Wednesday, February 5, 2014

~Baby N#2: 38 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby is the getting closer and closer to joining us! He might have an inch of hair and he is slowly losing the white film covering his skin. 

What I'm Wearing?
Yay for maternity leave and wearing leggings and jeans during the week!! Loving all the comfy clothing! It's bitterly cold out so I've been wearing warm sweaters, and chunky scarves. Brrrr!

Aversions or Cravings?
Neither but I have been eating lots of chocolate and ice cream to try to bulk up the little guy. If I must...

How I'm feeling?
Physically, I feel great! So glad to not be sitting all day long anymore! My hips and back are in tip top shape from my twice weekly chiro adjustments. I'm definitely not ready for my pregnancy to be over which is a good thing, except that I might not have a choice!

It feels good to have the stress of work off my plate. My blood pressure was borderline high on Thursday and Friday, which we attributed to my stressful last couple of days at work and all the excitement around the baby's position.

Emotionally, I'm having a tougher time. I'm beyond grateful to be having a healthy, yet small, baby and I don't want to ever take that for granted. Sometimes I focus more on the immediate future and how things are beyond my control and I struggle with that. I know in the end it doesn't matter how he gets here but I'm having a hard time accepting that.

Yesterday, I had an acupuncture appointment to help flip baby. It definitely triggered the right areas because he was kicking and dancing up a store in there for hours after the appointment. Can't tell if he has flipped or not, I'm erring on the side of not yet but I'm hoping that with all this coaxing he will get into the right position. 

Belly Button?
Sticking out. Linea negra hasn't gotten any darker.

It's not as good as it has been but a lot of that has to do with heavy thoughts on my mind. I also had a lot of braxton hicks the other night that kept waking me up. Annoying! I'm not complaining though since I don't have to get up to go to work now!!

# 0
I've pretty much stopped working out now. If I have time I will try to do some prenatal yoga DVDs just to keep myself moving but I'm not feeling motivated.

What I'm Excited for? 
- The acupuncture to do it's work and flip baby!! Another appointment today.
- Midwife appointment today although not much has really changed since I saw her on Friday last week, at least that we are aware of.
- Meeting Alison and Delainey for Menchie's- who cares that it's -20C outside!!
- Ultrasound later this week to tell us that baby has flipped and/or gained a bunch of weight

What I Miss? 
- I miss being worry-free. I hate not knowing what's going to happen and not having control.

- Finishing work, even if it was a bit chaotic at the end!
- Getting up with Audrey in the morning. Getting cuddles and kisses from her, which I usually don't get since I go to work so early.
- Having a chill girls' night with my BFF
- Getting a mani-pedi and spending quality time with my sister

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I think this nursery will be a work in progress for awhile but it is now officially habitable! The furniture is all set up (minus 2 shelves), drawers are stocked, clothing & blankets are washed.

I've been working on some art for the walls. I stupidly did not purchase this one piece that I saw at Winners on the weekend and now it's gone :( Serves me right for second guessing. I should have just bought it and returned it if I didn't use it.

Custom pillow case from Etsy

Cute elephant piggy bank

Sneak peak at some nursery art in progress

The carseat isn't installed yet since we have to move Audrey's seat over to behind the driver. We will probably do that pretty soon though. My car also needs a huge clean! It's too cold to do that even in the garage! Blue job?

Hospital bag is packed, minus a couple last minute items. I definitely packed more this time!  Audrey's overnight bag is also packed, minus a couple last minute items. Her various care situations have been figured out. It would still be most ideal if baby didn't come until after his due date (when Grandma & Grandpa get back into town) but that's looking doubtful so we are prepared with alternate arrangements.

My co-workers gave me a couple sweet gifts during my last week:

Yes, the card has martini glasses on it!! Only a few more weeks!! And that adorable soother? It's been recalled!! Haha!!

Blanket and receiving blankets. So soft and the colours are perfect!

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. You are getting so close! Can't wait to see how the nursery turns out :)

  2. Eeekkk!!! 2 weeks!! Can't believe it!!
    Those gifts are too cute! Too bad the soother is recalled!!
    I cannot wait to see the nursery!!

  3. Cute piggybank! Where is it from? We are doing elephants too and that would work great :-)
    Good luck with the flipping this week! That's awesome that you are feeling great!

  4. So many cute things you have found! Love that elephant! So close and you look awesome!! I hope today went well. I am also so glad you feel so good! Thanks again for the date!!

  5. This is getting really exciting! And I’m glad that you’re feeling great, even if there’s some recurring discomfort from time to time. Thanks to your chiro, your back and hips are getting the attention they need. It’s the part of the body that most women complain during pregnancy. Anyhow, I hope everything will turn out to be okay, and here's to a healthy and safe birth for you and your baby!

    Waylon Buser @ U.S. HealthWorks


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