Monday, February 24, 2014

.:Leo: 2 Weeks:.

I can't believe Leo has been here for 2 weeks already and his due date was only yesterday! It's gone by so fast!

1 week

Eating: He's still eating pretty well- every 3-4 hours. So far he has only had one cluster feeding day/night but I'm sure there will be more in the near future. He sometimes gets a bit sleepy so I have to poke him to continue eating.

Sleeping: He still sleeps quite a bit. He pretty much wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep, with a small amount of awake time in between. He usually sleeps a little longer at night, 4 hour stretches before waking up to eat. He is mostly sleeping in the bassinet beside my bed. We did have one tough night this week but he wasn't interested in eating much- probably gas. Hoping the good sleep continuers past the 2 week honeymoon phase.

His newborn shoot was on Monday, at 10 days old. He was such a rockstar and slept through the whole thing! Whitney took some fabulous pictures and I can't wait to see them!

Diapers: We are getting better at changing boy diapers. Wash cloths are key! It's also important to learn to point the fire hose down. I learned this the hard way when twice he woke up unhappy in the night totally soaked, yet his diaper was dry. Oops!!

His umbilical cord is still on. I'm sure Audrey's had fallen off at this point and we've been trying to keep it super dry by limiting baths. I asked the MW today and she said csection babies seem to keep their umbilical cords longer but there doesn't seem to be a reason why. It's not really an issue, just annoying when changing diapers.

Weight/Size: He's still a little guy. Newborn clothes are a tad big so he should be in them for a few more weeks. Alison lent me a few preemie sleepers so those have been perfect! Thanks! At our midwife appointment today, he weighed 6.5lbs. He's up 9oz since birth and weighs the same amount as Audrey at birth. He's doing great!

Hair and eyes: No change- still light brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Personality: He's still pretty chill, only getting upset when really dirty, hungry or cold. Even then he doesn't cry that much! Let's hope this lasts!

Likes: Cuddles, eating, sleeping and pooping, the swing

Dislikes: Being cold, diaper changes and baths

My recovery: I'm feeling much better this week and have even gotten out of the house a few times. We went for a family walk that consisted of Audrey crying the whole time since she wanted to go in the stroller but she couldn't while Leo was in the bassinet. Her first real jealous moment since she hasn't wanted to be in the stroller forever.

Drowning in his moose snowsuit

I've really had to make an effort to not do too much since I am feeling better overall but I still need to take it easy. My incision doesn't hurt very often, but the area between my belly button and incision is pretty sensitive. I'm just taking Tylenol and Motrin a few times a day now instead of my rigid schedule from the first week.

My tummy has also gone down quite quickly. I still find maternity pants the most comfortable because of that sensitive part above my incision. I still can't bend down very easily to pull my boots on and off, squatting is much easier.

Big Sister: As I mentioned above, Audrey has only had one jealous moment. Usually she just loves Leo and doesn't get upset when I have to attend to him. We shall see what happens when she is home full time with just the two of us next month. I expected more jealous moments.

Hubby has been off work for the last 2 weeks which has been nice. He's been very helpful around the house and especially with Audrey. It's been nice just having the three of us during the day to spend time together before Audrey comes home from the day home. She is definitely higher maintenance of the two!


  1. So glad is he doing so well!! Such a little man! Can't wait to meet him and see more newborn photos!! I'm glad you are doing well too. :)

  2. I soo look forward to getting out of the house, if the weather would please warm up!! I can't wait to see the newborn pics!! He is growing like crazy already - 9oz!! Good job mama!! I'm anxious to see how Noah is doing this week!!


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