Friday, March 7, 2014

.:Leo's Nursery:.

Finally, Leo' nursery is done- ish!!

Still have to do a couple minor things- hem the curtains, add his newborn photos, buy a clock, etc. but the majority is complete and ready to share!

We started the nursery far later in my pregnancy than I had hoped. The room was originally our office/craft room/sorta guest room so we used the room quite a bit. We had to organize the basement first to make room for a functioning office and home gym before we could start on the nursery. Having a toddler pretty much takes up all your free time, add being pregnant, working full time and it was just a daunting task.

Before pictures (after we started taking furniture out)

Massive window on one wall

Beige walls

I had a vision for this nursery before we even knew what we were having. I knew I wanted grey walls, with a striped feature wall and would accent the rest of the room on either aqua/turquoise if it was a boy or coral/pink if it was a girl.

These became my inspiration pieces once we found out it was a boy- aqua polka dot blanket, and grey chevron crib sheet, both from Target.

We ran into a few issues, mostly around the paint. Choosing a grey paint colour was the most painful decorating decision I've ever had to make! We were dumb and didn't test the paint colour before buying the cans and painting the walls so of course when we realized it was the wrong colour after one coat we had already wasted all that money and time.
After a few tears, a frustrated hubby and a couple more trips to the paint store, we found the right paint colour. Lesson learned to always test the paint colour in the room first! Rookie mistake!

The wrong colour- too blue

Less blue at night but still wrong (starting the 2nd coat)
Choosing a new grey- we went with the middle one
Benjamin Moore- can't remember the colour though.

After a couple weekends of painting, the room was ready for furniture. We had lots of help from Uncle C and Auntie L who helped move furniture from the office, assembled the nursery furniture and just kept Audrey occupied so we could work on some projects. The room still probably wouldn't be habitable if it hadn't been for their help.

The nursery was ready and fully stocked for Leo by 36 weeks, when we found out that due to his small size and possible growth issues, he might have to come much sooner than expected. Thankfully, while he was still smaller, he was doing just fine so he wasn't evicted quite yet.

Once on maternity leave, at 37.5 weeks, I planned to finish the remainder of the nursery, mainly the decor. I had a hard time finding the right "aqua" colour so the colour kind of evolved to more of a turquoise, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Since I couldn't find the right colour of aqua/turquoise for decor, I ended up DIYing most of the artwork. I'm not the most creative person so I found some relatively easy ideas on Pinterest, bought the supplies and started getting to work. I was about half way done when Leo joined us.

Having the artwork projects to work on once Leo was born and Audrey was still at the day home was actually a good thing. It gave me something to do during the day, since I couldn't do much after the c-section.

My deadline for finishing the artwork and hanging the gallery wall was for Leo's newborn photos but we didn't quite make that. I was quite disappointed but in the grand scheme of things it's not that big of a deal.

So without further ado, here is Leo's nursery!

Gallery wall

- Bookshelf- Expedit from Ikea (it was upright in Audrey's room but fit better in Leo's room after we set up her 'Big Girl' bed)
- Shelves- Lack from Ikea
- Lamp- Ikea. Old. Still looking for the right one.
- Frames- Ikea and Homesense. I painted the blue ones.
- 'L'- Michaels. I painted it
- Blue & Grey striped canvas- DIY
- Elephant and Globe- Homesense
- Lion- made by Audrey at Build-a-Bear
- Turquoise Chevron Baskets- Target
- Grey Chevron Basket- Homesense

- Picture made by me. Idea from Pinterest here. It says "You are so loved"

- Rocker/Glider- from Audrey's room. Monte Grano. Best money spent in the nursery by far
- Pillow case (pillow came with glider) from Mummi Quilts on Etsy
- Curtains- Ikea (forgot to take a good picture- they still need to be hemmed)

The Striped feature wall

- Crib- Ikea Gulliver (Audrey's old one)
- Dresser- Ikea Hemnes
- Change pad cover from Tara's Cozy Creations on Etsy- awesome seller!
- Munchkin Wipes Warmer- Target (another awesome invention!)
- Chevron Crib sheet- Target

- Grey Ottoman aka Audrey's stool to watch Leo getting changed- Homesense
- Lambskin- gift from Uncle C & Auntie L (borrowed from Audrey)

- Giant Elephant- gift from Grandma W

DIY Artwork

- Painted dot canvas- idea from Pinterest here.
- Scrapbook paper- will be replaced with a newborn photo
- Pendent banner canvas- modge lodged scrapbook paper on painted canvas- idea from Pinterest here

It's simple but that's what I like about it.


  1. I love it! It's so beautiful and calming. You did an amazing job!

  2. It looks great! You guys did a fantastic job. I love all the DIY stuff - it's a lot of work

  3. It's perfect!! I love all the art work for sure!! So great. And I love the feature wall too. Good work!!

  4. I like the gallery wall!!! I think it turned out awesome!! I need to get ours started!!! It won't be done for a while!
    I think the whole room looks fantastic!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about it. We'll be sharing our room with our little guy so we are going VERY simple for his corner of the room!

  6. I love your nursery!!! That gallery wall is awesome! We never really "finished" the nursery … we decorated it once Topher moved into his big boy bed! Now that both kids are sharing the room I want to re-decorate!


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