Friday, January 10, 2014

~Friday Randoms~

Since I seem to have so many random things to post about and no time to post, I'll just post everything into one disorganized, all-over-the-place post! This is kind of how my brain feels these days!

~ While taking down the Christmas decorations on the weekend, I snapped some pictures of a couple of our newest ornaments this year.

Somehow I found the time to DIY an ornament with Audrey. Last year she made a handprint ornament so this year I wanted to do something similar. Possibly a new tradition? I saw this on Pinterest and it looked pretty easy. I only had to buy some brown paint since I had a bunch of red balls in my Christmas decorations. I originally was going to buy some glass ones- definitely glad I didn't or else they would have smashed within the first day on the tree!!

The weird dot on the top right of the ornament is just a reflection from the lights.

It was super easy to make- just a tab of brown paint on Audrey's thumb and pressing it onto the ball. She did try to scrunch up her thumb each time so I had wipe off the paint and re-do it a couple times to get it right. Once it dried, I drew the antlers and face with craft pens. I also put her name and date on the back. Add the ribbon to hang it and you are done!

Another favourite new ornament is another tradition in our family. Every year, hubby buys one of these personalized ornaments for us. For the first 5 years, they were just of the two of us but the last three have been different as our family has grown.

How cute is this??

~ Trying to not stress about this, since I am only 34 weeks but my MW confirmed today that baby is breech. There are still a few weeks for him to turn around before it becomes an issue but obviously if he doesn't it changes everything. It's interesting because all his hiccups are felt (and seen) on the lower left part of my belly (by my pelvis) but his head is actually up on the right by my ribs. My MWs said last time with Audrey, who was not breech but at one point they suspected she was, that where you feel/see the hiccups & kicks is not a good indicator of the baby's position. This little guy is a perfect example.

I also measured at 31 weeks, instead of 34 weeks, even though I've been measuring right on at each appointment so far.

He better turn!

~ I still haven't confirmed my mat leave start date but at least I have spoke to HR and my supervisor! Whatever it ends up being, the next few weeks are going to fly by!

~ Another busy weekend coming up! We will be focusing on the nursery, spending quality family time with Audrey, dinner with my family- we've decided to set up monthly dinners so that we actually see each other since spontaneous visits aren't happening these days, and I'm having dinner with a good friend that I finally managed to convince to move back to Calgary ;) It's going to be a good weekend and I'm not going to stress!

~ I haven't had much time to read blogs but from my browsing and from Instagrm, I've seen a bunch of 2013 Reviews being reflected on and 2014 Goals being set. While I would love to reminisce about 2013, it really was a great year, despite a few challenges that we encountered, I think my goal for 2014 will be to focus on the present. Worry less about the past, definitely don't worry about the future and just enjoy NOW. Part of that will likely include less time writing and reading in blogland, which I am having a difficult time accepting. I am thankful that Instagram allows me to have small glimpses of what others are up to, especially given that I can't always read or comment on other blogs but I do cherish all the friendships that I have made with other bloggers and that's what I don't want to give up.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Turn baby, turn! While A was not breech I really wish I would have known she also was not in the right position ahead of time, might have saved a lovely 68 hours of labour lol. Next time planned c-section it is.
    Love the ornament you guys made, such a cute and easy idea. Those are my types of crafts.
    Have a great weekend, hope you get some R&R in there, you deserve it :)

  2. Turn baby turn!! I so wish I would have know D's position before hand!! Keep talking to him and tell him to turn! :)
    VERY cute ornament!! LOVE it. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. There is still lots of time for baby to turn :-)

    Ahhh due date is coming up so soon!

  4. Fund out today that our baby is breech too!! Must be a baby trend right now! I have an ultrasound at my next appt to confirm the position as well as the babies size since I'm measuring ahead. They will also check my placenta function because guess who's blood pressure is back to being borderline ...not impressed, but I'm at least happy that my doctor is watching it all closely!!

    That ornament is cute!! Can't wait to hear more about your nursery progress. I also can't wait to get back up into ours, it has kjnd of taken the back burner, but after this weekend I will be ready to deal!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the ornament that you made with Audrey! So cute. And the one J picked out too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. We only work a few blocks apart, so if we're going to do coffee sometime, we'll have to do it soon!


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