Thursday, May 29, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. My Dad is back home now :( We had an amazing visit and I'm so thrilled he was able to meet Leo and see Audrey again. She absolutely adored him!! We went to Banff, the Zoo, had dinner with the rest of my family, and just spent time together. We even introduced him to Menchies! He was so helpful with Audrey and she was pretty sad to see him go. Hopefully we can see each other much sooner- 2 years is way too long between visits!

Relaxing in the shade
At the top of Sulphur Mountain

Watching the Tigers get fed at the Zoo

2. As I suspected, I didn't get a single workout in while my Dad was in town, other than a fair amount of walking a couple days. I decided to not worry about it and just get back on track once Dad had left. While I was itching to workout, it was nice to not have to try and fit it in each day.

I did attempt to workout yesterday after he left but naps were not being had so I quit my run 15 minutes in and went back to it after they went to bed. Hopefully we can all get back to our routine ASAP!! Only 40-ish days left until my first post-Leo 5K and I'm not feeling ready at all!

3. Um, how is it almost June? May flew by impossibly quick. I have a feeling the rest of the summer will be gone before we know it. I'm not very happy about this. I guess we better start planning our summer holidays!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. A long weekend sure makes the week go by fast! My dad is coming tomorrow so I've been busy preparing for his visit. I can't wait to see him and for him to meet Leo!! We have a few things planned- going to the mountains, family dinner and maybe the zoo if the weather is nice.

2. Leo and I had a super fun day yesterday meeting Miss Avery and seeing Delainey again and of course, their wonderful mothers, Lindsey and Alison! It's so neat to see how much the babies have grown! Leo looks like a tank beside those two tiny girls!!

We had a nice lunch and a gorgeous walk in the hot sun! I may have gotten a small burn! Oops!! Time to pull out the sunscreen. 

3.  I'm so sore!! I've been working out pretty hard between T25 which I started last week and running. I did my first outdoor run this year on Tuesday. It was a nice evening with a sun shower. I turned the corner and there was a beautiful rainbow. You don't get that on the treadmill!

I really have to take it easy since I'm feeling twinges that I shouldn't and I certainly do not want to end up injured! I'm going for an adjustment tomorrow and hopefully that will fix any misalignments that I'm sure I have. It will be hard to keep up my workouts with guests so I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself. I'm afraid to get out of my routine though and I genuinely enjoy each day's workout. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

~May Long Weekend Recap~

This weekend's plans were all weather dependent so not everything got done that we hoped but some progress was made. We were still able to spend lots if time outside. 

Friday we met a friend at Coffee and Scream in the morning so Audrey could play while we visited. She had a blast and she interacts so well with other kids which is so important for her. Leo was a tad bit fussy- maybe from his shota a couple days before? 
I went to yoga after the kids were in bed. It was another flow class, which I am LOVING! I also love that this is one hour all to myself, where I won't be interrupted by anything. So often my workouts at home are interrupted by a crying baby or a toddler who refuses to nap so this one hour a week is really for me and I so look forward to it. 

Saturday we went to Home Depot to get the supplies to stain the deck and fence.  My in-laws came over afterwards. The boys worked in the back yard sanding down deck and prepping for the staining- which didn't get done because of the rain forecast all weekend but at least the prep is mostly done and that's the biggest job! My mother-in-law helped entertain the kids and watched them while they napped so I could run a few errands. 

I ended up running into one of my midwives which was a nice surprise! It's so hard to believe that it's been several months since I've seen her- before Leo was born! 

Sunday we went for brunch at Cora's and get groceries afterwards. 

Hubby worked in the backyard again while I did stuff around the house to prepare for my Dad's visit this week. I attempted a treadmill run but it was cut short by a fussy baby. Oh well. 
Audrey spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. We hoped that meant a good night's rest for us but alas Leo thought he needed to carry on the night time shenanigans in his sister's absence! Of course she slept perfectly fine at G&G's house! 

Monday morning I woke up feeling awful. I knew a cold was coming on, plus Audrey and Leo both had runny noses so we caught something. Hubby took Leo in the morning so I could sleep some more. His brother came over to help in the yard again. We had planned for me to take the kids to his place so Audrey could play with her cousin while the guys worked but my niece had a fever and I felt sick so  Audrey just spent all morning at G&G's instead. After she came home and napped, she helped Daddy outside. She loved helping him!! 

Even though the staining didn't get done, a lot of progress was made in the backyard. It didn't actually rain that much but enough to postpone the painting. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

We've had a busy week so far!

1. On Monday, we went for a nice long walk with Alison, Delainey and Cruz. The weather has finally become spring like around here so it was nice to be outside. It was a lovely walk, minus the coyote encounter and Audrey having a fall (she's fine). We stopped at a playground for Audrey to play at.
Delainey and Leo

Hard to get a picture of all three!

