Thursday, January 30, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I'm so sick of winter! Done! It's hard enough, but when pregnant it's practically debilitating. I slip and slide everywhere! If only I could have a chauffeur drop me off and pick me up at the front door every time I need to go out.

I don't know how people forget how to drive whenever we get a snowstorm. It's not like it only happens once every 10 years, or once a year! Today, I was delayed on the train because someone downtown hit the train (not the one I was on) with their car. Seriously? Maybe you should be on the train instead of driving into it! Why can't people respect things that are bigger than them and the icy roads??

And no thanks to the people on the train who didn't offer me a seat so I had to stand the entire time.

I'm ready for mat leave!

2. Only 2 days left till maternity leave! I have a week's worth of work to do between now and then. I think some people are in denial.

3. My lovely sister-in-law met up with me for lunch yesterday to give me a Welcome Baby care package. She included some goodies for the baby and some frozen food which will come in handy very soon!! Thanks L!! Your help is so appreciated!

***Keep sending those flipping vibes! Still waiting for the OB consult.


  1. Flip baby flip! I also don't understand how people can't drive in the snow. A light dusting and people are driving 60km/hr on Hwy 1A when it's 80km/hr and comepleltey straight!

  2. I agree - SO done with this winter. And yes, I have no idea how people still cannot drive in the winter here. I had people driving 10km/h through town yesterday - grrr...It seems like its that or 100km/h.
    I hope you have a good last two days!

  3. Agreed, so ready for spring! Even though it's freezing today, that sunshine is wonderful

  4. We love that book!! Yay for 2 more days!! :) I'm with ya. This cold and ice sucks!!!

  5. This winter has been INSANE. I am not enjoying it one bit

  6. That is my favorite book of Liam's. When it gets to the that says 'sometimes I like to poke out my tongue', Liam looks at me and sticks his tongue out. It's the cutest.

    This has been a terrible winter. Two more days and hopefully you can hibernate until its over!


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