Monday, March 31, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Friday we had doctor's appointments for both children- Audrey had her follow up for her viral induce asthma and Leo had his 2 (ish) month check.

We managed to get out of the house on time which is a miracle! Our doctors office is about 25 minutes away so it's not super close. 

Both kids were weighed. Audrey came in at a whopping 26.5 lbs, fully dressed! Leo is now 10 lbs, jumping to the 15% percentile from 5% at birth. Yay Leo!! 

Audrey's breathing is much better, no more wheezing or coughing. Her runny nose is likely from allergies (although we aren't 100% sure what from- cat, environment?). The doctor wants her on the maintenance inhaler for the rest of winter just to be safe. 

Leo is doing great. No concerns with him. He has a normal newborn rash on his chest/back/face which should go away on its own. No concerns about his hips from being breech but they will keep an eye on them. 

Of course Audrey had woken up super early that day so she fell asleep in the car on the way home- a couple hours before nap time and lunch. I drove around a bit and grabbed some Timmy's. I tried to transfer her when we got home but she woke up as soon as I unbuckled her so that was the end of her nap. 

We went for dinner to the in-laws that night and Audrey spent the night. It was a great break for us since her sleep her been awful lately and she's just exhausting in general! 

Saturday morning hubby and I slept in which was glorious! We didn't get out of bed until 9am! We lazed around and Leo and I went on a shopping date to the mall in the early afternoon. 

I had to return a few things and Leo just slept the entire time. He's such a good shopping partner. 

Hubby did the grocery shopping while Audrey napped so it was nice to get the major chores out of the way so we could enjoy Sunday as a family. 

Audrey cam!

Sunday Audrey woke up pretty early. She has figured out she can reach the light switches and open doors so she does that in the middle of the night now when she wakes up. Suddenly the switch to the big girl bed doesn't seem so smart now!

It's been snowing pretty much non-stop here for a few days. It's the light, pretty snow that feels like being in a snow globe. I know commuters & runners are hating it but it's so pretty to look out the window and see it falling. 

Audrey & hubby shovelled the driveway and then we went to the mall so Audrey could run around and burn off some energy. Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon so we can go outside for more than 15 minutes before freezing but for now the mall works well. 

After lunch, we went to Menchies. I have been having insane cravings lately and it's a nice family activity, even if it does seem odd to go for ice cream when it's this cold and snowy out!

She enjoyed it, I promise!!

After the kids went to bed, we watched 21 Jump Street. I hadn't seen the whole thing yet. It was so funny! Definitely had me laughing pretty hard!

We don't have too many plans this week. Trying to find some activities that I can put Audrey in that also allow me to bring Leo. Haven't had much luck finding anything though. That girl needs a lot of stimulation and hanging out at home with mom and brother isn't cutting it!


  1. Glad you got some down time! Yay that both kids are doing so well. Leo is getting so big!! This snow has got to go. Menchies sounds like a good date for us!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad to hear that both kids are growing and doing well :)

  3. Guess you were right right your 10 pound guess!! Glad everyone is on the mend! Our dr doesn't give percentiles, so I'm going to ask haha, I'm sure Noah's are low!!
    Our weather must be opposite, although it won't be long be gore we are both enjoying warm weather! Yesterday was gorgeous and today is supposed to be 11 but overcast/rainy - I will take it though!
    Guess who missed the deadline for getting the announcements out! Oh that was me. Welcome to $1 postage, I think I would have more fun going to the dollar store, although I love sharing the news of our little man!
    I've never had Menchies, there is one in London I noticed,I might have to stop one day and see what it is all about! Lol
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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