Monday, March 3, 2014

~Audrey: 2 Years~

I haven't done an update on Audrey for... about 6 months now! Partially because it's been impossible to photograph her (thanks to Whitney for the above photo) and partially since she didn't seem to be changing that much each month. However she has changed immensely in the last 6 months!

18 Months

Sleep: We converted Audrey's crib into a toddler bed (just took one side off) in December, when she was 22 months old. The transition was fairly smooth although she did fall out a few times because the bed was just so small. She would roll over and be on the floor! We bought her a twin bed when she was 23 months old and so far she hasn't fallen out of it. She was so excited to have a big girl bed.

Her actual sleep is still hit or miss. Some nights she sleeps right through and other nights she wakes up a couple times looking for cuddles/water/back rub etc. At least with the twin bed one of us can climb in with her for a bit.

She is still napping once a day, in the early afternoon, for about 1.5-2 hours. She tried to drop the nap over the Christmas holidays since she was sleeping in later than usual but she wasn't quite ready for it, thankfully!

Eating: Audrey is in a really picky eating phase. She is very specific about what she wants and nothing else will do. She loves craisins, yogurt, fruit, crackers, muffins, applesauce and waffles. There are lots of other things that she likes but it depends on the day! It's all about trial and error feeding that girl!

She still gets one bottle of milk at bed time. She is pretty specific that it has to be in her "pink" bottle too.  I had hoped that she would have dropped the bottle and be drinking milk from a sippy cup by age 2 but it's just not worth the battle right now.

Teething: So far we are still waiting for the 2 year molars to come through. I think they are starting to come in since she has complained that her mouth is sore but so far we haven't seen them cut through.

Moving: She loves to run everywhere. She isn't a big fan of the stroller these days since she would rather use her own two legs, until her little brother showed up and started using the stroller! She enjoys going for walks around the block or pretty much anywhere. She is pretty good about holding your hand.

Eyes: Grey/hazel/green.

Hair: It's finally coming in! It's long enough on top for a ponytail but she doesn't let you do them that often. If she does, it doesn't last long. It is medium to dark brown in colour, with a few red and blonde strands. It's definitely going to be curly/wavy like her Dad's.

Playing: Audrey's current favourite thing to do is colour. She also gets this creativity from her Dad! She enjoys playing with blocks and adores her cabbage patch doll, Dolly. She likes to play games on our iPhones and can navigate the iPhone/iPad quite well.

Talking: Her speech and vocabulary has exploded since Christmas time (22 months). She talks in full sentences and pretty much repeats everything that you say. She knows the alphabet and can count perfectly to 10 and with some help, to 20. She knows quite a few songs from the day home and she recognizes a lot of shapes. Even the doctor commented that she is quite advanced. Every day she amazes us with another phrase that she has picked up. She is pretty bossy though!

Sign Language: Barely signs anymore. If she does, she also says the word at the same time, like "please" or "more."

Weight/Clothing: Depending on the brand, Audrey is wearing 2T & 3T clothes. She was measured recently and weighed 26 lbs, 3 oz. She is 34.5 inches long. She wears size 6-7 shoes. She's definitely tall and lean.

Audrey is very particular about her wardrobe. She prefers to wear purple and has an absolute fit if you don't allow her to wear what she wants. Needless to say, her outfits are quite fashion forward and definitely not the combination that I would pick. I find it difficult to buy clothes for her now because she likely won't wear them! I thought I had at least a couple more years of having a say in her outfits! Forget about putting anything in her hair either!

Personality: Audrey has a very strong personality! She is strong-willed, and knows what she wants. She is introverted though. She much prefers to sit and observe people when in big crowds. She does get quite shy when around people she doesn't know that well but once she warms up to you she is very talkative and bossy! While I want to promote her being independent and stating her opinion, I also want her to be polite and use her manners.

Current Favourite Things: Dolly, blankets, her pink bottle, having her plates and cutlery match, her grey Gap sweater, colouring, playing with blocks, her baby brother Leo, cuddling in the morning, Curious George & Dinosaur Train.

Dislikes: Baths, having her hair done, having lotion put on her face, sitting in her booster chair at the table, going to bed, wearing whatever we pick out for her

Big Changes: Obviously the biggest change lately in Audrey's life is the birth of her baby brother, Leo. That's quite the birthday present. She has taken very well to him and loves to "hold it." She runs to him whenever he whimpers and is so excited to see him in the morning or if she gets home from somewhere.
The other big change is that Audrey is not going to the day home anymore. We decided it wasn't worth keeping her in even part time so she will be home with me full time starting in March. It will be an adjustment to all of us but I'm sure once we get into a routine it will be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to just hanging out with her each day and not having to rush around each evening and weekend.

Misc: Audrey has been battling some colds for the last month or so. They will seem to go away and then a week later, it will be back. We attributed it to day care germs but we started to get concerned so we took her back to the doctor. Turns out she has viral-induvced asthma. She's taking inhalers daily to help her breathing.

 I still can't believe it has been 2 years since Audrey joined our family! She has been such a joy and brought much love and happiness to our lives. She makes me so proud every day to be her mother. Watching her grow from newborn to curious baby to a busy toddler has been one of the biggest highlights of my life. The challenging moments are outweighed by all the joy, big and small, that she brings to our daily lives.

Love you sweet Audrey!


  1. Nicole, she is just stunning! I still can't believe she is two, and you have a second little one as well! Happy birthday to Audrey!

  2. Can't believe she is two already! That picture that Whitney captured is gorgeous.

  3. 2 already? She is so beautiful! I love her eye colour.

  4. That photo is beautiful! She is so pretty!! I love that she chats so much and run to Leo when he makes a noise! Such a good age gap!

  5. She is beautiful! I know I say it often... But those eyes!!!
    Glad she's adjusting well with Leo and enjoying her big girl bed!! I still feel like you just announced being prego with her!! How has it Been 2 years??!!

  6. I remember meeting you and Audrey for the first time and she was just a teeny baby!! Can't believe how fast time flies. That picture is beautiful, she has striking eyes!

  7. Super cute!!! I love her eyes!

    Funny how different toddlers can be - Max is only just starting to string words together. He finally said his name this weekend!

    We are thinking about putting in his super big boy/Twin sized bed. He keeps asking to go into the guest bed (double bed)

  8. She has the most gorgeous eyes! So many milestones! Beautiful girl!!!


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