Monday, February 3, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

My first weekend of maternity leave! Even though we did a lot of what we normally do on the weekends when I'm working, it definitely felt less rushed and stressed since I knew I didn't have to completely get ready for the week.

Friday- I wrote about Friday's adventures at the hospital here. After the appointment, there wasn't much point in going back to work- the day was almost over and I was under strict orders to rest and de-stress so that would defeat the purpose. 

I had an hour to kill before picking up Audrey so I ran to the mall to return a few things and possibly find another iPhone case. My last one, as much as I loved it, was so disgustingly dirty that I NEEDED a new one ASAP! I found 2 chevron ones at Winners for pretty cheap so I'm happy about that. 

We spent the evening relaxing, hanging out with Audrey and trying to naturally turn this baby. So far no luck but no harm in trying. 

Her absolute favourite thing to do right now

Saturday morning I had another chiro appointment. I feel like this place is my 2nd home! I also booked in with an acupuncturist for this week to hopefully turn baby. As you can tell, I'm pretty much trying everything!

Hubby had a annual banquet to go to that night so my BFF brought over dinner and we hung out like old times. This time we weren't drinking and pulling pranks but it was still a good time! We watched a movie and just chatted about a million different things. Audrey loved L and insisted that she colour with her and play blocks. L is a good sport and just went along with Audrey's demands! And like a good girl, I ate 3 cupcakes and a small bag of mini eggs to fatten up this baby!

Hubby didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning- good thing I didn't go into labour! He had a good night I guess!

Sunday morning Audrey and I let hubby sleep for a bit longer. That girl is definitely a morning person so it's nice to spend time with her when she's so happy since I rarely get to. Now I will! Unlucky for her, I am not a morning person!

We ventured to Ikea in the late morning to return a bunch of stuff and buy a few things. What a joke!! It took an hour to do the return so hubby and Audrey went to pick up the items on our list while I waited around. It did go by quickly, considering there were 30 people ahead of me!!

I did have an interesting experience with the Ikea employee who gave me some unsolicited advice on my current breech situation. Always great when someone who doesn't know you starts giving you advice on a very serious matter. 

We had lunch at Ikea and I indulged on an frozen yogurt cone- doctor's orders!! 

Since we ran over Audrey's nap time, she promptly fell asleep in the car. We had to stop downtown to pick up hubby's vehicle that he left overnight. 

I was pretty exhausted after all that activity so I had a nap on the couch while hubby prepared dinner and entertained Audrey. Lucky lady I am! 

The rest of the night was pretty restful- I had to pack Audrey's lunch bag but I didn't have to pack my own or decide on outfits for the week. Pretty awesome feeling!!

Now it's Monday, my first day of maternity leave! I slept in till 7:15 (usually I'm at work at 7:00am) and then helped hubby get Audrey ready. That's a big task in itself! She is very vocal about what she wears and what she wants to do, which is usually not what you need her to do! 

Solo breakfast
It was weird sending her off to the day home while I am at home but I'm going to take advantage of all this free time to tackle my massive to-do list. It's pretty much impossible to get anything done when she is around!

Today my sister is treating me to a pedicure so I'm looking forward to spending time with her and getting pampered. It will be awhile before that happens again. Also hoping to find some nursery art &/or supplies today. Walls are pretty bare!

I've already made a triple batch of energy bites and will hopefully make a few dozen muffins today or tomorrow. The freezer has gradually been stocked with food so we don't have too many more meals to put together but it never hurts to have more.

Finally starting to feel less stressed!! Still don't feel mentally ready for the little man to join us yet but at least we are getting prepared.

This is going to be a great week!!


  1. I'm glad you are having some time to get things done and have a little me-time. What a busy weekend! Ugh, I hate Ikea on weekends. Unless I *really* have to - I never go there on weekends. But now I pass by the Ikea to get to work :-)

  2. fun! It is impossible to get stuff done with the littles around eh?

  3. Happy first week of maternity leave! Hope that little guy flips for you soon!

  4. Yay for mat leave! I hope baby turns. I wish I went to the chiro when I was pregnant, might have helped her turn into position better!

  5. Glad you had a great weekend, sounds productive to me!! Happy first week off, although it sounds busy!!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!! Busy and relaxing! Ikea is crazy on weekends! Hope you found some art!!


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