Wednesday, December 25, 2013

~Baby N#2: 32 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby, while still has lots to grow, is getting ready for his arrival. He is likely in the head-down position, although there is enough time for him to flip around if he isn't. At my last midwife appointment, he appeared to be head down, although not "engaged." 

What I'm Wearing?
Comfort wins these days! I'm finding all pants quite restricting so I've been wearing more leggings and dresses. I'm a bit disappointed in my Joe jeans that I paid a fortune on since I don't find them as flattering around the waist now due to the thicker, lower band that cuts into the middle of my belly. The zipper also sticks out so it looks like I have this weird bump at the bottom of my belly. I'm sure it's not obvious to others but it drives me crazy!

Aversions or Cravings?
Nothing unusual.

How I'm feeling?
Now that I'm off for Christmas, I'm feeling better stress-wise. Everything came together and I'm enjoying the time with family and friends.

Physically, my cold is almost completely gone so that's a relief. I didn't feel so well on Monday however which put a damper on my first day off with Audrey alone in a long time. Thankfully she was a trooper and just played contently while I rested for a portion of the day. I'm not sure if I felt sick from pregnancy or a touch of the flu.

Work has been crazy busy the last couple of weeks, hence my major absence from blogging! It likely won't slow down in the New Year so just think of it as preparation for when I have zero time as a mom of two! Eeek!! Thanks to everyone who has "checked in" to make sure I am still alive! I've definitely been missing reading all your blogs!

Still very active in there, especially at night. The hiccups were pretty intense the other day- I kind of felt bad for him!

Belly Button?
Getting so close to popping! 
Thankfully I have the best hubby who gets up early with Audrey so I've been able to sleep in most days. I need to make sure I get my sleep these days since I can't function very well on only 5-6 hours anymore.

# 1
- prenatal yoga DVD

I've been busy getting ready for Christmas and decided I wasn't going to stress about my lack of workouts this week. Some things just take priority temporarily and that's ok.

What I'm Excited for? 
Christmas Eve with hubby's family! They have a great pyrogy making tradition that is lots of fun and even better to eat!
Christmas Morning! I can't wait to see Audrey's face when she wakes up!
Christmas Dinner! We are hosting my family for Christmas this year. I'm so lucky to have a great chef for a husband and he loves to entertain!
Possibly painting the nursery in the next week?
Spending quality time with my lil' family.

What I Miss? 
Wine! My in-laws finished our wine kit that we started in the late spring (and completely forgot about!) so we have 2.5 cases of this delicious white wine that I can't drink :( Only a couple more months though.

Having our best friends over for dinner that we haven't seen in ages!
Spending quality time with hubby and Audrey, not really doing anything too exciting, which is often the best thing!
Attending a Centering Session held by my midwives. It's nice to be involved with a group of other women due the same time as me, especially since we aren't doing prenatal classes this time around. It was great to meet other women, discuss our pregnancies and talk about our experiences. Baby also got a check-up and everything looks good!

Baby Purchases & Projects?

Hubby and I took advantage of another toddler-free afternoon and organized the basement so that we can actually get the office furniture down there!  I felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that has to be done but hubby reassured me that it will all come together. I know he is right but that to-do list just seems dauntingly long and complicated.

One of my co-workers gifted me some cute baby boy clothes! Apparently she has similar taste as me- a lot of stripes!

Somewhat nursery related- we decided to convert Audrey's crib into a toddler bed, by removing the side rail, to see if she is ready for a bed. She has been sleeping a few times on a mattress on the floor at Grandma & Grandpa's without issue so we thought we would give it a try. She LOVES it! She loves that she can crawl into bed herself or sit on the side of her bed. I was mostly worried about nap time- climbing in and out of bed and it hasn't really been an issue. She wakes up in the morning and just sits in bed chatting away and doesn't even attempt to get up until we go in to get her. I'm sure this will change (especially now that I have shared this) but so far so good! Looks like we won't have to get another crib for the baby after all.

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  1. Yay Audrey for converting well to a big girl bed!!! That is great she was ready for it!!
    I have a pair of jeans that have the same problem!! So annoying, although there is no zipper and I only paid $15 lol but the band sits awkwardly now that my belly is bigger! You look fantastic!!! Glad you are getting things organized - you will feel soo much better when you are done!!

  2. Awe yay Audrey!! So cute and big. So glad that went well!! And glad you got the basement done. I know the feeling! That's too bad about the jeans. I remember that though. Dresses were way more comfortable at this point.


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