Sunday, April 6, 2014

.:Leo: Two Months:.

Six Weeks
One Month

Eating: Still eating like a champ every 2-4 hours during the day. He usually wakes a couples time at night to eat. I've been pumping a few times a week to build a freezer stash and he has successfully taken a bottle from Daddy several times.

Sleeping: Leo usually goes to sleep in his crib between 8-9pm each night. We have been following the EASY routine loosely ever since he was 4 weeks old. His wake ups vary- sometimes he wakes up at midnight and other times not until 2:30am. If the wake up is earlier than I will feed him in his room and put him back down in his crib. If it's later, I might bring him into bed with us. I often fall asleep in the chair while feeding him so sometimes it's easier to just bring him into bed. So far this is working for us and helps us get the maximum amount of sleep.
He's been sleeping in a sleep sack for the last few weeks also. He was always busting out of the swaddle and he likes his hands to be out especially while eating so he would wake up when I tried to re-swaddle him to put him down.
Naps are still anywhere- swing, bouncy chair, my arms, or car seat if we are out. He's napped a couple times in his crib but I'm not in a hurry to move them all into there. Since we are loosely following the EASY routine, he eats, has some sort of activity like a diaper change, watching Audrey play, sit with Mom, or hang out on his playmate or bouncy chair. Sometimes he falls asleep on his own and other times I need to rock him or put him in the swing. He seems to have a short nap soon after waking up in the morning, a longer nap around lunch time and another long nap in the early to middle of the afternoon and then a short nap around dinner time. 

Diapers: Leo graduated to size 1 diapers around 7 weeks. He probably could have gone into them a week or so earlier but I wanted to finish up the newborn diapers that we had. As it is, we still have a dozen or so left since the poopsplosions were due to the too small diapers. I also started him in cloth diapers. I'm so glad I bought half gender neutral colours/patterns when I ordered them for Audrey. I stripped them using bleach (just the liners) but I think they still aren't absorbing as well as they should. I'm going to have to do some research since he needs to be changed every 2 hours or else he leaks. The inserts are soaked so I know it's not that they are too big. He's still wearing disposables at night and when we go out so that I don't have to worry about leaks or carrying around the bulky diapers. 

Weight/Size: Leo's first appointment with the family doctor was at 7 weeks. He weighed 10lbs and 21.5 inches long. He went from the 5th percentile at birth to the 15th percentile at 7 weeks. Pretty good weight increase little man!
We had our 6 week discharge appointment with the Midwives at 8 weeks (were I bawled like a baby) and Leo was up to 10 lbs, 5 oz so he is definitely gaining! While I am happy he is doing well, he is growing too fast! Stay little for longer!
He has definitely outgrown his newborn clothes and even some shorter 0-3m clothes. It's usually the length that restricts him. With the cloth diapers, he is starting to outgrow some of the 0-3m sleepers also but that's more the Joe and Children's Place sleepers which I have always found smaller. This is the downside to cloth diapers.

Hair and eyes: His hair is filling in a bit more. It's still medium brown, with a small hint of red. His eyebrows are more prominent now, which makes for great facial expressions. His eyes are still a gorgeous blue.

Personality: He's such a content little boy. He is happy to look around and just check out what everyone around him is doing. He does get a bit upset if he can't see anyone. He has been having a fussy time some nights around bedtime but nothing unmanageable. He usually just needs extra cuddles.
He is a mama's boy! He turns whenever he hears me talk, especially when in someone else's arms. I'm sure it's because I'm his main source of food but for now I will take all the adoring looks I can get.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey

Likes: Cuddling, eating, his sister talk, looking around, his swing, the baby hawk, baths

Dislikes: His car seat (although it's getting better), dirty diapers, being hungry or cold, being tired.

My recovery: I finally feel physically more like myself. I definitely still have lots of core strengthening and overall toning to do but I don't feel nearly as much pain after little activity which is reassuring. I just listen to my body and slow down if I'm feeling a bit sore. I've started working out- doing yoga and Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred a few times a week which has done wonders for my mental health. I really struggled mentally for the last few weeks because I felt so drained, mostly due to a very energetic and defiant toddler. After a bit of research and discussions with some friends, I found some ways to help deal with her and understand her better so that each day isn't full of tantrums (her) and alcohol (me).
We are also getting out a few times each week so break up the monotony of each day, whether it's a walk around the block, a trip to the grocery store (where I might shop lift accidentally!), a morning at the library, or having people come over to visit with us. I'm still trying to find a program or activity to put Audrey into each week so she gets more of the interaction that she is used to from the day home. I definitely forgot how much of a change this would be for her so it makes sense that she is having a hard time adjusting to life with a baby brother and being home with Mom all day long.

Big Sister: While Audrey still loves her little brother, I think she has realized that he is here to stay. She has had a few moments of jealousy towards him- mostly around Daddy holding Leo, sharing the stroller and when both she and Leo are fussy she gets extra upset that he is getting attention.
She often asks where he is if one of us isn't holding him and when she wakes up from her nap. She likes to hold him and talk to him. If he is crying she was tell us and say "s'ok Leo."

She is by far more "work" than Leo is at this point. Our days revolve around her schedule and Leo just goes along for the ride. Sleep is still an issue- I feel like it always will be!

Misc: With the nice weather, we are finally able to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. I think that benefits us all and is a nice way to spend time together as a family. 


  1. Two months already?! Craziness. I need to stop by and meet him and see you of course :)

  2. Awe such cute pics of A and Leo!! He is growing so fast. He looks like Audrey :-) what is the EASY program? Haven't heard of it. I should maybe read up...

  3. Ok he is so cute!! :) Love that 2nd photo of him!! And I love the ones of the 2 of them. Glad you are just listening to your body, so important. But I agree a workout of any sort really helps the mind. And wine. A glass a night is a rule I think!! No?

  4. Ok, lets try this again!!
    He is getting soo big and is soo adorable!! I think he looks like you in that picture with you!! Not to mention how great you look!! Good job Mama!
    Love the pick of A and him, and that things are going better with her.
    Good for you for starting to work out! The most I have done is walking! I keep pinning new workouts, just dont end up doing them yet! One day!
    What is a baby hawk? I dont think I have heard of it! I am such a newbie!! I also didnt know there were different names for schedules or ones you can follow, I thought people just made their own! But after looking up the EASY schedule we arent far off that, except Noah doesnt nap that much!
    I havent tried our sleep sack, but Noah does swaddle well at night, even though he likes to have his hands up at his face. I only swaddle at bed time! I also dont like feeding him while swaddled, although we end up taking the swaddle wrap off when we change him and put it back on when he's done.
    I think that was everything! Damn blogger!!


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