Friday, November 1, 2013

~Halloween & Other Outfits~

It was Audrey's first Trick or Treating Halloween last night!

I struggled to find her a costume that I knew she would wear, and that would be warm enough without having to put a jacket over and hide the costume. When I found the leopard costume I knew it would be perfect- she loves cats (I couldn't find just a cat costume but I also didn't have time to drive around in search of one) and it has a pink bow so she would not be mistaken for a boy.

We tried it on last week and I really hyped it up that she was a leopard 'cat'. She LOVED it and didn't want to take it off! Things were looking up!

Since I have prenatal yoga on Thursdays and I didn't want to miss another class, I decided to dress Audrey up a bit earlier, take some pictures and then hubby would her Audrey Trick or Treating when I went to yoga at 6pm.

As always, it was super difficult to get a good picture of this moving leopard 'cat'.

Love the tongue as she
tries to put on her shoe
I had dressed up at work for part of the day in my ''bumpkin" costume:

Best attempt at a selfie

While I was at yoga, hubby took Audrey out Trick or Treating. I thought she would be too shy to go to people's houses but she was all over it! We take her for frequent walks around the neighborhood so she must have just thought she was going for a walk. She didn't say anything at the door but enjoyed running up peoples driveways and knocking on their doors! They were out for almost an hour!

Meeting Scooby Doo!

Pretty excited!

That dog is dressed up like a dog!

Happy Leopard!!
Hubby forgot to leave the candy bowl on the step when they went out so we only had a couple kids come by later on. Now I have all this candy that I need to get rid of before I eat it all!!

While I had a very enjoyable and much needed yoga class, I was super bummed to miss out on Audrey's first Trick or Treating experience. Halloween is so much fun and I love how excited the children get.


I was too busy to pre-plan my outfits on the weekend. Oh well- it wasn't too much of a struggle in the morning but I definitely prefer to have it decided far in advance.

Leggings All Fall Down
Striped tunic sweater- Thyme
Maternity leggings- Thyme
Boots- Browns
 I give up! I guess my body just isn't made for leggings! This is the 3rd pair of maternity leggings I have bought and they all suck!! They bag out after a few hours, I constantly have to pull them up and just aren't comfortable the way that leggings are supposed to be. I did see a pair of capri length leggings at Target last week- Isabel & Ingrid brand that looks like they might be better but I'm reluctant to buy yet another pair if they are going to just do the same thing my other three do. I need a full panel because the half panel just cuts into my hips.
And while I am ranting about my outfit, I also dislike this tunic! It bags out, and loses it shape part way through the day. I love how it looks when I first put it on but by the end of the day it's shapeless.

Comfy Sweater Dress
Dress- Thyme
Mint Belt- Hope's
Necklace- BR
Another old favourite! I wore this dress in my maternity photos with Audrey. It's comfortable, great for the office and warm enough for our chilly winters. This is the first time I've accessorized it with a belt.

IO does it again
Dress- Isabella Oliver T-shirt dress
Grey cardigan & necklace- Jacob
 I LOVE this dress!! I've been excited to wear it ever since I received it in the mail from Zulily. It's so comfortable, flattering and makes a pregnant lady feel good! It doesn't have the ruching all the way down the legs like the blank tank dress, which I do and don't like. It's definitely hugs my legs. I love all the ruching on the belly and butt.

Thrown Together
Shirt & Pants- Thyme
Sweater- H&M
I'm indifferent about this outfit. I don't love this shirt but it's good for work so I wear it. It's comfortable which is important.

Polka dot Chambray- Old Navy
Leggings- Target (they suck!)
Knit infinity scarf- Aldo
Brown boots- pretend I am wearing them & not slippers
This is why I don't take pictures of outfits at home! Small mirror, bad lighting, no footwear, toys everywhere! The blurry orange pumpkin by my thigh is Audrey running away after she dropped the other pumpkin at my feet.

I bought this shirt super cheap last winter. It doesn't fit me that well normally- usually these shirts don't but I figured it would be good to wear when pregnant. It fits for now!

This weekend I will not be wearing painting clothes! We have another packed weekend ahead of us but the good news is that we only have 2 more work days until vacation!!! Can't wait!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ah the pictures of Audrey in her costume are adorable :) My younger brother dressed up as a Dalmatian one year and refused to take it off for months. It was hilarious!

  2. Audrey looks adorable!! Love that blue dress!! Worth the wAit from zulilly!! Have a great weekend!! (Remember to enter my give away)

  3. Audrey looks so sweet in her kitty costume!

    I have such bad luck with leggings...until I found the Nicole Miller ones at costco. I'm not sure how they'd be over a baby bump, but they have a nice wide elastic on the waist and they are 2 pairs for $17. They don't bag out EVER and are nice and thick. If you got a larger size, they might be ok over the bump.

  4. Hot mama!! You look amazing! Wow looking good. Love all the outfits, that new dress is hot! Glad Audrey had fun and our weather was good for her first experience!

  5. Have you scoped out Target's maternity clothes yet? I was shopping in Target today and totally checking out this SUPER CUTE top (it was so long with a nice cowl neck) when I realized it was a maternity top. Whoops! Haha.

    Also Audrey is SO cute! Love that costume. Halloween is one "holiday" I can't wait to have kids for!! I think I'll be even more excited for it with kids over Christmas. haha

  6. Oh my gosh, look at how stinking ADORABLE she is!! Love her costume!
    And can I just say that you look amazing!? Love that little bump!
    I got my maternity leggings from H&M (they were like 12 bucks!) and I LOVED them!! Worth a try for so little $$!

  7. I got my maternity leggings at H and M too and LOVED them!!


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