Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1st week with 2

I survived the first week at home with two little ones!

I honestly wasn't too worried about it, other than the extreme sleep deprivation. When Audrey was new, I would sleep in after rough nights but obviously I can't do that when she wakes up early and hubby has to leave for work.

I can't say I was alone all week with both children since my mother-in-law was a huge help. She came by on Monday to help out with lunch and putting Audrey down for her nap, which can sometimes be challenging.

On Tuesday, I was starting to get bored since there are only so many things you can do while keeping an eye on a toddler and also be able to drop everything if the baby wakes up to eat. With the ridiculous cold, we couldn't even go for a walk and I wasn't up for driving anywhere with the two little ones so we were housebound, so Audrey and I made muffins and banana bread that morning. I'm definitely going to have to find other ways to keep us occupied or else I will never get back into shape! I wonder how long she will tolerate "working out" with me when I am able to get back at it?


On Wednesday, hubby dropped Audrey off at his parents on his way to work so I was able to have a much needed sleep in! While Leo isn't a horrible sleeper, it still takes 45 minutes to an hour to feed, change and settle him back down after each wake up so I'm only getting about 5 hours of sleep a night. I've been trying to nap while Audrey naps but it seems Leo likes to sleep for a big chunk of the morning and then has his awake time when Audrey goes down for her nap. We are going to have to work on that, unless he starts sleeping longer at night!
I'm awake Mom!

On Thursday, my in-laws took Audrey for the night so we only had one child's wake ups to deal with. I was experiencing some wicked cabin fever from being cooped up all week (thanks -30 C all week long, if not colder) so hubby took me to the mall in the evening. It was a nice chance to walk around, do a bit of shopping and just get out of the house! Finally a reason to get dressed! Haha kidding- I usually get dressed, but don't always put makeup on or do my hair.

Audrey brushing my hair

Friday I got to sleep in a bit since Audrey didn't come back home until 1pm. She didn't have a very good night so she was grumpy in the afternoon but it was finally nice enough out to go for a walk before dinner. Of course, she is possessive of the stroller so she insisted on going in it, while I wore Leo in the baby hawk for the first time. I think he liked it since he slept the whole time and didn't make a peep!

Still so little

This week we will be getting out of the house a bit now that I feel physically able to be out with both children by myself. Plus it's going to be warmer outside so even if we don't go somewhere, we can still get out of the house for a walk. Hopefully Audrey will actually walk!

That being said, what are some good indoor activities to do with a 2 year old? She loves to colour but she is starting to get a bit bored of it since we do it too often. What kinds of games do you play?

So far Leo is pretty easy- eat, poop, sleep, repeat! It's the toddler that is more challenging and I have to keep an extra eye on. 

So overall it was a pretty easy week and nice transition to stay-at-home-mom of 2. The true test will be how I manage with 2 in public on my own! 


  1. Glad to hear that you survived and had some help along the way! I'd check pinterest for ideas...there seems to be lots on there.

  2. Your doing great, I think I'd be in pyjamas at this point still, lol. What about a trip to the library? They have some great programs, and kids usually get a kick out of picking books off the shelf and taking them home, or so I hear. I will have to test that theory myself in a few years.

  3. Great work rock star mom!I also try to get dressed everyday because I feel lazy if I don't...but I never put make up on unless we are going somewhere. My skin is way better if I don't wear it often. Random things that entertain my kids: Putting a ball in the salad spinner. Putting spaghetti noddles through the holes of a strainer (messy as broken noodles go everywhere: I've seen people use q-tips instead). Water play whether in the sink or in the tub...that's all I have right now. I bet a quick pinterest search would really help!

  4. You are a super star! When I taught preschool I used to do shaving cream in a zip lock bag (just make sure to duct tape the top). The kids loved to squish it around. Also water color painting was popular. I also used to pick an art project based on the holiday or theme of that month. For example you could do a different Easter based activity each week for the month of April. The internet has endless idea. :)

  5. I feel like As hair is growing? Lol! It looks longer or fuller in that pick!! Love how alert Leo is!! Ugh I wish the weather would get better. We are being teased with 2 days of warm temps to get hit with another snow storm tomorrow. Is it ever going to end?? Lol. Glad your first week went well, aside from being bored at home!

  6. You are doing awesome!! I bet it's tough to keep her busy all day! Play dough? Messy play in bath tub?

  7. It's great that it's finally getting nice enough to spend some time outside! Glad to hear you are surviving. I imagine its busy with a toddler on her own. I was going to second the idea of looking on Pinterest for activities :)

  8. That would be so hard especially when it's SO cold outside. Hopefully the cold weather is behind you guys now and you can spend more time outside! I have no suggestions for things to do with a 2 year old but if she's interested I think keeping her involved in cooking and baking is a great idea because it's stuff you need to do anyways and then can keep her busy too!

  9. Pipe cleaners and strainers and sensory bins helped keep Topher entertained when Ellie was a newborn. I also let him paint in the empty bathtub every now and then. Pinterest has tons of ideas :) I'm SO glad it's finally starting to warm up a little - it'll be awesome to be able to get the kids back outside!!!


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