Monday, January 27, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

This weekend was the sequel to last weekend's "Prepping for Baby."

Friday was a different day. We had an ultrasound in the morning so I didn't go to work at my usual time and instead went with hubby to the appointment after dropping Audrey off at the dayhome. It was nice to sleep in a bit and see Audrey in the morning. It definitely makes me appreciate hubby getting her organized in the morning since it can be a lot of work, especially when on a schedule!

The ultrasound did confirm that the baby is breech. More details on that later.

While on our way to work mid morning, the dayhome called to say Audrey was coughing lots, had a really runny nose and her eyes were watering so hubby went to pick her up after her nap. Even though she was sick, she was in a good spirits but it's better to keep her away from the other kids so they aren't contaminating one another.

Hubby and Audrey picked me up after work and we had a low key night. Hubby started to not feel well either. It was the start of a weekend of sickness for those two.

Saturday I had a massage which was so nice. I think I prefer to lie on my side for the massage, rather than use the pregnancy pillow thing. It just isn't as comfortable for me.

After my relaxing massage, I started washing clothes and organizing the nursery. Lots of folding and hanging. Everything looks so tiny! Even though I had a good idea of how I was going to organize everything, it still took hours. I didn't mind since I enjoy that kind of thing and baby stuff is so cute!

Hubby helped me dig out the car seat out and other baby stuff that was nicely packed away in the basement. I can't believe how much room all the baby gear takes up! I don't know how people with limited space do it!

I also starting packing my hospital bag and Audrey's overnight bag. They are mostly done- just need to add a few more things.

Sunday, hubby was feeling a bit better so we all went to Costco. It was a relatively fast, yet still expensive trip! We stocked up on a lot of things since we probably won't be going for awhile, even though it's close by. Our fridge, freezer, pantry and basement pantry are stocked! Now if only the energy balls and muffins would make themselves! Anyone have any good bran and/or oatmeal muffin recipes to share? I've been scouring Pinterest but it's too overwhelming.

Hubby started to not feel well again so he rested and occupied Audrey while I did a bunch of cleaning and a few more things in the nursery. When she went down for a nap, I headed out to the mall to run a bunch of errands, specifically pick up the last remaining essential baby items. I managed to find most of what I needed.

The nursery is pretty much ready for it's occupant, even if I'm not! Still have to hang the shelf, find and put up some art work, buy a lamp, some more baskets, so all decorative stuff. I also need hubby to install the dimmer switch when he feels up to it.

I also stopped at Menchie's on my way home to finally satisfy that craving! It felt weird buying frozen yogurt by myself in -12C but a pregnant lady has to do what she has to do!

Audrey is still sick so she didn't go to the dayhome today. Instead my Mom came to watch her. She doesn't act sick, still a ball of energy, but her nose is running a lot and her cough is pretty bad. Hopefully she doesn't share with me!

Today is my last Monday, at work, for awhile. Should be an interesting week, that's for sure!


  1. Yikes to a breech baby! He could still turn! Sounds like you got a TON done this weekend! Awesome! I can't wait to pull out the itsy bitsy newborn clothes!

  2. Hope your week goes well! And that Audrey feels better soon :)

  3. Hopefully baby turns around!

    Busy weekend! Sounds like you guys are just about ready!

  4. How did today go? Last. Monday for a while??
    Poor A and hubby!! Hope they both feel better soon!! Soo over winter and all the germs that float around!!
    Love your bump!!
    Bags packed and ready!! Good job! I still have to buy the post- natal supplies and I realized I haven't bought and wipes yet! Lol! But the diaper bag is just about packed! Lol.
    We built more stuff today, so the baby stuff is taking over!! M wants to install the car seat bases in the vehicles soon!


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