Monday, March 17, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Another beautiful weekend gone by. I'm afraid to check the upcoming forecast for fear that this great weather will be replaced by another snowstorm or cold snap.

Friday was a low-key night after a disastrous day. We had our chiro appointment in the morning and long story short, it was a gong show between waiting 40 minutes to be seen, a cranky toddler and a newborn that kept being woken up. It was just a bad day all around. Mommy had some wine with dinner.

The day started out great when I got Audrey to wear a skirt.
It only lasted about 15 minutes!

Saturday I relaxed and napped quite bit since I was starting to feel very sore and swollen. I guess I still need to take it really easy... which is discouraging because I felt like I was and the outings that I did do last week were short and not overly strenuous. I'm finding it mentally very difficult because I'm bored and I feel like a lump for doing nothing. I know I need to rest but I feel like it's taking way longer than it should. How are other women back working out when I can barely walk without pain again? So frustrating! I'm sure it's due to caring for a toddler on top of a newborn.

Catching up on sleep definitely made me feel better though. Audrey went to Spark with Grandma & Grandpa so that freed up Daddy to have some one-on-one time with Leo.

To drown my sorrows, we went for Menchies after dinner which was Leo's first time going, outside the womb! Audrey loved the frozen yogurt and toppings! Leo observed and I'm sure was quite jealous that he could not partake in the deliciousness.

Sunday we had brunch at Hubby's parents' house. We also celebrated Hubby's birthday since it's this week. A few relatives we haven't seen in awhile were there so it was nice to see them. Hubby's cousin and her daughter were there- she's 9 months younger than Audrey and the 3 little girls had a blast together!

During nap time, I painted some shelves for Audrey's room and did some filing- oh so exciting!

Hubby made his famous ribs for dinner and for once Audrey devoured her whole meal! They were pretty good- especially with the Mission Hill bottle of red that we've been hanging on to since we went there when I was newly pregnant with Audrey! It was worth the wait!

And so another week begins- we don't have many plans so hopefully that will help me feel better.


  1. I had my pain go away and come back a couple weeks later too, it is from doing too much or you moved in a way to pull the scar tissue, but take it easy for the week and you'll feel much better. I was discouraged too when it happened, hang in there!
    We had Menchies this weekend too!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a good weekend :) Sorry that it started off on a not so nice note though :(

  3. I'm sorry you are struggling with your recovery! You are right, you just need to take it easy! It will come with time! I still have 2 more weeks to go, and still can't lay on my right side, I wake up in soo much pain! I'm still taking ibuprofen at bedtime to help with swelling at the end of the day!
    Love your hair! It looks soo good!! I need to go get mine done!
    Sounds like a good weekend! I need some nice weather! They say this week will be + temps! which means I can get out and walk again! I need some new shoes in the worst way! My feet are always wet in this weather! My running shoes are ruined from the pregnancy! I might buy some sanuks or toms I think! Something comfy I can wear and slip on with ease.

  4. When I had my ovarian cyst emergency surgery five years ago, it took a long time for me to recover - at least 6 weeks until I was feeling back to normal. That is without a baby/toddler and hormone changes. Just keep taking it easy - don't worry about working out yet.

    There is a Menchies being built near my place - I've never been there, so I'm excited

  5. Imglad you had wine and menchies. I need to go there soon. Sorry you had a rough Friday. But glad the rest of the weekend was better. Your hair looks great and her skirt is so cute. Sad it didn't last! Ha. Silly girl.


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