Thursday, May 1, 2014

~Latest Favourites~

Here are a few things that have made my life easier and/or more enjoyable lately. 

1. Seche Vite- a fast drying top coat.

Everyone is always amazed that my nails are painted. Who has time for that? To be honest, I usually do it right before bed, often in bed while reading. It does cut into my precious sleep time but its something nice to do for myself. Plus I found this amazing top coat, Seche Vite, that dries them in 2 minutes so I don't have to wait around for hours. I paint them, top coat and 2 minutes later I can go to sleep (or read more). They don't get smudged!! Love it!!

2. Technology. Without it, I wouldn't have the support of so many friends and family. My friends and family, (in real life and online) that have been so supportive. I don't know what I would have done without everyone's support. I don't know how mothers did this before technology that allowed you to message your friends in the middle of the night when you needed the most support! Our families have been so helpful and I'm so grateful they are close enough to be part of our children's lives and the ones that aren't very close are able to stay in touch through Skype, instant photos and texts!

3. My hot rollers

I don't like doing my hair as much as doing my makeup! I do however love my hot rollers because it takes no time at all to put them in, I wear them while getting myself and the children ready and then just before we have to leave the house I take them out and my hair looks great for pretty minimal effort! I wish my hair looked nice just thrown up in a pony tail but sadly putting my hair in a nice ponytail takes more effort than putting hot rollers in so that's my go-to hair style most days when going out. 

4. Assorted Cadbury Eggs

These might be the reason why I don't lose the baby weight anytime soon!! Oh well!

5. Downton Abbey- I haven't been into a TV series in ages. I watched Call the Midwife in a couple weeks and had heard great things about Downton Abbey but didn't think I would like it. Wrong!! Love it!!

It might not be for everyone and I was surprised how "into it" I got! I'm done Season 3 on Netflix now so I have bought Season 4 on iTunes because I'm dying to find out what happened! First time I've bought a TV series on iTunes so it must be addicting!

6. Wine! After not being able to drink it while pregnant, I am so enjoying the occasional glass of wine! We had a few bottles that we bought in Kelowna the summer I was pregnant with Audrey (2.5 years ago!) that we are finally cracking open now. Delish!!

7. Motorola video monitor
Audrey "napping"

Leo sleeping

We had to get a new monitor since Audrey broke the volume on our first one. Thankfully we bought the extended warranty so we did get our money back for it. We are loving this new monitor, especially since we can keep an eye on Audrey when she is "napping" in her room, aka not sleeping but reading and playing. This one has zoom and tilt so we can see around the room whereas our old one didn't move at all so if she went out of the camera view we couldn't see what she was doing.

8. Working out
Yes, we are doing yoga in our Pjs. 

Workout buddy

Oh how I've missed working out. Right now I'm just doing yoga, at home and once a week at a studio, and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I'm planning on doing a more intense program soon (I just ordered T25 through Alison) and have run a few times. I'm easing back into running; I did however sign up for the Stampede Road Race 5K in July with my sis, 3rd year in a row, so this should be the motivation I need to get back on the treadmill/pathways. I also signed Audrey up for her first 'race' that day! She's been training a lot!! Haha! I'm so excited!!

9. Online shopping- so bad, yet so good! Getting to the mall with 2 little ones is pretty impossible and forget about cooperating in a change room! I haven't been buying too much for myself anyway since it would be useless to buy clothes that won't fit in a couple months so the babes have been reaping the benefits of my online shopping addiction! Lucky them! Plus I like that I can shop in my Pjs, at any hour of the day or night and often the selection online is better than in store.
Hubby is starting to catch on with all the packages I've been receiving in the mall! We've started bringing the wagon with us to the mailbox!! 

10. Wednesdays- since that's the day Audrey goes to the day home! I can run errands, visit with friends, spend less time cleaning up messes and most importantly, have a whole day of one-on-one time with Leo. I feel a bit guilty about how excited I am to have this break once a week but I know it's better for both all of us. She gets so excited to see her day care provider, leaps into her arms, and yet is super excited to see me at the end of the day, which she usually wasn't when she was going there full time. Things are getting better with her- we are getting into a routine, figuring out what works for her and all of us and trying to work on her sleep so that tiredness isn't a factor in her behaviour.

So there you have it!

What's your latest favourite? 


  1. Those are awesome "tips"! I definitely want to try the nail polish. Where did you buy it?

  2. That top coat is officially the best. Thank you for introducing me to it. I should pull out my hot rollers...good call. I never curl my hair anymore it seems. I too love online shopping. And Wine. And wine. Oh I said that?!? So glad you have a day that a little more relaxed - good midweek break!

  3. Those are great things! Where did you find the top coat! I hate taking the time to paint them, and then smudge them a couple minutes later

  4. Topher hasn't been to his day home since the end of December and he really misses it! I think we're both looking forward to preschool starting in the fall :D I'm horrible with online shopping too - it's just so much easier than taking two kids to the mall! I'm a regular at and amazon :)

  5. Looks like a number of people love the Seche Vite nail polish tip. I found it at the Sally beauty supply store here in Edmonton. I love the idea that it dries fast, as I never do my nails since they are smudged before I even get out of the house. Excited to try something new!

  6. Oh geez I haven't do be my nails in forever! Toe nails yes, but fingernails - no! I love hit rollers too, but love my infinity curler more - soo worth the money and my hair is done fast! But let's be honest, my hair ends up in a messy bun most of the time! I need to get better at this!!
    I will say I love our emails and texts back and forth!! It is done thing to do during feeds for sure.
    I also love online shopping!! Although not for myself right now!! Ugh speaking of which I must be having a fat day because I'm not loving the latest old navy order I made! I will see tomorrow! Lol - hate those days! I clearly have been loving too much junk! Those Cadbury cream eggs look yummy!
    You will be proud, I ordered myself a somersby at a restaurant - I was only able to drink half if, those drinks are huge, but it was good! I will ease myself back in! Although I could go for some moscato, but that would involve a trip to the liquor store!
    We love our video monitor too, except I find the reception isn't as good as I imagined! We got the angelcare.
    I need to get working out - reduce my fat days lol. Clearly walking isn't cutting it. I tried running a bit with the dogs last night on our walk and that won't be happening again for a while! It killed my ankle! I've pinned some workouts to try which I shoukd be able to accomplish since Noah has been getting good at entertaining himself for brief periods!


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