glad that J could save it though!

  2. I hate when crock pot meals go wrong! YAY for J saving it! :)

  3. I had a crockpot meal go wrong a couple weeks ago, the worst.

    I think it's bad enough doing a fire drill from the 7th floor. I couldn't imagine 47! We just did one a couple weeks ago and instead of waiting to file back up the stairs I dashed over to a nearby coffee shop until it was ok to take the elevator back up lol


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