Monday, January 6, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

First weekend of the New Year is over! I can already tell this month is going to zoom by quicker than ever.

It was a busy weekend, somewhat productive, yet very chaotic!

*** Updated! Pictures added. 

Friday night we ordered take out since we did a poor job of meal planning last week. I worked all week, except New Year's Day and hubby worked Thursday and Friday so we were a bit out of our regular routine. We've actually eaten out a lot lately, which has been nice in terms of the break from cooking but not so good for the wallet or waistline!

I also sold my first diaper bag on Kijiji! I posted it the night before and within an hour I had someone inquiring about it! Best Kijiji experience yet! Glad to have that out of my house and some $$ in my pocket. Now I don't feel so bad if I do get another one, if I can find it anywhere that is!

After Audrey went to bed, I started taking down all the Christmas decorations and Hubby painted the first coat in the nursery.

The colour was so wrong!

It looked very blue, which is not the look I am going for ! 

Grey is such a hard colour to get right apparently! The next day, in different light, it looked even bluer (picture doesn't actually show how blue it looked in person). Hubby put a second coat on, just in case, and it was still very blue. To say I was an irrational wreck is a slight understatement! Why we didn't test the colour on the wall before hand, I don't know. What a waste of time and money!

The colour itself is nice, but I don't think it goes at all with the aqua which will be the accent colour. The pictures do not show how blue the colour is in real life and since I will be using the room in real life, that's what matters the most!

So Saturday started off nice and relaxing with a prenatal massage, but ended up being very stressful with the whole painting debacle. Plus Audrey was being a typical toddler- she's been refusing her naps several times last week so it was an overwhelming day in general.

So back to the drawing board. I scoured my inspiration pictures on Pinterest, got some ideas from other people and narrowed down a list of a few colours that we would buy samples of to try on the wall. You know, what we should have done in the first place. We decided to go a shade darker as well.

Sunday morning hubby ran back to the paint store to pick up the samples and test them on the wall. Immediately I was drawn to the middle shade, which is the exact same colour in my inspiration picture. It looked a little more beige than it does in the inspiration picture but beige was better than blue!

We went for Brunch with hubby's boss, wife and their son who is close in age to Audrey. It was nice to catch up with them and see their little guy, who has grown so much since I saw him last! It was fun to see him and Audrey interact and play together. Brunch was delicious as usual!

After brunch, we attempted to put Audrey down for a nap but of course she wasn't that interested. We've decided that even if she doesn't sleep, she still has to go to her room for quiet time. Mom needs a break! Sometimes she is ok with that and other times she is not impressed to be left in her room with all her awesome books, dolly and other toys. She has also broken the sound button on her baby monitor so it makes it a bit difficult for me to watch what she's doing when she climbs out of bed and I can't hear anything!

Meanwhile, we decided on the paint colour for the wall and agreed that the white accent colour will still work so hubby went back to the store to pick up the paint. I cleaned- so glamourous!

We went to the in-laws for dinner, along with hubby's best friend, his girlfriend and their children. There were lots of kids running around and it was fun to see them play together. There were some jealous tears over who was being held by Grandpa or if their Dad paid attention to another child but it was pretty cute! So fun to see their different personalities!

Hubby ended his weekend by painting the room yet another time! He did one coat of the new grey before going to bed. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this colour works since I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to live with it either way!

Now a busy week starts!


  1. Urgh, I hate picking paint colors, they are so picky. I had to do it for my work office and it was tough! Though anything was better than the cream and burgundy lol.
    I cannot wait to see pics of the wall color and know it'll look great!

  2. I wonder if the paint colors will email? Lol! I'm intrigued! I'm excited to see the right colors though!! I'm glad you guys still ended up getting it done. I agree January is going to FLY!!

  3. Busy weekend! And yes, grey is the most impossible colour to get right! Our entire house was painted with the first coat and we hated it! Ours was too pinky/browny. Spent an entire weekend looking at new colours and eventually got it right.

  4. How does the Google+ thing work for putting pictures on your blog? I've never done that before and have no idea how to do it. I just always put the pictures onto my computer or email them to myself if I don't have my cord downstairs. Oh man, the paint colour seems like quite the production! Glad it's finally worked out though.

  5. Yikes, how frustrating! I am glad it all worked out in the end. :)

  6. Paint us a pain in the butt!!! We got lucky with our grey but in photos it looks sorta green. :( what diaper bag do you want? Nice work on selling yours!


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