Thursday, October 24, 2013

~Unexpected, Workout Buddy, Child Labour~

~ What a crazy city I live in! I woke up to frost on the ground and cars, and super thick fog that made visibility tough. Our forecast for this afternoon? Sunny with a high of 20C! Seriously this city is so confused! This time last year we were under a big dump of snow that pretty much stuck around until May. I'm sure I just jinxed us all and we will wake up to snow tomorrow but for today I will enjoy the warm weather and an actual fall.

~ All parents have children for child labour right?? I've been counting down the days until I could put my child to work around the house. She still needs some training...
Child labour- sweeping the floor and dusting
She already cleans like her mother- cloth in one hand, drink in the other!!
I'm kidding, I don't risk spilling my drink while cleaning so I reward myself after the work is done.
And now that I can't drink, I obviously can't clean...

~ Milo likes it when I go downstairs to workout. He thinks it's his personal time alone with me- no kid, no husband, no chores to distract me. When I do yoga or weights, he rubs all over my legs, shedding like crazy.

Last week after a run on the treadmill, I stopped to stretch (and check my phone...) and Milo jumped on the treadmill, it wasn't moving, and rubbed all over my legs. Silly guy!

~ Things are about to get crazy busy at work. It should be good and I'm excited for some changes. I'm ready for a new challenge and one pretty much fell in my lap so I jumped at the opportunity. Take that!


  1. Scarlet does the same thing! But she is still scared of the treadmill a bit. She watches it but and will jump on once I am off but that is it. I am waiting for her to jump on when it is going and hopefully I have a camera on me ;) Lol.

  2. It wasn't frosty or fogging over in my neck of the woods this morning, but I'm excited for a warm afternoon! Good luck with your new work stuff. Challenges are always exciting!

  3. It's seriously gorgeous out there! Don't worry, the s word was already in the forecast for Sunday. NO! Happy to hear that work is sounding better for you. What is the new challenge?

  4. I'm soo jealous of your weather because not only is coold, but if I were to look out my windows right now, which I have no choice because all my window coverings are being washed - it is bloody snowing!


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