Thursday, December 5, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Big huge thank you to my Christmas blogger swap partner, Holly, for the cutest and most appropriate Christmas ornament considering that we have our first real Christmas tree this year! I don't think our Christmas tree is quite a "Charlie Brown" tree but it's definitely not perfect like a fake pre-lit tree! Can't wait to add it to our tree this weekend when we finally get around to decorating it!

The snow globe is adorable and Audrey loves shaking it to watch the snow fall!

Thanks Leigh and Lindsey for organizing this great blogger swap!

2. I don't say it enough, but I seriously have the best husband ever. He knows I've been stressed and he never complains about all the things on his plate. He brought me home flowers the other night, during a blizzard, just to cheer me up! Love that guy!

3. How did this little baby get soooo big? She loves her hair clips, but often just wants to hold them rather than wear them in her hair! She has a mind of her own that's for sure!

I caught her playing a game on Daddy's phone the other day and had to sneak a few pictures. She is so grown up!

She fills my heart up so much! 


  1. Love your swap ornaments! :) And lucky you to get flowers from your husband. Audrey is looking so grown up! The ponytail on top just kills me :)

  2. Those swap presents are cute!!! Such a sweet hubby!! And Audrey is getting bigger and bigger!! Kids love cell phones! They will hard pressed waiting until 16 like we had to as kids now a days!! Lol

  3. Beautiful flowers!! Good man! I love the pony tail! So cute!!

  4. Her little pony tail is adorable! :)

  5. I'm glad you like the ornaments! My three-year-old loves snow globes, so I thought Audrey might too :)


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