Thursday, March 13, 2014

Out and About

We have finally gotten out of the house this week! Yay!! I feel like a new person! The weather has been cooperating and hopefully will stay that way for a little while.

~ Alison and Delainey joined us for coffee earlier this week at a local kids play centre so that Audrey could run around while we chatted. It's not quite as busy on a week day morning as it is on the weekend so there weren't too many kids to play with but I think Audrey still had fun. It was great to have an adult conversation with Alison and just be out!! Thanks for taking Audrey on the big slide- I'm not quite ready for the jungle gym yet!!

~ Yesterday, I finally got my hair done, after cancelling my appointment in February when Leo came early. He slept or ate through the whole thing. Unfortunately I got bad news that my hairdresser of almost 10 years is moving away!! Nooooo- my worst nightmare! I have a couple other hairdressers in mind so hopefully one of them works out.

~ Leo is 5 weeks today! He sure has grown although I don't know how much since we haven't weighed him since he was 2 weeks old. He still fits newborn clothes so he can't be that big but he seems so much bigger than when he was born even. We have our last midwife appointment next week :(

~ I'm done online shopping for awhile! The last 2 things I have bought have ended up costing me more money than they should have- first a hat for Leo that was way too small and to exchange it plus shipping it was well over $30!! Secondly, I finally found the diaper bag I have been coveting online, with shipping less than $80 (insane!) so I ordered it, just to find out the next day that a local store now have them in stock! So between the exchange rate, shipping and possibly duty, I will have greatly overpaid for this bag! I better love it!!
And don't get me started on the birth announcements I'm trying to order.
Apparently sleep deprivation and online shopping don't mix! Weather, I need you to stay nice so I don't shop online!! (Except Old Navy!)

~ Thanks for all the suggestions on toddler activities! Pinterest was quite overwhelming and a lot of ideas were realistic for a 2 year old so I'm going to try a few of the things you all suggested. I did find one idea on IG the other day- Button Sorting! Aka putting buttons into a muffin tin. Audrey loves this and I have lots of spare buttons so it was easy to put together.

So all in all, this week has been pretty good! I still have to take it easy though since I've noticed I'm a bit sore from going out two days in a row. It's a ton of effort just to get everyone out of the house!


  1. Soo bummed about the hat!! Sorry it didn't workout on my referral to make matters worse. Sorry!!
    Looks like Alison had just as much fun as A!! Lol!
    Love your new hair do!! I'm in need!! Lol! One day!

  2. Your hair turned out fabulously! I bet it was nice to be spoiled for a little while :) Glad that you could get out of the house and see Alison :)

  3. Love your hair!! Great idea with the buttons!! So fun.
    He is getting big! Such a cutie!
    You will love your diaper bag so don't think about it anymore! $30 for the hat!?? Gah. :(
    Thanks again for the date. Lots of fun. We will have to go again.


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