Tuesday, May 6, 2014

.:Leo: Three Months:.

Eating: Leo eats every 2-4 hours during the day. I pump a few times a week and he takes a bottle without a problem.

Sleeping: So far Leo is sleeping fairly well. He goes to bed, in his room, between 8- 8:30pm. He either nurses to sleep or he will fall asleep on his own. He wears his sleep sack which has been working out well. He usually wakes once in the night to eat or for his soother and then goes right back to sleep**. I might bring him into bed with me if he wakes up after 5am and we aren't ready to get up for the day.
Naps are still everywhere (swing, bouncy chair, car seat/stroller, my bed, his crib) and don't quite have a set schedule yet. He usually has a short nap about an hour after waking in the morning and will either have a long nap or just cat nap in the morning. Depending on how he napped in the afternoon, he will either cat nap or have a long nap. He then has one short nap around our dinner time which is perfect for me! He isn't falling asleep as easily in a crowded room with lots of distractions so I suspect more naps will be happening in his crib this month.

** Dear sleep fairies, please don't punish me for saying this out loud.

Diapers: Leo mostly wears cloth diapers, however I will often put him in disposables when we go out and sometimes at night. While he technically fit the Pampers Swaddlers size 1s just fine, it didn't make sense to buy a box when he is wearing them so infrequently so I moved him up to size 2s, since I had been given a big box.

Weight/Size: Leo weighs between 13-14 pounds and is approximately 22.5 inches long. Both measurements were done by me at home so they aren't the most accurate but close enough! He will be measured next week so I will update the post then.
** Update! Leo was measured at his vaccination appointment on May 14th (14 weeks) and he weighs 12 lbs, 1.5 oz and is 23.75 inches long. He is in the 25th percentile. Clearly my measurements at home were way off!! He has doubled his birth weight which is fantastic!!
Leo is still wearing 0-3 month clothing, with a few 3-6 month items for variety. He seems soooo big to me but he is pretty average I think. His cloth diapers definitely add to his chunkiness.

Hair and eyes: Brown hair ,what he has of it, and blue, blue eyes. He is currently sporting a nice bald spot at the back of his head.

Leo seems to have some bad cradle cap at the top of his head and some rashes on his cheeks. Neither really seems to bother him but the cradle cap is unsightly. I've been using coconut oil and combing it out which helps a bit. The rash on his cheeks is a bit more bothersome. It doesn't look like baby acne. I'm a bit paranoid since Audrey had a bad rashy reaction to gluten when she was 4 weeks old but it doesn't quite look like that. I did just change the laundry detergent, from Tide Free and Clear to Ivory Snow (only because they had a big jug at Costco) but he doesn't have the rash anywhere else so I don't think it's from the detergent.

Milestones: We are currently working on strengthening his neck through lots of tummy time. He's such a content baby and is happy to just hang out that I kind of forgot to put him on his tummy on the playmat more! I'm pretty sure Audrey was rolling occasionally by 3 months but poor 2nd child hasn't been given much opportunity to learn yet. He currently isn't a fan of being on his tummy but he is strong so in no time he will be rolling (and life will get a lot harder for Mommy!).
Leo smiles, coos and giggles all the time! His favourite thing is having his diaper changed- he gives you the biggest smile and just kicks his legs like crazy!

Leo has discovered his hands and has started sucking his fist! It's pretty cute! Sometimes I hear him stirring through the baby monitor and then I can hear him sucking on his fist.

Personality: He is so laid back. He is content staring at himself in the swing mirror, playing on his mat, and watching Mommy, Daddy or big sister. He does have his fussy moments but it's usually because he is hungry, tired or dirty. He really is a happy little guy.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy

Likes: Cuddling, eating, people talking to him, diaper changes, looking around, his swing, the baby hawk carrier (sometimes), baths, raspberries on his belly, his playmat

Dislikes: His car seat, the Bumbo, dirty diapers, being hungry or cold, being tired.

My recovery: I'm really starting to feel back to my normal self. I'm working out 4-6 times a week, either doing yoga, Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred or running. I signed up for a 5K the beginning of July so I have something to work towards!
I have also just ordered the T25 workout program that Alison did (and is now a Coach for!). I'm pretty excited to start it and see how my body responds to a program like this. I have never done one before, other than a running training program so it should be a good shock to my body!

I find if I do too much core work then my lower abs feel sore which is to be expected. I'm just listening to my body and letting it tell me how much to do. I'm loving the good sore feeling though and have missed it!

So far I've been fitting in my workouts during Audrey's nap time. Leo is either napping as well or will  be mostly content just watching me. Occasionally I will workout after they both go to bed but I'd rather not since that means I'm working out at 9pm which is a bit too late.

We are finally in a routine which is good for all of us. I'm less stressed out, Audrey knows what to expect during the day and Leo is just happy being a part of it!

Big Sister: We made the decision last month to put Audrey back in the day home once a week, after prompting from my midwife. Having a new brother and suddenly being home all day long with Mommy was a huge adjustment for Audrey. I'm not able to stimulate her how she is used to so it is the best decision for all of us. She is so happy to be back. She practically leaps into the arms of her care provider in the morning, yet is still excited to see me at the end of the day. Of course it gives me a break and opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Leo. I've been getting out and meeting friends, running errands and booking appointments.

We are also working harder on her sleep since she seems to be much happier, has less tantrums and sleeps better overall when she sleeps better.

Misc: Auntie L and Uncle C babysat both Leo and Audrey for the first time last weekend! They were both as good as gold! Or so that's what we were told!

We love you soooo much little Leo! Your smile, coos and giggles brighten our day and we are so lucky to have you as our baby! You are such a happy little guy and your cries are so minimal. In three short months you have changed our lives for the better and we can't imagine life without you. 


  1. Oh my gosh he has changed!! And weighs almost as much as D!! Good man!! And sleeps like her too! Ha
    I'm so excited for you to get T25, pumped you are feeling good though!
    I love all his photos. His tongue out!?? So cute. Market/coffee date for sure!!

  2. Pd. I loved your note to the sleep fairies. That was my problem. I said it out loud that she was sleeping well. Damn me.

  3. I love the smiling tongue pictures! He's so cute!

  4. His face in the picture on the chair just cracks me up :) He's such a cutie! For the T25, get a good bra! You do lots of jumping/moving around, and I find that my boobs even bounce a lot. Just a random piece of advice :)

  5. ok here is todays novel!
    Look at those legs!!! He is soo cute and soo alert!!
    So glad you have a daily routine that works for all of you!! I'm sure it helps getting A out of the house once a week too! I am finding Noah needs to get out of the house during the week as well!
    I am not a night time work out fan - I'm beat by the end of the day with just one baby haha. I am looking forward to getting back into my zumba class when she starts back up - she just had a baby too!
    I'm afraid to try the bumbo! Noah's neck is doing great, but it just scares me, because I know his back isnt strong enough to sit!
    Love that pic of him with his tongue out! Silly boy!!
    Noah loves his hands now too!! Little stinkers!!
    Noah was sleeping well up until the last 2 nights. We keep the house warm, but he seems cold and we use a swaddle and a blanket. Last night we brought him back in bed with us. He is also forgoing daytime naps, so I am forcing him to nap even if it means extra long walks to ensure a good snooze!!

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