Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~Delayed Weekend Recap~

I'm a day behind on posting this. I've come down with the stomach flu so not feeling so great right now.

The weekend started off a bit chaotic. When I left work on Friday, there were delays with the C-train so I couldn't get out of downtown on time. Usually that wouldn't be that big of a deal but Audrey and I had chiropractor appointments at 4:15pm so we didn't have time for delays! Thankfully I was able to push back our appointments by 30 minutes since I really needed to be adjusted. My hips and back have been a mess lately so I was much happier once I was "back" on track!

We didn't too much the rest of Friday night: laundry and put my tired feet up! I didn't even bother attempting a workout because I was far too tired.

Saturday morning we waited around for the Shaw technician to come check our internet. We've had many problems with it off and on for the last year or two and are at our wits end with what to do. Our Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping and we've upgraded our router and modem in the last year to try to help it. We also bumped up our internet usage amount in hopes that it would fix the problems- it did not. 

Anyway, the technician of course came at the very end of the window he gave us but it seems as though he fixed the problem- he adjusted some wire splitter things in the basement so we aren't losing data. So fingers crossed this solves our problems and I don't lose my mind every night when I can't access the internet to check a simple recipe, do a blog post or some research. 

Rant over!

Unfortunately waiting around for the technician didn't give us much time to run our errands before we had to be home for Audrey's nap. We went to the paint store to pick out paint chips for the nursery. 

We went grocery shopping afterwards and went to the farmer's market to pick up a few things plus have some lunch. They have a few good food vendors there so I'm sure we will be back there for lunch or dinner again soon.

While Audrey and hubby napped, I did some cleaning, organized the basement as much as a pregnant woman can do (so not much) and cleaned out the nursery closet a bit more. We plan on switching around the configuration of the basement to fit in the big office desk and pull out couch to make the space usable so until we move stuff around down there I don't want to actually clear out the nursery. It's a two person job though and it's pretty rare that two people are free at the same time at our house so who knows when it will get done. 

That night, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came over for dinner. They offered to babysit for us and at first I turned them down since hubby already had plans with the boys that night but then I realized that I could use a few child-free hours to get some Christmas shopping done. Audrey adores them and they keep offering to babysit so they must like her too! I'm so grateful to have the extra help once and awhile since it really makes things easier. It's amazing how you can accomplish nothing with a toddler around! 

I did a couple hours of power Christmas shopping and crossed off a few things from the lists. My feet were so sore after 2 hours so it's probably a good thing I only had a couple hours before the mall closed.

Sunday morning we baked dessert for Grandma's birthday. Audrey was very excited to help out!

Afterwards, we went to Costco. Spending all that money must have been exhausting since Audrey feel asleep on the 5 minute drive home! She didn't end up sleeping all that long so when she woke up we started our Christmas baking. We didn't get too much done before we had to leave for my sister's house for dinner to celebrate my Mom's birthday. It's a start though!

We had a great visit with my sister's family and my Mom. The guys watched the Grey Cup while the girls chatted. Sadly I didn't take any pictures!

With that, the weekend was over. I went to work on Monday feeling fine but slowly started to feel worse as the day went on. The stomach flu found me :( I left early to go home to bed. I'm starting to feel better now but hopefully I am completely better tomorrow as I have mountains of work to do. 


  1. Ugh not the stomach flu!! I feel soo sorry for you!!! I hope it passes quick!! Audrey looks soo cute baking!! I feel behind in the Christmas shopping dept! I also need to get my cards figured out! I feel like all I've been doing is buying for the nursery lately! Can a person get tired of shopping online? If so I am! Can't wait to see what color you pick for the nursery!!

  2. ugh, stomach flus are the worst! Hope you get better soon!!

    Busy weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend! I love you guys baking together! Glad you got some time to yourself! Yay for aunties and uncles. Feel better!! Sounds awful. :(


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