Monday, December 9, 2013

~Weekend Recap~

Le sigh- another weekend gone by too fast. I do feel like this one was somewhat productive so that's good news.

Friday after work, Audrey and I braved the bitter cold, something like -28C, to do some Christmas shopping. I can only do a little bit at a time with her so looks like I will be doing lots of shorter shopping excursions, which aren't really my favourite, especially at this time of the year. We crossed a few items off our list and played at the kids area for a bit.

Saturday morning I was dragged out of bed by the smell (if I could smell!) of waffles and Audrey telling me to "g'up!" Audrey has learned a few new phrases this week- "g'up" (get up) being one of them and "sit down," said very forcefully! It's hilarious and I don't mind listening to her, even if she is a bit bossy! She kills me with her little attitude!!

She also has become very attached to this huge dog! It was a shower gift from a good friend and has sat in the corner of her room up until recently. Now she insists on dragging/carrying it everywhere in the house, putting it on your lap for story time and telling it to "sit down!" I've even caught her dragging it into her crib for nap or bed time!

We decorated the tree which is a bit different from decorating a fake tree. We had to add hooks onto almost all of our decorations since sliding them on to the branches didn't work so well. A lot of our decorations are quite heavy so they have to sit close to the trunk or else they will tip the tree over! Audrey enjoyed the process, even if she did get a bit frustrated when the ornaments wouldn't stay on. She also liked playing with each ornament rather than putting it on the tree! Between her and the cat I hope we don't have too many broken ornaments this year!

Hubby had a boys' Christmas luncheon to go to so Audrey and I hibernated at home. She was supposed to have a nap in the afternoon but she just chatted away to her dog and read some stories instead. We had to go pick up Hubby on our way to another Christmas party so it made for an interesting afternoon. Let's just say she was less than cooperative in changing into her party dress- I finally gave up! As I hoped, she fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the car so it's a good thing that party was at the other end of town so she had a decent nap after all. Little drama queen!

We had a great time at the Christmas party- catching up with old friends, seeing all the little ones and how much they have grown and enjoying a delicious turkey dinner. I had a hard time tearing myself away at 9pm! We sure party hard!

Sunday we all slept in until 8am which never happens anymore- at least for Audrey!! We spent the morning doing a Christmas craft (no pictures yet), and decorating the gingerbread cookies that we made last weekend. I'm glad I didn't have an elaborate craft planned since it's a bit tough to get a 21 month old to understand what you want her to do but she had fun making a mess with the paint afterwards!

She loved decorating the cookies, especially once she realized how good the icing is. Looks like she inherited my sweet tooth!

Don't worry- no one but Audrey will eat the cookies that she contaminated decorated!

Hubby had to attend a family friend's memorial service (it was during Audrey's nap time and we didn't think it was appropriate to bring a cranky toddler to this event) so I baked and cleaned while Audrey napped. I tried working on more photo books but technology isn't my friend so I wasted a bunch of time since the photos didn't upload! So frustrating!

When hubby got home, I rushed out to Costco to pick up some photos. We did manage to order some Christmas cards so hopefully we will get them in the mail this week. Hubby is busy working on our Christmas letter. Yes, we are those people that do a Christmas letter!

I also stopped to look for some winter boots. I found this pair:
I tried on a few other pairs and they were either uncomfortable or just hideous! I'm still trying to decide if I should keep these since they rub a tiny bit on my one ankle but they are definitely warm! I never thought the day would come that I would willingly buy Sorel boots!

That pretty much wraps up my weekend! Only two more weekends left until Christmas, which we are hosting this year. So much to do, so little time!!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?
Do you send out Christmas cards? 
Are you hosting Christmas dinner?


  1. I think I am done! Finished Saturday and just waiting on a few things in the mail now,
    Yup but I think our cards will be late this year, oh well. I just ordered them online last week.
    This year we are hosting my family Christmas Eve and morning then all going to my Mother In Laws since they just sold their acreage to move to BC...

  2. Sounds like a busy yet productive weekend!! Love the pics of Audrey and that outfit she is wearing to decorate the tree is adorable! Can they make it adult sizes? Maybe maternity too? So I printed 2 cards at Walmart and hate the product. So I won't be ordering more! I'm thinking of printing our ultrasound pic now and taping it into a traditional card so this life stage is still documented at Christmas. We will see. But they won't be mailed out. The ones I needed mailed out were the ones I didn't like and I will still mail them! We just about finished our shopping this weekend!!

  3. I've never done Christmas cards :-( I should get into that though.....
    No, I haven't started Christmas shopping yet - probably will not until this weekend. I don't have many people to buy for, so I get it done really quick.

    Not really hosting christmas dinner - we will have Paul's dad over and that is it. We see my parents this weekend and we will probably go down to Toronto for New Years. I don't really mind - I hate the clean up anyways ;-)

    My sorels are very similar! Yes, mine rubbed a bit at first too - but it went away after I broke the boots in a bit

  4. I have boots like those but mine are uglier and too big. But work! Love Audrey and the tree and decorating cookies!! What a big girl! :) I have a few more gifts to get. This damn weather makes me not want to go out though!!


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