Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hospital Stay and Meeting Big Sister

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My hospital stay with Leo was far better than it was with Audrey. I was lucky enough to get a private room this time whereas I had to share a room when I had Audrey. Whoever thought shared rooms in the postpartum ward was a good idea is an idiot! I didn't get any rest for 48 hours between my room mates baby crying all the time, her visitors, my baby crying and just the regular influx of staff coming in to check on each patient. It was horrible and a huge part of the reason why I didn't want to stay at the hospital in the first place.

Obviously having a c-section I knew I would have to stay in the hospital overnight. When they rolled me into a private room I almost leaped for joy!

I had fantastic nurses and wasn't bothered nearly as much compared to when I had Audrey. I'm sure part of it had to do with being a 2nd time Mom and having figured out breastfeeding pretty quickly. There was still a steady stream of  people coming into my room- blood work for me, blood sugar testing for Leo, food, drugs for me, blood pressure and temperature checks, etc. but it didn't seem nearly as invasive this time.

Having a private room was amazing. Hubby stayed with us until about 10pm the first night. We just snuggled with our new little man and spread the word that he had arrived since it was pretty unexpected.

The first night went well. The nurse took Leo to the nursery in between feeds which I was fine with. I needed someone to give him to me anyway so it made sense to just have them bring him to me when he needed to eat rather than me call them every time. I managed to get a lot of rest this way. This was definitely different from when Audrey was born and I cried when they took her to the nursery on the 2nd night because I was so exhausted.

Even the food was pretty decent. I was starving when I arrived at my room around 5pm, having fasted both food and water since 8am. I was disappointed the first morning when they brought me a clear fluids breakfast by accident- I'm not a fan of jello! Thankfully my nurse quickly remedied that and brought me some real food!

My midwife came to check on us on Day One (Friday). She was pleased with our progress. She was willing to request that I be discharged but I wanted to stay the extra night since Hubby and Audrey were both sick and I felt that I could use the extra help at the hospital for another night. Again, another change from Audrey's birth when I wanted to go home after the first night but due to miscommunication between the midwives and hospital policy, they wouldn't let me go home.

The OB resident came in to check on me both mornings. She said my incision was healing well. I asked why I had staples instead of just sutures and she said that another woman needed a c-section right after me and staples are quicker. She said they both heal the same way but just that staples needed removing around day 4 or 5. Thankfully my midwife was able to do that and it was pretty painless.

We are forever grateful for Uncle C and Auntie L for being "on call" for Audrey. We let them know as soon as we decided to do the ECV with the spinal that we would need help with Audrey. They dropped everything (like a house inspection) to pick her up from the day home and take her to our house.

Once we let them know that Leo was born, they made a sign to welcome him and texted it to us!

We are so lucky with all the help they have given us- between making meals, helping out around the house, taking care of Audrey, snuggling Leo, rounding up baby clothes and just making sure that we are doing ok. Couldn't ask for a better brother-in-law/Uncle and sister-in-law/Auntie!

 On Saturday morning, I felt good enough to go home. We put Leo in his too big "going home" outfit. I bought it before we found out he was breech and smaller so he was swimming in it.

It's so big!!

Family sweater set that Audrey came home in.
Also way too big!

So tiny in the cars seat

Uncle D, Auntie A and Cousin L took Audrey for a few hours the day that we came home from the hospital. They brought her back to our house after we got home so Audrey could meet Leo for the first time.

 She was a little hesitant at first but then she warmed right up to him.

As the days have gone on, Audrey just loves on her little brother! She runs to him when he whimpers, she brings him toys and blankets and she encourages him to eat. She loves to give him kisses.

Daddy & Leo snuggles

Giving Leo the lion she made for him

Hopefully the loving will continue since it's pretty adorable and makes my heart happy!


  1. LOL - Audrey's face in that one picture is priceless! She is super cute.

    So my hospital here in Ottawa is completely different than yours. I *may* have yelled "nursery?!?" while reading your post :-) Montfort is a pretty good hospital for delivering babies. You get a menu to choose from for all your meals (and a fridge filled with sandwiches and stuff if you are hungry), they give you a huge suite for both you and baby-daddy and the staff are most excellent (regardless if you go midwife or OB). They do not do the nursery thing - baby is to never leave you and they are very strict about that. They have a NICU for emergencies but their philosophy is that after delivery and the first 12 hours or so - you are on your own. You notice the drop in nursing care right away - since a nurse doesn't leave your side at all during labour and then they disappear. Now they do put you in a semi-private if you don't have insurance, but luckily we did. I could not imagine sharing a room - we were also given the option to pay for it if we didn't have insurance, but they do warn if it gets busy private suites go to delivery moms and C-section moms.

  2. Love this post! I'm so happy you had a great hospital stay, I loved mine too.
    I.had staples too, my surgeon said her opinion is they heal better!
    Leo is so cute in his coming home outfit :-)

  3. What beautiful photos!!! So glad the transition has gone well! Leo's hat is too cute. How are you feeling?

  4. I love this! The sign they made is so cute! I love Audrey's face in the pictures at first - not so sure about this, but then so sweet giving him kisses! They are going to be the best of friends!

  5. I also had staples. I didn't even know it was a thing or that I even had them until they came to remove them. haha

    Audrey is too cute in those photos!

  6. I'm so glad this stay was better than last. I love all those photos with A. So cute! I do wish I used the nursery more.

  7. Love the pictures!!!! He is soo cute and I love seeing A in her new role!!! Glad your experience went well and that everyone is settling in nicely at home!!


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