Monday, May 12, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

What a wonderful weekend spent with family!! Feeling so blessed right now!

Friday we had a fun little play day with cousin L. They came over in the morning and the girls had so much fun playing together! I foresee them getting into lots of trouble as they grow up! 

Hubby met some friends for drinks after work so he got home just in time for bed time. I went to yoga in the evening. The class will now be alternating weekly between yin and power yoga so it will be nice to switch it up. Last week's class was power yoga- I hadn't taken a class with this instructor before and I quite enjoyed it! I just listened to my body and had a much better practice. 

I may have stopped at the liquor store afterwards to pick up a few things recommended to me by some other moms! 

Skinny girl Sangria- it was ok

Somersby- amazing!!
New fav Canadian cider
Thanks Ashley!

Saturday was a big grocery shopping day! Hubby and Audrey went to the grocery store in the morning and came home with some lovely flowers for the Moms!

"Smell Mommy!"
Little does she know...
We went to the Farmers Market where we had coffee and lunch before grabbing a few more groceries. 

During nap time I went to Home Sense and Costco by myself! Good thing since Costco was a zoo! 

I came home to hubby tearing apart a kitchen cabinet that turned out to not be properly bolted to the wall- it was sagging under the weight of his many cookbooks! Now it's fixed and I'm happy!! 

Sunday morning I was woken up by the sweetest girl giving me my Mother's Day card that she made for me (with Daddy'a help). She was so excited to show it to me!! I was also spoiled with a spa day!! Can't wait to be pampered!

This little guy snuggled with me in the morning too!! He's such a good boy!! 

Putting on her makeup

Hubby prepared an outstanding brunch for his family- waffles, mini quiches, bacon, fruit salad and homemade donuts by our sister-in-law!! Yummy!! 

The little girls again had a blast playing together. We went for a walk to a nearby field and they kicked the soccer ball around. When we came back home, they played in the sandbox in the backyard. It was so nice to spend some time outside in the sun!

For dinner, my family came over and hubby cooked another great meal- roast beef, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, salad -and brownies, raspberries and ice cream for dessert. Seriously, I am so lucky to have a great husband who loves to cook nice meals! 

Impossible to get one of everyone looking!

Me and my babies!
It was a wonderful day spent celebrating the Mothers. 


  1. Such a great weekend. Love all the photos. You look fantastic. I wasn't a huge fan of the sangria but love all the other skinny girl stuff. Sounds like hubby is a great cook!! Lucky girl!

  2. Sounds like a great mother's day! Who was making the funny face off camera so the kids both have hilarious faces? Haha, Leo is like "oh really?!"

  3. I like the skinny girl cosmos, never had the sangria. So glad you love the Somersby! Plùs it's a perfect summer drink!! Love the family photos!! You look great!! I especially love the one of the 4 of you!! Your hubby sounds like a good cook!! Lùckily M likes to cook too, because I prefer baking over cooking!
    I got a gift card to the spa as well and these feet of mine are in need!! Lol
    Glad you had a great Mothers Day weekend!!

  4. What a great weekend! So glad you were spoiled! Your family is beautiful!!!

  5. It IS awesome having a hubby that can cook so many delicious meals eh? I wouldn't trade it for anything. That coffee looks so good! I need to go find some.


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