Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~Baby N#2: 29 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Acorn Squash
Baby is starting to pack on the weight now (but not too much). He's getting more cramped inside, which explains all the kicks and jabs. 

It seems insane to me that this is the last week in the "20s"! It's going by faster every week. According to The Bump I should be stocking up the nursery with newborn essentials and starting to pack my hospital bag!! Hahahaha neither of those will be happening for weeks! How things are different from the first to second baby!

What I'm Wearing?
Warmest clothes I can find!! Brrr it's cold out there! I've been wearing lots of leggings and warm sweaters outside of work. Comfort wins! I broke down and bought another pair of leggings when in Phoenix. They stay up better but they are super thin so the bum must be fully covered at all times. Plus they aren't so great when it's -20C outside! The bella band trick has been helping keep my other pairs up though!

Aversions or Cravings?
I was craving tortilla chips last week but I think that was more from the flu than from pregnancy. It helped with the nausea.

How I'm feeling?
Less overwhelmed now that I've decided to scratch a few things off my to-do list. Christmas cards likely won't get sent out this year or maybe we will just send out our Christmas letter via email. We won't be baking as much as we usually do but that's probably a good thing!

I've been getting heartburn a little bit but nothing a couple Tums can't help.

Hiccups are happening quite frequently. I'm also getting lots of kicks and jabs throughout the day.

Belly Button?
It hasn't popped all the way but it's part of it is flush with the rest of my belly. My belly is sticking out more which probably explains why my belly button will likely pop this time and didn't with Audrey.

Waking once or twice to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The wedge is my new best friend.

# (starting Wednesdays)- 0
Yes, that would be no workouts, except a few short walks and the "hike" to get the Christmas tree. I was too sick to even go to prenatal yoga.
I'm struggling with not having the time or energy to get workouts in, mostly because I find them so beneficial mentally and physically. I will admit that my evenings don't feel as rush when I don't even have to fit in a 30 minute workout which has been nice. My last prenatal yoga class is this week. My goal is to still workout 3x a week.

What I'm Excited for? 
Upcoming Christmas parties.
Decorating the Christmas tree and sharing traditions with Audrey.

What I Miss? 
Bailey's and Hot chocolate- especially during the blizzard!
Working out.

Spending quality time with my lil' family!
Cutting down the Christmas tree, despite my initial feelings on it!
Setting a date for my maternity photos in January with Whitney.
Having a relaxing prenatal massage, even if it was the weirdest massage experience I've ever had!
Not really a highlight, but I had my GD blood test this week. Fingers crossed it comes back ok.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I almost had a heart attack this week when I thought I deleted my Pinterest Nursery board!! You know you have a problem when... Thankfully it was just a glitch of some sort and I found the board again.

While I've put the nursery on hold, if I'm out and see something that might work I take note of it. I was at Michael's picking up some Christmas supplies and saw some paper that might work for artwork ideas.

I bought a few more boy clothes. Apparently I like stripes...

We also found a cute fleece snowsuit with moose antlers! It's adorable!!

My best friend, who is very creative, said she would make a few things for the baby, including a blanket. She sent me a sneak peek and it's sooo nice!! 

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. I am happy you are feeling better!
    I hear you we will be doing WAY less Christmas baking too and because Canada Post has not delivered our pics from Whitney our cards will be late!

  2. You look great!!!
    I'm still on the fence about the Christmas cards. Part of me says do it, the other part says skip it! I might just print like 20 at Wal-mart.
    Cant wait to see the blanket. I need to get to work on the quilt, but I have to buy the fabric still.

  3. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better :) Now I want to know why your massage was so strange

  4. So glad you feel better. Yay for mat pics being booked!! :) you are gonna have a baby in no time! My Pinterest has gone crazy a few times too.


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