Wednesday, February 26, 2014

~Featuring the Bump~

I planned to put together this post during my time off before Leo came but obviously he had other plans coming early! So while it's a belated post, I am so thrilled with these photos that I have to share them.

We planned to do our maternity photos with Whitney one weekend in January, when I was almost 36 weeks. I emailed her the week before to confirm time and location and she said she had an opening for the next day, since she knew I wanted to have them done earlier rather than later. While it was super last minute (I'm not good with spontaneity!), we decided to go for it since the weather forecast for that weekend was looking much nicer than our later booked weekend.

We decided to do the shoot at the Calgary Zoo. It's hard at this time of the year since everything is pretty dead looking, it's cold out and we had a toddler to think about so the Zoo seemed like a great location.

Of course, Audrey fell asleep on the way to the Zoo so Hubby stayed in the car with her while I met up with Whitney to do the first portion of the shoot. The sun was shining, and it was about 5C outside- it seemed too perfect to be true for January!

Whitney took some pretty amazing shots. She even convinced me to let her shoot me from my less favourite side (I'm not the only one that has a preferred side, right?) and she got some stunning shots!

We were out for about 15-20 minutes when the wind started to pick up. Whitney looked at the sky and asked if it was supposed to snow. I hadn't seen anything in the forecast that indicated snow but anyone that lives in Calgary knows that the weather can change in about 5 minutes. Sure enough, it started raining- in January!! We quickly threw on our hoods and ran for some shelter! Didn't want the hair to get ruined!

We waited it out for a few minutes and then decided to dash to another covered spot to get some pictures- meanwhile it started snowing. The temperature dropped and I was pretty much freezing without my jacket on.

At this point we see Hubby battling the snow and wind, pushing Audrey in her stroller. Turns out his phone died so he decided to come find us. He wasn't dressed for this nasty weather either! We tried to take a few photos but we just looked too cold!

We decided to head to the Atrium which was our bad weather back up plan. Unfortunately, Whitney and I didn't notice the signs at the zoo entrance that said it was closed for a private function so we were out of luck!

 Here is an "outtake" photo that Whitney took!! Love hubby's expression!! It was darn cold and windy out!

Whitney graciously offered to do a re-shoot the next weekend, our original session date, so we could get photos of the three of us. I'm so thankful that she was willing to do this since I would have been pretty bummed if we didn't get any photos of the two or three of us.

So the next weekend we met up again, on another beautiful sunny January morning. Whitney, once again, took some amazing shots that make me smile every time I look at them. I am just so happy with them- I wanted to frame them all!

Audrey was as cooperative as expected. It's so hard to get that girl to smile on camera but Whitney caught some cute smiles! It was a bit chilly outside for her so we didn't stay out too long.

We headed into the Atrium which was surprisingly busy. It's beautiful in there and I definitely can see why Whitney recommended the location. The lighting was stunning and it was so nice to see so much greenery and life while in the dead of winter.

Audrey was must happier inside, running around and exploring. She wasn't too interested in having her picture taken since there were so many things to see.

Once again, Whitney blew me away with her creativity and eye for spectacular shots. She just has a way of making you feel so comfortable and I totally trusted that she would take photos that I would LOVE!


  1. So beautiful! You looked amazing! Love the stripped dress :)

  2. Every single picture she got of you and the family is gorgeous! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!!

    You are really pretty :-)

  4. These are amazing!!! You look so good and they are just perfect!! She got great ones of A too!!

  5. SO amazing! You guys are a beautiful family and Whitney is so talented!!

  6. You are so pretty and your family is gorgeous. Maybe if I looked that good pregnant I may have had some pro shots done! Congrats again guys!

  7. Love these!! Just got mine back today!! I didn't realize how chubby my face had got!! You look great!!! Love the outfits you chose!!!

  8. LOVE! You are so gorgeous and have a beautiful family. <3

  9. I love all the pictures - too cute. You are one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I know!

  10. Whitney is amazing! I have told Alison several times, that I need to fly her out to California to take some pictures of me and Homie. Or I can come to Canada!! :) These are so amazing, and beautiful! Your family is gorgeous!


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