Friday, January 17, 2014

It's been awhile...

I haven't done an outfit post recently and my days of dressing the belly are numbered. On one hand, I am beyond excited to meet this little guy and have my body back to myself (although with breastfeeding it hardly counts as back to yourself!) but on the other hand I know I will miss my bump. I'm also dreading the postpartum awkward stage where nothing fits and my body feels like jelly! Baby is so worth it though.

I haven't been super creative with outfits lately since 1) my wardrobe is limited as to what fits and is comfortable and 2) I'm just too tired to try on a bunch of stuff ahead of time!

I also keep forgetting to take pictures daily (too busy!) so these are from over the last couple of weeks.

That belly has been growing! Still 5-ish more weeks to go- I'm not sure I can grow much more.

Speaking of outfits, we have a little stubborn fashionista on our hands! It appears that Audrey has inherited my love for purple and insists on wearing this one particular purple shirt anytime she sees it hanging in her closet. Sometimes it matches the rest of her outfit, other times it does not! It's a cheap 2nd hand George shirt that I picked up for daycare but she doesn't seem to care!

Favourite purple shirt of all time

Getting her dressed in the morning can be quite the process for hubby and I don't envy him. It was a struggle to get her to put on her Christmas dresses and apparently it can be like that every day when you don't let her wear what she wants! So please don't judge me based on my daughter's outfits- she does have nice, matching clothes but sometimes you just have to pick your battles!

Also, it seems I need to take more pictures of Audrey, and her interesting outfit choices! Poor girl comes by it honestly since my Mom said I changed my outfit multiple times a day and I'm sure my ability to match wasn't so good at first!

For example, it's snowy and cold out, yet she insists on wearing her rubber boots instead of her warm winter boots. It was a short walk.

One of the rare times she let me dress her properly, without clashing. She even let me put her hair in a pony tail! I won that day!

I sure hope she cooperates with her outfit for tomorrow's maternity shoot! I'm hiding that purple shirt!


  1. Love the outfits! I think, even with limited choice you are way more stylish than me :-)

    See - this is why I like having a boy (and soon you will learn too!) - sweatpants and a long sleeved tshirt and boom, done! But, he doesn't like to get out of his jammies in the morning because he is cold and doesn't want to take off his shirt. But I just show him his tshirt of the day and he is happy. Max loves his rubber boots as well - mostly because it is the one pair of shoe he can put on himself with no help!

  2. Haha good thing she's cute! I say let her go wild with her outfits and who cares what people think! I refused to wear dresses when I was younger. My grandma always tried to get me in them and I refused everytime. They were so scratchy! Funny clothing story- my younger brother wore his dalmatian dog costume from Halloween for almost a month straight. He loved that thing and my mom even let him go to school in it, haha.

  3. You look great, and Audrey is adorable! I am expecting my first child, who is also a boy, in May, so I am interested to see your first few months with your son. I have no idea what it's like to have a baby, but have even less of a clue with what to do with a boy!

  4. You look amazing!!! You are doing great! I know the feeling of not being comfortable. But you are so close!! Enjoy your photos tomorrow. You will be stunning!

  5. Love that shirt in the first pic! You look great! Hard to believe we are almost done being pregnant!!
    Love that A is turning into a fashionista!! Haha.
    Enjoy your pics!!!

  6. You are look amazing! And you look great in all those outfits but your bump looks REALLY good in white! I especially like the first outfit. Way to rock the pregnant body and dressing it!


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