Monday, October 28, 2013

~Weekend Recap: DIY, Babies & First Snowfall~

Another exhausting, productive yet amazing is weekend!! I need a day to just put my feet up and relax... good thing our vacation is coming up!

After work on Friday, Audrey and I headed to the mall to run a few errands. Hubby ended up staying late at work so we had dinner at the mall (no, it was not healthy), did a bunch of shopping and played in the kid's area. Those play areas are genius, until it's time to leave. Then you curse them for existing!

Once we got home, hubby took over bedtime duties so that I could work on the da*% hutch! I am so sick of this project. I had to wax the top part of the hutch and the back of the doors. It's pretty labour intensive, mostly because you are in awkward positions trying to get into every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, contorting in those positions gives me heartburn and braxton hicks so it's just unpleasant!

On Saturday, I took Audrey to her swimming lessons so that hubby could plant some bulbs in the garden. Despite the cold pool, she had lots of fun and splashed like crazy. She still dislikes going on her back but I think that's pretty normal at her age.

She wore herself out at the pool since she fell asleep in the car on the way home. She didn't even stir when I transferred her to her crib. While she napped, I cleaned and snuck in a workout. Unfortunately she woke up during the last half of my strength training but better than nothing.

Hubby had a get together in the afternoon so Audrey and I decided to do some shopping (apparently we didn't get enough the night before). We went to a 2nd hand children's store that I'd never been to before and was highly recommended. It's hard to browse when you are running after a toddler but I did manage to find a few great items so I consider it a success. I'll have to go back without the toddler closer to baby's arrival.

Since we were close to one of the better Targets, selection wise, we stopped in. I found a few things I was looking for, including some items for the nursery so it was another successful shopping trip. My feet were pretty sore though.

Sunday we all woke up early but it was definitely not bright out! The forecast called for rain, then snow. Sure enough, I woke up to rain on the roof a few times in the night and then when Audrey woke up at 6:15am I couldn't really fall back asleep (which is totally unheard of for me). It's amazing how productive you can be when you wake up that early on the weekend! Normally hubby lets me sleep in until 8-9am but the extra couple of hours definitely made a difference. I wasn't nearly as rushed, I got a lot more stuff done and enjoyed plenty of quality time with my family without feeling as though I was compromising something else.

Despite the snow, we carried on with our plans to meet our friend Kim and her little guy Dane at Coffee & S'Cream, a play place.

Not impressed with the white stuff either
We live at opposite ends of the city so this works well for us to catch up and let the kids play. Audrey and Dane had a blast running around, climbing all the structures and riding the cars.

This girl loves her slides

There she goes!
The best shot of the 2 of them
In the afternoon, I was honoured to attend the baby shower for Alison and little Delainey. It was so wonderful to see so many people there to celebrate this sweet girl. She is obviously very loved! I had a great time catching up with Leigh, Whitney and meeting many of the important people in Alison's life. Of course, the best part was some cuddling with Delainey! Even though she has grown, she is still so tiny and slept most of the time. Love her!

When I got home, hubby had put the hardware and doors back on the hutch and we moved the bottom portion into the dining room! I still had to do a 2nd coat of the wax on the sides of the top part of the hutch (which I did last night) but for now the bottom part is usable. We also want our garage back now that the snow has arrived!

I'll do a full recap of the DIY project later- once it's fully done (we still need to replace the piece of glass in the top door that hubby broke). If I get some time (haha), I might take the bottom doors off and re-do them as I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out but luckily they aren't supposed to be perfect so I can live with them for now. Plus I'm done with this project!

Finished bottom part of the hutch
(That's a shadow on the right side)
Slightly distressed
We transferred everything from the sofa table into the bottom of the hutch (that we could fit) and put it downstairs. Once Audrey woke up from her nap, she immediately beelined it to the new piece of furniture and opened it up. She knows where to find the liquor in our house! Hubby quickly added the baby proofing locks to the doors so she doesn't drink all the booze and break my fancy wine glasses.

I feel a huge weight having this project (mostly) done. It was a great way to end a fabulous weekend. Now I can go on vacation and start working on baby projects without this looming over my head and taking over the garage. I definitely have lots of other projects that I need to get working on, that hopefully won't be as time consuming as this one!

Another busy week ahead!


  1. Wow you were busy!! Geeze! The hutch looks amazing!!! I know the feeling of having the project done!! Audrey is so cute in the snow and looks so tall!! Thank you again for coming to the shower!! D loved cuddling!

  2. The hutch looks great so far! I know what you mean about it being a pain in the butt. I was the same way with the dresser. And yes, bending into those positions is ZERO fun.
    Glad you got to go to Alison's shower and see Delainey again! Would you believe I have only ever held a newborn a few times, even though I have two brothers that are 6 and 9 years younger than me. I have also never changed a diaper... no joke.

  3. Hutch looks good! Glad it's nearly done and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

    Audrey is so beautiful. Makes me REALLY want a girl.

  4. You definitely had quite a busy weekend! What kids store was it that you went to? The hutch turned out great! I bet you are glad it's done

  5. The hutch looks great! Audrey looks so cute all bundled up and playing in the snow!!


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