Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~Baby N#2: 35 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?


Coconut seems like an odd comparison- maybe even a bit small! I've never seen a coconut that big before! Baby won't be getting much longer now but will be plumping up. His hearing is fully-developed and he responds best to high-pitch noises. That probably explains why he was so active during dinner last night... 

What I'm Wearing?
I'm not being very creative with my outfits lately! If it fits, is comfortable and clean, I wear it!

Aversions or Cravings?
I've been craving veggies and salads lately which is a good thing! I'm still enjoying some daily chocolate.

How I'm feeling?
My energy is dwindling but my stress level has also gone down so overall I feel pretty good. The news that the baby is breech last week worried me at first but worrying about it doesn't change anything so I've decided to just trust my body, the baby and my chiropractor. Baby WILL turn!

Physically I'm starting to feel very pregnant. My pelvis is getting sorer, my legs seem to get tired very easily and I just feel heavy! Not too much to complain about since I know others feel way worse but it does seem to be earlier this time around that I feel this way.

I seem to be getting more leg cramps at night so I really need to eat more bananas.

I've also officially submitted my last working day, before taking a week vacation, as January 31st. That's coming up quickly! This probably means that I will be a week overdue but I really think I need the extra week off to get ready for this little baby just in case he comes early, or on time. I know I can always find a million things to do if he is late.

Baby is slowing down. Lots of hiccups but the kicks and punches seem to be less frequent. Still most active at night. He sure was kicking up a storm during dinner last night. I feel as though he is going to come out my belly button with all his antics. 

Belly Button?
So close to being all out. Depending on what I wear, you can see my popped belly button. I can still push it in though! I have the faint start of the linea nigra

I'm getting up usually 2x a night now but it's been a tough week for Audrey so usually those pee breaks coincide with cuddling and rocking her back to sleep. Not sure what's wrong- teething, growing pains, toddler-manipulation? Either way I'm exhausted and not sure I'm ready to deal with newborn wake ups again! Too late to go back now!

# 1
- Prenatal yoga DVD

Lack of energy has kept me from working out. It felt good to move yesterday and I've had to do a lot of the 3rd trimester modifications that they show in the DVD.

What I'm Excited for? 
- The rest of my maternity photo session with Whitney this weekend! This time I am actually excited for them. After last weekend's half session, I know that we are going to get some amazing photos! This teaser blew me away and it's crazy that just 10 minutes later it started raining/snowing with crazy winds!

- Painting should be done by the weekend which means we can actually go out and buy the furniture and start setting it up!!
- Our Active Birth Class with our midwives tomorrow

What I Miss? 
- Sleeping through the night!
- Being able to move nimbly!

- Definitely the partial maternity photoshoot with Whitney last weekend! She had a last minute availability, the weather looked good and I did want to do the photos closer to 34 weeks than 36 weeks. Unfortunately, the weather didn't quite cooperate and a sudden rain/snowstorm blew in out of nowhere but she did manage to get some amazing pictures before we decided to reschedule.
- Hubby painting the 2nd coat of paint in the nursery and it's looking more like how I wanted it to rather than bluish.
- Hanging out with my family and making the commitment to have dinner together monthly rather than spontaneously since that doesn't work with everyone's busy schedules.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
- Hubby did the 2nd coat of the grey and it looks so much better. He started painting the stripes- first coat is done and he plans to do the 2nd coat tonight. I haven't looked at them yet but I'm sure they will turn out great.
- Audrey and I picked up a few items for the nursery on the weekend so it's slowly coming together. I ordered a couple more things on Etsy this week so I should be getting some goodies in the mail this month.
- My sister has been picking up clothes for the little guy when she sees something cute so his wardrobe is getting bigger.  

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. LOVE that photo of you - stunning!! Can't wait to see more! Hope the weather cooperates! You are sooo close to done work! SO pumped for you! We should meet for a walk!! Walk that baby out! Also excited for you to work on the nursery!!

  2. So pretty!!!! You are looking REALLY good!

    Max has been getting up too - teething and not eating enough at dinner are the issue some nights - so I've been really trying to get him to eat more. It also doesn't help when the snow removal people come at 1am and scares the crap out of him.

    Are you going to keep Audrey in daycare for a bit so you have some me-time before baby arrives?

  3. Love your teaser photo! I can't wait to see the rest too! I can't believe you are 35 weeks already!!

  4. You are almost done work!! Glad you are loving the nursery color now!! I can't wait to see it!!
    Love the sneak peak Whit posted!! You look fantastic!! I have yet to figure out what to wear for mine haha. Maybe I will find something this weekend!! I'm think we will do it either the first or 2nd week of February! Hoping for a light snow fall!!

    Bananas help with the leg cramps? My legs have been bad lately when I sleep, to the point they wake me! I wish I like bananas, I could make a smoothly maybe and add one that way haha.

  5. Gorgeous photo of you! Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! You honestly don't look 35 weeks pregnant at all :) And I want some pictures of the nursery colour :)


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