2. We went to the Zoo, on Tuesday, with a friend from my prenatal group with Audrey. Her little girl is 3 weeks older than Audrey and we used to get together often during my first maternity leave. We hadn't seen each other since I went back to work when Audrey was a year old so it was lots of fun to get the girls together again! She is expecting her 2nd child now.

Audrey and Maddie at 6 months old at the Zoo

Audrey, Maddie and Stella

Audrey and Maddie- 2 years old

3. Leo had his vaccination appointment yesterday. Turns out my home measurements last week were totally off- he weighs 12 lbs, 1.5 oz and is 23.75 inches long. He's in the 25th percentile. He was sleeping before he got shots so he was less than impressed when he got them. I was much better this time though and didn't bawl my eyes out like I did for Audrey's first shots.

Baby legs are great for shots!

I was hoping that he would be super sleepy from the shots but alas he just cat napped all day long. Thankfully he was pretty content to just hang out while I got my hair done- last time before my hairdresser of 10 years moves away :( He was a bit cranky in the evening. He slept well at night!


It seems our nice weather has left us just in time for the long weekend :( Back to indoor activities. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

What a wonderful weekend spent with family!! Feeling so blessed right now!

Friday we had a fun little play day with cousin L. They came over in the morning and the girls had so much fun playing together! I foresee them getting into lots of trouble as they grow up! 

Hubby met some friends for drinks after work so he got home just in time for bed time. I went to yoga in the evening. The class will now be alternating weekly between yin and power yoga so it will be nice to switch it up. Last week's class was power yoga- I hadn't taken a class with this instructor before and I quite enjoyed it! I just listened to my body and had a much better practice. 

I may have stopped at the liquor store afterwards to pick up a few things recommended to me by some other moms! 

Skinny girl Sangria- it was ok

Somersby- amazing!!
New fav Canadian cider
Thanks Ashley!

Saturday was a big grocery shopping day! Hubby and Audrey went to the grocery store in the morning and came home with some lovely flowers for the Moms!

"Smell Mommy!"
Little does she know...
We went to the Farmers Market where we had coffee and lunch before grabbing a few more groceries. 

During nap time I went to Home Sense and Costco by myself! Good thing since Costco was a zoo! 

I came home to hubby tearing apart a kitchen cabinet that turned out to not be properly bolted to the wall- it was sagging under the weight of his many cookbooks! Now it's fixed and I'm happy!! 

Sunday morning I was woken up by the sweetest girl giving me my Mother's Day card that she made for me (with Daddy'a help). She was so excited to show it to me!! I was also spoiled with a spa day!! Can't wait to be pampered!

This little guy snuggled with me in the morning too!! He's such a good boy!! 

Putting on her makeup

Hubby prepared an outstanding brunch for his family- waffles, mini quiches, bacon, fruit salad and homemade donuts by our sister-in-law!! Yummy!! 

The little girls again had a blast playing together. We went for a walk to a nearby field and they kicked the soccer ball around. When we came back home, they played in the sandbox in the backyard. It was so nice to spend some time outside in the sun!

For dinner, my family came over and hubby cooked another great meal- roast beef, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, salad -and brownies, raspberries and ice cream for dessert. Seriously, I am so lucky to have a great husband who loves to cook nice meals! 

Impossible to get one of everyone looking!

Me and my babies!
It was a wonderful day spent celebrating the Mothers. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happiest of Mother's Days!

To the most wonderful mother!

I never really understood how hard, yet fulfilling this 'job' is until I experienced it for myself. I never really knew how much my own mother loved me until I felt that love for my own babies.

So thank you to my mother for all that she has done. She has done her very best to ensure her children have wonderful lives.

Thank you to my amazing mother-in-law for raising such a great son! I'm lucky to have such a great mother-in-law that is so helpful, generous and loving!

Of course, thank you to my babies for making me a mother! Dream job!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and mamas-to-be!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Yesterday, Leo went to his first movie! We went to a Stars and Strollers showing of The Other Woman with a friend and her baby, while Audrey was at daycare.

It was funny, albeit very far fetched. Leo behaved himself and slept or ate most of the movie. It was a fun thing to do and nice to see a movie since I can't even remember the last time I was at the theatre!

Funny picture in the theatre
I really don't have dark under eye circles- it's a shadow!

2. I've been working on getting this girl to wear dresses. I figure if she wears them on a regular basis she won't resist wearing them so much for a special occasion. So far it's working out well. The only downside is that she skinned her knees and elbow when she fell during our walk. Oops!

And this was last week, since this week most walks were done wearing a snowsuit (except today- the sun is out!). Stupid spring snow!

3. Out takes from Leo's 3 month photo shoot.

Hungry baby + silly toddler= chaos!