Tuesday, April 22, 2014

~Easter Weekend~

What a crazy weekend- snow and then beautiful sunny and warm! I was able to spend it with my loved ones so I don't care that the weather was tempermental!

On Good Friday we ran a few errands and went for sushi since I was having a big craving! It was delicious and even Audrey enjoyed it. 

Saturday we went to the Farmers Market with Uncle D, for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was indoors (it had snowed the day before) and was super chaotic. I didn't get any photos and Audrey didn't get many eggs. We did get some groceries and had lunch there so it was still a nice outing. It was great to visit with Uncle D. 

Lunch at the Farmers Market

On Sunday the Easter bunny came. Audrey was pretty excited to see what he brought and enjoyed the eggs he left behind. 

After she found all the goodies, this mom went back to bed because she didn't get much sleep the night before! Hubby came to the rescue and took care of both babes so that I could get more sleep. He took them out grocery shopping too! Brave man!

We Skyped with Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma in the early afternoon. 

We went for a delicious turkey dinner at my sister's house. It was so nice to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins as it had been awhile. It was a fun night, and delicious dinner. 

Sadly I didn't take many photos the whole weekend. We did manage to get a decent family shot so I'm happy about that! I didn't even attempt to get one of Audrey and Leo :(

Happy Easter!!


  1. Boo to the snow!! It was gorgeous here!!
    Love the family photo!! I failed on the picture taking too!! I have a bunny suit we didn't take pics in... Maybe this week - it was a gift and they asked for pics!
    Sounds like a fun weekend!!

  2. The weather really was crazy this weekend! It was gorgeous yesterday though. Glad you guys had a great Easter weekend and that you were able to catch up on some sleep!

  3. Snow?! Oh boo. Great family photo! I love it. Glad you had a great weekend and some extra sleep!


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