Friday, January 31, 2014

~Last Friday~

**** I was almost ready to publish this post this morning when we got the phone call from one of our midwives that we were to head down to the hospital for our OB consult on the external cephalic version.

Here is where we were at on Thursday night...

Just another baby update- he was still breech at my MW appointment yesterday. I haven't heard back from the OB yet regarding the external cephalic version (ECV) yet so hopefully I will today. I discussed a lot of my options with the MW, what to expect during the ECV, what the possibly scenarios for transfer of care are and I picked up two non-invasive ways to help baby flip- homeopathic Pulsatilla pills and Moxibustion, use heat by my baby toes to encourage the baby to flip. My blood pressure was also border line high so I have to check it today to make sure it's not a concern. I don't have any other symptoms, other than the stress of trying to get all my work done so I'm sure it will be fine.

Last night, I laid in the breech tilt position for awhile, trying to move baby out of my pelvis so it's easier for him to move around. It seemed to have helped because once I stood up and walked around he started doing some crazy moving. Lots of pressure and I'm pretty sure he went transverse (sideways). That's a start!

After Audrey went to bed, hubby used the moxibustion on me. My MWs joked that it was witchery- it's Chinese traditional medicine and I've heard lots of breech babies turning after doing it so I'm hopeful that between it, the pulsatilla, regular chiro and/or the ECV, this baby will turn! I appreciate all the flipping vibes.

Trying everything...

Another good piece of news is that I am GBS-!! Yay for not needing antibiotics at the start of labour! I started to think for sure I would be GBS+ since everything seemed to be going wrong so I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am not. I wasn't with Audrey either and I remember being quite stressed about the possibility of an IV. In the end, since I did need an IV, it really wasn't that bad so I wasn't too concerned about it this time other than a slight inconvenience.

Fast forward to this morning...

I got the call from my midwife about the OB consult at 9am, on my last day of work! It was supposed to be my busiest day this week and not only because it was my last day! So I quickly passed off everything to my replacements (I hadn't even gone over anything with one of them yet!), changed my voicemail, set up my out-of-office, because I was probably not coming back, and headed to the hospital. I was a bit panicked but knew I needed to relax. I was told to stop eating in case they did do the procedure that day.

I picked up hubby (the one time I drive!) and we headed to the south hospital where there is a breech team. Thankfully one of my midwives lives a stones throw away from that hospital so she agreed to meet us there. Originally we were told a midwife would not be at the consult but would be there for the procedure. They were hoping that I could get the consult and the procedure on the same day so N came there to be with us for the entire thing.

I am so beyond thankful for my midwifery care. I trust all of them and just having their support during this time has been amazing. N took us up to the maternity ward and we immediately went to a private triage room. She had already checked me in so there was no waiting around.

The first part was doing a non-stress test on the baby to make sure he was a-okay. Basically they hook you up to a fetal monitor for about 15-20 minutes and just listen to baby. N checked for the baby's position first and thought there was the possibility that he had indeed turned so there was hope that this consult was for nothing other than to confirm he is head down.

Baby was doing just fine but my blood pressure was still a bit high. Just something to watch.

We waited awhile for the doctor but she was busy with other patients. N ordered my blood work which was nice since I was supposed to go in for some this week but hadn't had  a chance yet. Everything looked good, even my iron which was a tad low before.

Finally, the doctor came in. She checked me as well and couldn't quite tell his position so used the portable ultrasound machine to  confirm. Sure enough, still head up! We discussed the procedure and with our situation she said she wouldn't recommend the ECV because of his smaller size. She said they have very strict guidelines as to when they will perform them and even though he is probably a perfect sized baby for me, he still falls under their threshold for weight/percentile for the procedure. That was pretty disappointing to hear since our options are getting slimmer and slimmer.

She consulted with another OB, who said the same thing. They did say that if baby grows significantly in the next week they will review again and discuss our options so that is promising. I'm still hoping that he will flip on his own (with the help of the natural remedies) but we are prepared for the fact that he might need to be born via csection.

So for now, we wait while I eat ice cream every day, try some natural flipping techniques and hope I don't go into labour on my own in the next week or two.

Now that the latest baby drama update is out of the way, here are some of my last "work" outfits, since I plan on dressing very comfortably now that I am on maternity leave.

I'm going to miss dressing this bump! It has been fun and it's one of my favourite accessories! I just wish it was a bit more cooperative!


  1. Love all your outfits! You look so beautiful!

    What an intense last day at work. Hopefully everything works out!

  2. Looks like you dropped!!
    Happy maternity leave!!! I'm sure your blood pressure will drop now that you are done!!
    Come on baby turn!! Maybe you should name him Turner for positive vibes haha.
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. You look gorgeous.
    What a stressful couple days you've had. I hope everything turns out for the best and there is no need for a c-section. Thinking of you!

  4. What a week you and babe had! Hopefully he will flip this week and then cooperates a little more outside of the womb ;) Love that blue dress in your last picture.

  5. Love all your outfits!! That dress is awesome!! What a week!! Glad next week you can just chill. And hopefully he flips!! Come in mister!!

  6. You are the cutest pregnant lady around town!!! I will pray for a turn around! Maybe play total eclipse of the heart and the "turn around" will subliminally message the action...


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