Thursday, March 6, 2014

.:Leo: One Month:.

3 weeks

Ok- impossible! How has it been one month since that eventful day when Leo came into our lives? That can't be right! I certainly haven't slept through it, that's for sure!

Eating: Leo caught Audrey's cold this past week so it's made eating a bit more difficult since he's so stuffed up and coughs a lot. He's been eating for shorter, more frequent periods of time which means I feel like he's eating all the time. He only seems to be eating one side at a time which is also making it seem like he is eating less. I think regardless of the cold, he is a more efficient eater than his sister was, who tended to snack a lot.

Sleeping: Due to his cold, Leo has been sleeping quite a bit during the day. Unfortunately, that means he has some awake persiods at night which are making it difficult for me to function during the day. He has been sleeping either in his swing during the day or his bouncy chair at night to keep him elevated. He was coughing too much when he was flat on his back but I think he's getting a bit better. I've also slept a couple hours a couple nights in the rocker with him since he was having a hard time settling. Hopefully once he is better we can work on a routine so that he sleeps longer at night.

Diapers: Newborn size.

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed since 2 weeks so not sure of how much he has gained but there is no doubt that he is bulking up. His head isn't as skinny so you can't see the bones as prominently anymore and a couple of his newborn hats are getting snug :( He is still fitting in newborn clothes just fine although I will probably start putting him in some 0-3m clothes since he has an abundance of them. I'm definitely glad I bought a fair number of newborn sleepers since he would have been swimming in the 0-3m size for this first month.

Hair and eyes: No real change- his hair is still light brown hair and his eyes are blue.

Personality: Even with this cold, he is pretty laid back.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Goat (he makes this funny bleating sound!), Mr. Handsome

Likes: Cuddling, eating, listening to his sister talk to him.

Dislikes: Being hungry, cold, diaper changes, the nasal aspirator, his soother (most of the time)

My recovery: I'm slowly starting to feel more normal. I still have some sensitivity above my incision which reminds me to take is easy. I'm getting extreme cabin fever because it's too cold to go outside even for a walk and I'm not ready to venture out in the car with both kids.
I'm definitely feeling the sleep deprivation. This is the first week that Audrey has been home with me full time. Grandma has been very helpful in either coming over or taking Audrey for a few hours so that has been wonderful. The hardest part is not being able to sleep in or nap when Leo does because I have to be awake for Audrey. I am definitely enjoying all the relaxed time that I get to spend with her, just hanging out and doing simple things so while right now is a bit tough with the sleep deprivation, I'm enjoying it.

I starting to get the itch to work out but physically I know I am not ready yet. I'm going to have to start feeling a lot better in the next 2 weeks to feel up to working out, even lightly, at 6 weeks post partum. Maybe I will just start with some yoga or something since the thought of running kind of scares me. I'm not in pain so I don't think I have anything to worry about but I feel sensitive in my mid section. Maybe if this weather warms up I can actually get outside and go for walks so working out won't seem so daunting!

Big Sister: Audrey has been battling her own cold for awhile now. With the inhalers, she is doing better and is almost back to her energetic self. I'm sure she is getting her own cabin fever, although she has been out a few more times than I have.
Still no major jealousy issues towards Leo yet. Every time she sees me and I don't have Leo in my arms, she asks where he is. When he cries she asks "s' wrong, Leo?" She often asks to "hold it" which is funny considering she knows his name! I'm hoping her love for him continues! 

Feeding Dolly and talking on the phone
while I feed Leo


  1. Aww so adorable. Love the sibling love! Once you feel like you can handle both kids in the car, you should go walk the mall! I did that last January since William was a winter baby. It makes a world of difference and with a double stroller, it's not too bad since both kids are strapped in :)

  2. He is so cute!! Ekkk! Love those 2 kids together!! Just take it easy until you are good and ready. I had the itch too but it's best just to wait. Hope he gives you a bit more sleep!!

  3. Noah is doing the feeding off of one side lately too!!! He falls asleep inbetween and I can't bare to wake him!! But then he doesn't sleep as long because he is still actually hungry...
    I am beat after leaving the house with one baby, I couldn't imagine 2. Even just going to dinner with friends last night, I was exhausted and the walk was around the corner and then I just sat there... Haha. But I am trying to build up some stamina now that my BP is co-operating a bit more!!
    Can't believe he's a month!!!


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