Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~ A Very Merry Christmas 2013~

The Christmas season just flew by. It came quickly and ended even faster!

It was a wonderful time spent with friends, and family, eating way too much food, being very spoiled, making lots of memories and just being together.

The trend of being super busy still continues so I'm just now finding time to write a few words about this great season.

This year, we spent Christmas Eve with hubby's family. We made the traditional pyrogies which everyone has come to look forward to! It was a bit difficult to get good pictures between my ever increasing slow movement and Audrey never stopping for a moment. Thankfully my SIL took over the camera for a bit so we have some pictures to documents the fun! (Thanks, L!)

This is before Audrey realized how FUN opening presents is!

Cousin L & Uncle D

Checking out what Grandpa got

Sneaking chocolate
(don't mind her black eye from daycare)

Little Elf!

Now she gets it!

Our best attempt at a family photo

Reading with Uncle C
We were all very spoiled! Audrey has lots of new books to read, some puzzles & toys and a few new clothes! We are all looking forward to attending the Calgary Folk Festival in the summer with C&L! I've never been before and it sounds like so much fun! Even Baby Boy received a few gifts!!

Christmas Day morning was lots of fun! Due to the late night before, Audrey slept in till 8:30am!!

We took our traditional Christmas morning picture in front of the tree, wearing our new PJs that we got from Santa's elves the night before.

It took Audrey a few minutes to get into opening her stocking and she seemed the most interested in an orange! Personally, the stockings are one of my favourite parts of Christmas morning! We had to take a break for breakfast after opening stockings since it took so long! Hubby made my requested waffles with whipping cream. Yum!!

After we properly fueled up, we opened the rest of the gifts. Audrey was quite interested in the camera set up on the tripod and wanted a picture taken of her new indoor shoes, with pandas on them!

Panda overload!

Her new Cabbage Patch baby from Santa!!
 Santa brought Audrey a Cabbage Patch baby which I thought would be perfect to help prepare her for her new baby brother. She LOVES it! She immediately wanted to feed her and carry her everywhere she went. I was not expecting that reaction at all so I was pleasantly surprised! She calls her "Dolly".

Feeding Dolly
Milo was surprisingly on Santa's good list this year and received a new toy! Audrey loves swinging it around and making him jump for it!

The middle of the day consisted of cleaning up and getting ready for Christmas dinner with my family. We hosted it this year for the first time. It definitely makes me appreciate all the years that others have hosted Christmas dinner since it's a lot of work! Thankfully hubby did most of the food prep while I got the house presentable and dealt with all the other non-food related prep.

Once everyone arrived, we feasted on hubby's hard work! The food was so good and I was seriously stuffed afterwards! I could barely move! My stomach just can't handle big meals anymore!

Audrey & Daddy
(& Dolly!)
Audrey & Mommy
(& Dolly!)

Pro gift opener!

Cousin Emma

Keeping everyone entertained!

Enjoying Great- Auntie S's Trifle!

Loving her older cousins

One crazy family! 

The girls

We made the boys take a photo too!

Mom & Daughters
Our lil' family
It was such a great night (again we were spoiled!) and it was nice that we could put Audrey to bed (she was exhausted) and not have to leave the party. I'm also grateful that everyone pitched in to clean up after since I was exhausted after 2 long days of festivities!

I'm so thankful that our families live close enough that we can celebrate Christmas with everyone each year. It might be a bit more hectic now that we have a little one but it's so fun and I love it!

Now for 2014!! I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Happy New Year!


  1. Looks like a lovely time. Audrey has so much fun! You look great! Why does J look different so different to me?!!

  2. Looks like a great Christmas! Audrey is getting so big. Love her dress in the picture from your house. And you can barely even tell you are pregnant in the pictures....lucky duck!

  3. Glad your Christmas went over well!! You look great!!! We had waffles for breakfast on Christmas morning too!! It is crazy how quick Christmas went, but then again I find everything going soo fast anymore!! Happy New Year!!


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