Friday, November 22, 2013

~Phoenix Family Vacation November 2013~

Our escape from winter wonderland has come to an end :( Of course we were greeted back with a fresh dump of snow and some very chilly temperatures. We sure had to trade in those flip-flops in a hurry!

I'll recap the highlights so this doesn't get too long!

- We left cold and snowy Calgary on Wednesday, November 6th.We couldn't get a direct flight so we had to fly to Vancouver first, which was just over an hour long. Audrey was a trooper and wasn't too squirmy on our laps. Our 2nd flight was relatively uneventful, although being 3 hours long Audrey was getting antsy to move around a bit more.

Somebody was excited waiting for the plane!
- Almost every day we either had family or friends come over to visit or we went to someones house to visit or have dinner. While it was busy, it was still very relaxing.

- Hubby went golfing a couple times with his Dad. The community their house is in has 3 golf courses so it's a big part of the lifestyle down there.

- We did lots of swimming- either at our friends' pool or set up the kiddie pool in the backyard for Audrey. Audrey loved the water! It just goes to show how much the cold pool water at home affects her desire and comfort level in the water. She immediately started blowing bubbles, floated around on her tummy and played with the toys. She could have spent hours in there if we let her.

- We relaxed a lot! We always had to be home by 1pm for Audrey's nap so it was the perfect time to sit in the sun, read a book, have a drink and relax!
Relaxing in the sun and not drinking Angry Orchard
- We went to the local community centre for ice cream a couple times. Audrey is a fan! We also checked out the model train that runs a few days a week- Audrey was fascinated!
Best day of her life!

- My mother-in-law and I went for a manicure & pedicure. It was so nice to be pampered like that!

- We did some shopping. We went to a nearby outlet mall and I managed to find 2 pairs of Nine West boots for a smoking deal and a few clothes for Audrey and the baby. There weren't that many great deals but I had fun anyway. We also went to Kohl's and Target and found a few things for the baby.

- We went to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner one night. Audrey is a huge fan of re-fried beans!

She insisted on wearing lip gloss!

- We went for a few bike rides, and stopped to watch soft ball a few times.

- Hubby and I went out for a nice dinner at one of the golf courses, just the two of us. Of course, we didn't actually get a picture together.

View from our table on the patio

- We went to theWildlife Zoo. Audrey loved seeing all the different animals and feeding the giraffe!

Giant turtle!

- We celebrated Great Grandma's 80th birthday. We had a small gathering of family, ate yummy appetizers, bet on some horse races, and played some Poker- I was the dealer. Lots of fun!

Poker player in the making

Vacation Thoughts:

- Overall Audrey slept pretty well, especially compared to when we were here last year! Some mornings she woke up really early and some days she struggled with napping but I think the fresh air and lots of activity wore her out.

- I always overpack but I used almost everything I brought. The weather was forecasted to be cooler than it actually was (which was nice!) but that meant that a couple outfits I brought didn't get worn since it was too warm. I also didn't end up wearing my running shoes, my workout tops or using my straightening iron (I don't even know why I brought it!). Last time I ran a lot and I hoped to do some longer walks but my feet were so sore for most of the trip that a walk around the block was enough for me. I also realized later than hubby and I both brought carry on sized suitcases along with our big suitcases so that's probably why I felt like we had no extra room!

- We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. We had lots of relaxation, plenty of visiting with friends, enough adventures to not be bored and lots of helping hands with Audrey.

Now it's back to reality and time to get ready for Christmas!!


  1. Audrey is soo cute!! Love all the pics of her!! We have snow apparently coming this weekend!! Boo to that! I think I will miss our winter give away this year but a baby makes up for that :)

  2. What a fun trip! Audrey looks so happy in all her pictures. I love her swimsuit!

  3. Sounds totally wonderful!! Busy but lots of fun. Glad you relaxed and was pampered a little too! And had a date night!!

  4. Looks like you had a great vacation! Audrey looks like such a big girl in your pictures. I love the one of her wearing the lip cute!

  5. LOVE Audrey's outfit in the first few pictures...SO cute! Looks like you had an awesome vacation :)

  6. She is such a cutie!!! Glad you had a wonderful vacation - sounds like it was filled with all the right things!

  7. Sounds like a great trip! Great pictures :-)

    Paul and I have a retirement home in California (it was his uncles) - it is being rented right now....but in about 20 years we will be snowbirds...YAY


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