Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~Random Pre-Vacation Thoughts~

Vacation in less than 24 hours!! Yay!! 

1. Just call me Jennifer... A client replied to an email I sent her (with my name included several times) and called me 'Jennifer.' I have no clue how you get Jennifer from Nicole but at least it gave me and my coworkers a good laugh!

2. Preparing for a vacation has always been an ordeal for me but add a toddler and I find it very overwhelming. It takes me hours to pack just for myself so double that with a toddler! It doesn't help that hubby likes to pack a few hours before we leave and always forgets stuff! I've started making packing lists for him! We leave in less than 24 hours and he has to run out and buy a suitcase tonight! Talk about last minute!!

I wish I had taken pictures- Audrey thinks that suitcases are for climbing in! Funny, Milo feels the same way!

3. I'm not sure how much 'working out' I will get in while away. Last year I ran every second day but I won't be doing that this time. I hope to walk 3-5K every other day. I'll try to do some Pinterest workouts but I'm not sure if I will have much opportunity. I'm more worried about getting out of the workout habit than about actually missing the workouts.

4. My Mac Book is back home but it still isn't fixed! Hubby has been working on it and hopefully it will be up and fully running tonight. I hate computers!

And that's all I have time for!! Sorry- no pictures to share. How boring!


  1. Enjoy your vacation!! Don't worry about working out - just relax! You need it and deserve it! :)

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  3. In response to your number 1, I have an interesting story like that. I got a cold call from a sales guy at work and he asked for Lisa (my last name) . I explained there was no one by that name, but I was Matt (my last name). He asked if I would be the one to talk to for what he was selling and I said yes, listening to his sales pitch. After hanging up, I realized he had gotten my name and a co-worker's name crossed up from a conference we attend earlier this year. Was rather funny in the office, though.

  4. I agree with Alison - you deserve a week off from exercise! Just relax!! Your body will thank you!! My cats love suitcases too!!

  5. Hope you guys have a great vacation! Bring some sunshine and warmth back with you :)


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