Wednesday, January 22, 2014

~Baby N#2: 36 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Goodness, how did we get to 36 weeks already? My due date is only 4 weeks away! Mind blowing!

Baby is getting closer to being able to breathe on his own. His skin is getting softer and internal organs are all working. 

What I'm Wearing?
The usual comfy outfits- nothing too exciting! I'm definitely going to miss my maternity wardrobe though. I've enjoyed dressing the bump. It's good at hiding all the other parts I don't like as much :)

Aversions or Cravings?
Muffins!! I should probably make some instead of buying them every couple of days!

How I'm feeling?
I get tired easily and my legs feel very heavy hauling this body around but I feel good knowing that I only have a couple more weeks left at work and can take some time to rest a bit.

My hips and lower back are starting to ache regularly but nothing unbearable or overly uncomfortable. Having regular chiro adjustments seems to be helping overall. Still getting leg cramps at night which are annoying, and sometimes even during the day.

Baby is also pressing against some nerves since I get weird shooting pains down my legs and under my belly. It's not too painful- more uncomfortable than anything. I also get slight heartburn in the evenings- I blame it on all the bending down picking up after Audrey!

Lots of movement lately. I could just sit and watch my belly do alien moves all day long. I keep trying to figure out his position based on the movements but I really have no clue. It seems to be less concentrated at night too which is a change. 

Belly Button?
It seems to be more in this week! Not sticking out as much.

Starting to go downhill. Partially related to Audrey but also having a harder time getting comfortable and now waking every time I need to roll over. Plus the bathroom breaks are getting more frequent. Nothing compared to having a newborn though!

# 2
- Prenatal Yoga DVD
- Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project- Month 8 DVD

Still having a hard time fitting in and having the energy for workouts in the evenings. I'm just doing what I can and that's all I can hope for. Hubby has started with a personal trainer so we are trying to motivate one another to workout- just like the old days!

What I'm Excited for? 
- Maternity leave starting soon!
- Organizing the nursery!
- My last Midwife Centering Session & Prenatal appointment this week- hopefully with good news that baby is head down
- Receiving our maternity photos! We saw the previews today and they are amazing!! I am so beyond thrilled with them! I don't know how I'm going to decide which ones to print!

What I Miss? 
- Sleeping well
- Rolling over without waking up
- Not having to pee every hour, or more

- Definitely our maternity photo shoot was a big highlight! We had such a great time with Whitney and I'm so happy the weather cooperated on the weekend.
- Finally getting the nursery painted and furniture put together! Such a relief to have that done so I can begin organizing.
- Spending time with C&L, helping us get ready for the new baby.
- Our Active Birth class with the midwives. Helped make it real that another little baby will be joining us really soon!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
Making headway on the nursery, which feels good! All the furniture is set up, thanks to hubby's brother and sister-in-law for helping with that task. We still might move some of the furniture around (haven't told hubby this yet) just to make sure of placement.

We did manage to find curtains quite easily. They need to be hemmed first since they are a tad too long, even for that massive window!

I ordered a few things on Etsy this week so they should be arriving soon. I'll take pictures once I have them.

I did receive a few things in the mail this week: my favourite nursing tank by Bravado that I snagged on a deal site and some soother clips.

My next project will be washing and organizing everything in the nursery closet and drawers. I've just been stuffing everything into the closet in a somewhat organized fashion but the more I stuff in there the more disorganized it becomes! My organization system with Audrey's nursery worked well so I plan to keep the same system for this room. No sense in reinventing the wheel!

It's all slowly coming together!

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. So soon! I'm glad you're still feeling pretty good. I have to admit - I'm a little jealous that you're just now starting to wake up every time you need to roll over in bed...I've been doing that for a long time - and oy - still quite a bit of time to go.
    Hope you continue to feel fairly good (and just leave Audrey's mess for your husband to pick up...blame the heartburn ;)

  2. You look so cute! I went off work 6 weeks early due to my back (I am a hygienist) and it has been so good. It's actually sick leave before maternity leave. It gave me lots of time to work on the nursery and just take it easy!

  3. Ahhh, baby is almost here! Yay!!

    I remember being up every stupid night with heartburn. I also had the shooting pains in my back/legs. I worked right up to my due date and for the last couple of weeks I used one of those exercise balls to sit.

    Love Bravada bras! They were my favorite!

  4. Getting so close! Your maternity pictures are gorgeous :)

  5. love your maternity pics!!!
    4 weeks!! Soo soon!!! Wow!!
    I know we talked about nursing tanks - are the bravada ones long? Love the soother clips! Which site did you order from?
    It seems the last few weeks of pregnancy don't get much more glamorous? Lol! The rolling thing is a big issue too haha. I seriously need to learn to like bananas for these leg cramps and Charlie horses!

  6. You look amazing. And your mat pics are stunning!! Love those soother clips. We have ones like it! :) I was thinking we should go to the market by you when you are off!

  7. Only 4 more weeks!!! So close! And so great that you are getting some projects checked off the list! :)


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