Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

AKA Weekend of prepping for baby.

Oh.my.goodness- it's really happening!

Friday after work Audrey and I went for our chiro adjustments. While we can't confirm if baby has flipped, my sacrum and pelvis are responding positively to the multiple Webster adjustments so that's reassuring. Hopefully we will get news at our check up this week.

Hubby did the final coat on the stripes in the nursery.

Sneak peak!!

Yes, the walls are all the same colour! I know the non-stripe walls look beige but it's from the sun coming in. In regular light, and in person, the walls don't look nearly as different. Just goes to show how much lighting is a factor in how a paint colour turns out.

Saturday was an eventful and long day. We had the rest of our maternity photo session with Whitney. The weather was almost perfect for January, around 8C in the morning. We met at the Zoo again. Audrey was as good as I expected. I know Whitney got lots of great shots- she was so patient with us, especially with Audrey and had so many great ideas. I can't wait to see the final photos! Thanks Whitney for helping to capture this exciting time!

After we finished with photos, we visited a couple animals.

Warm enough even for the elephants!
We then headed down to Ikea to pick up a bunch of furniture and supplies for the nursery and Audrey's new big girl bed. We ate lunch first and then started the maze to pick up everything we needed.

Even though I had a list, had looked everything up online before hand, it still took us 3 hours!! We were all so exhausted and DONE by the time we left. Audrey was pretty cooperative considering that we ran over into nap time. She enjoyed trying out beds and running through the Ikea maze.

We ended up finding almost everything we needed, plus a few things that I didn't think we could get there so it feels good to have knocked a bunch of stuff off our list. Towards the end we just rushed through some sections so I might have to go back but we picked up the most important items.

Somehow we managed to fit everything into the back of hubby's SUV. I thought for sure we would have to take 2 vehicles but he convinced me that he could get everything in. We had to bring the stroller to the Zoo so I was a bit afraid that it wouldn't fit with all the furniture and there is no way I was leaving that behind!

Audrey surrounded by boxes (& a potty).

After 5 minutes on the road, she was out.

Once we got home, Audrey continued to sleep so hubby unloaded most of the furniture while I started on the chores. I was pretty exhausted though so I tried to stay off my feet.

After dinner, hubby started putting together Audrey's bed since he had promised her a new bed that day. It seemed like an easy task but it involved dismantling the crib in her room, empty the big book shelf and moving both pieces to the nursery (next door). The house quickly became a disaster zone with stuff everywhere!

Once they were done, Audrey was beyond excited for her big girl bed! She loves it! Makes me sad that she is so grown up now but I'm happy that she is okay with the transition.

She slept pretty much the same as she has recently- a couple wake ups and wanting Mommy or Daddy to cuddle with her for a bit. At least now we can lay down beside her rather than on the floor!

Sunday was another busy day of baby prep. Thankfully hubby and Audrey let me sleep in since I was so exhausted from the previous day's activities. Just can't be on my feet that long anymore.

While hubby picked up groceries, Audrey and I went in search of some bedding for her new bed. I didn't have much luck finding anything I liked online or in a few of the stores I had been to. We did pick up a duvet cover at Ikea but I wasn't in love with it and wasn't ready to settle just yet.

We did find one that I liked better at Winners so I was pretty happy about that. Audrey was pretty indifferent about it.

In the afternoon, hubby's brother and sister-in-law came over to help put together furniture and entertain Audrey. They were a huge help and there is no way we would have accomplished as much as we did this weekend if they hadn't helped! HUGE thanks to them for all their help! Audrey adores them so Auntie L kept her occupied while daddy and Uncle C built a bunch of furniture. We were nice this time and didn't block Uncle C in the basement with a couch!

Once the guys finished building, they moved on to oil changes! Another thing crossed off my to-do list!

Auntie L did a great job of entertaining Audrey and I while the boys worked. I managed to get a few chores done but I mostly took it easy since the previous day took it's toll on me.

They also spoiled us by bringing over dinner! Seriously, how lucky are we! They made the most delicious, healthy dish that I have been enjoying for lunches too.

After they left, Audrey and hubby put together the final piece of furniture, a small bookshelf for Audrey's room. Audrey was insistent that she help also. Milo took his supervisory role very seriously and settled into the chair for the long haul. I think he thinks the new nursery is for him...

Hubby must have had some crazy second wind because he starts painting and patching walls all over the house! Needless to say, we both went to bed way too late and have been paying for it ever since. I think we are both very happy with everything we accomplished this weekend and feel as though a huge weight is off our shoulders. Baby still can't come for at least a couple more weeks but it's good to know that it won't be mad chaos if he did come sooner than expected.

So that sums up our baby prepping weekend. There is still lots to do and we can finally do it now that the nursery is mostly put together. I'm so grateful that hubby and his brother took the time to get it done so that I can stop stressing about it!

Next weekend will be all about organizing! I'm kind of excited!


  1. Love your wall!!! Looks so great! Can't wait to see it come together!! Her bed is great! And she looks so cute and grow up on it! You must be axhausted!! Busy weekend!!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I love Audrey's bed, her room looks cute!

  3. Ah love the sneak peek! Audrey is adorable in her new bed :) Is it low enough that she can get out of without your help? You guys got a lot accomplished this weekend!

  4. Love the stripes! They look awesome.
    That is one productive weekend! I cannot believe baby boy is almost here, wow!

  5. The wall looks fantastic! Also, Audrey's bed is adorable! I wish we had an Ikea closer than 12 hours away:P

  6. Oh goodness that picture of Audrey on her bed grinning is so precious!! What a busy weekend you guys had - who knew that preparing for a baby was so much work! Haha

  7. The nursery looks awesome!! Love how it is turning out! Can't wait to see it all done!! Getting close!! Hopefully we will both have a productive weekend to get organized!!
    Love the pics Whit posted on her blog!! You look soo fantastic!!
    Look at little. Miss A in that bed!! She is just getting soo big!! Love the new bedding though!! Have you found bedding for the nursery?


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