Wednesday, January 8, 2014

~Baby N#2: 34 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Butternut Squash
Baby can recognize and react to simple songs. We have been practicing ABC's with Audrey lots lately! Baby is also peeing a pint a day. Lovely! His immune system continues to develop and his bones are hardening. 
Weight Gain?
Shockingly, I'm only up 18lbs. I thought for sure Christmas would have made that number a lot higher! I still feel big though! Lots of people have been commenting on how "big" I've gotten recently (I'm trying to not take it the wrong way but it's so hard!). 

What I'm Wearing?
I've reached the stage where I feel like I have nothing to wear anymore! Either things just don't feel that comfortable or I'm bored of everything! I really don't want to buy anything new since I only have ~6 more weeks to go and I definitely don't have the energy or desire to try clothes on right now! I know I have enough to get me through the next few weeks at work and then I can live in leggings until the baby comes!

Aversions or Cravings?
Apparently if I don't have chocolate each day, bad things happen... I get very grumpy! I'm trying to wean myself off the holiday treats and eat more salads. It will help with my sluggish energy level too.

How I'm feeling?
Tired, large and exhausted! I feel lucky that I don't feel "that" bad at this stage but I'm definitely slowing down. My motivation is dwindling, even though I have so much work to do! I knew this would happen, which is why I was so anxious to get projects done before this point. Not much I can do about it now!

I also feel like baby has dropped a bit. More so because of the extra bladder pressure and it's harder to lift my legs/knees up. I also feel a lot of pressure down there.

I'm also feeling more swollen. I need to elevate my feet more I think!

I still have to submit my maternity leave paperwork to HR. I can't decide which day to start. Being due mid-week is tough since 1.5 weeks off before the due date seems too short, especially if baby comes early, but 2.5 weeks off before the due date seems too long, especially if baby comes late (like Audrey). Hopefully I will decide this week! My replacements are in place (yes, I have two because I do the jobs of 2 people) and it won't take long to get them up to speed on everything they are taking over.

It seems to be slowing down as he gets bigger and there is less room. He is still the most active at night, just before I go to bed. Hiccups are still really frequent as well. 

Belly Button?
Still half out. No changes there. 
I'm having to get up a couple times to go to the bathroom at night now. Very annoying! Audrey seems to be waking up a few times, every couple of nights, for no apparent reason. I guess if I have to get up to go to the bathroom anyway, I might as well go cuddle her!

# 3
- Elements Prenatal Yoga DVD
- Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project- Month 7- love this workout!
- Crunch Yoga Mama- not really my style and the outfits were entertaining. Good for a laugh though!

Working out has been challenging to fit into the routine. Mostly because I am so tired in the evenings that I can either do some things around the house, or workout, not both! I'm really trying to focus on spending quality time with Audrey when she is awake, which means all my evening chores are left to do after she is in bed. I just have to accept that my time is limited and there is no point in pushing myself right now.

What I'm Excited for? 
- For the nursery painting portion to be complete! Hopefully this weekend?
- Buying nursery furniture- hopefully this weekend? Dependent on the painting part!
- Buying a new bed for Audrey, that I can actually sit/lay down on!
- My maternity photos with Whitney. Actually, I'm not that excited about them because I feel so large (all over) and have no idea what I'm going to wear but I'm sure once we are at the location (still TBD) I will be excited! It's hard not to be with Whitney's infectious personality!

What I Miss? 
Moving faster than a snail!
Having energy to do the simplest things.

Getting a massage (that wasn't creepy) and lying on my tummy for the first time in a long time!
Seeing family and friends on the weekend and watching all the kids interact with each other. They are so cute! Love watching their different personalities come out. Makes me wonder what this little guy will be like.
Finally finding the right grey paint colour, after much stress and tears!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
What a headache! On the weekend, hubby started painting the nursery. The colour turned out light blue instead of grey. After much debate, going back to the drawing board, stressing over finding the right colour and how much this set back our timeline to get the nursery completed, we found a good colour. So far one coat is up. It still has a bluish tinge to it but it's a lot better than the first grey we tried.We still have to do the feature wall with stripes so we aren't close to being done painting yet. I have high hopes that it will be done earlier this weekend so that we still have time to buy the furniture for the room this weekend. I'm starting to get anxious as the weeks go by!

I'm waiting for the painting to be done to buy anything else, like decor and artwork but I've been looking around and getting ideas.

Pregzilla Moment?
Definitely over the nursery paint debacle! 

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. That shirt is super cute!!
    So you are saying these projects I keep putting off, I better get moving on because my lack of motivation is going to get worse? Lol.
    I'm sure the nursery is going to turn out perfect! Do you have much furniture to buy?
    I say take the 2.5 weeks off, then you get a bit of a break before baby comes

  2. Can't wait to see how your maternity pictures turn out! When are you getting them done?

  3. How do you only have 6 more weeks?! Crazy. I agree I was off from Oct 18- Nov 10th and that was too long, but that is okay. Next time I might finish only a week before.
    Glad that the second paint colour turned out better!
    Excited for your pictures :) Whitney is so awesome!

  4. It seems like you were just here in Vancouver and nobody knew you were pregnant yet! You look great!

  5. A fellow pregnant runner:D I am 38 weeks pregnant now and one of the biggest things for us was the nursery colour too lol! We ended up going with a nice light grey. You look wonderful! You and me both wish we could move faster than a snail;)

  6. You will get everything done and really if you don't, he will never know!! You look amazing! So excited for your mat pics!! What are you gonna wear? Decided where to go? So pumped for you to be done! I hope you get some down time. Glad you love the Tracey Anderson. ;)

  7. You look great!!! I'm just starting to pop, so I guess I have nothing but growth to look forward to ;-) Gray is SUCH a hard color! We did an accent wall and the one we chose was so light it wasn't even noticeable as an accent wall! We just painted again in August and we went darker than we wanted and the color turned out PERFECTLY. So, maybe the gray rule is always go a shade darker? I'm sure it will all be done in time for baby boy!


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