Monday, June 30, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

This weekend wasn't technically a long weekend since hubby has to work today.

Friday morning we went for a walk to the Farmer's Market by my house with Alison, Delainey and Lily. It was so nice to finally meet Lily- she is such a sweet girl! She loved Milo, and he soaked up the attention.

The mamas got their dose of Phil and Sebastian's delicious coffee while the bigger girls played on the playset outside. It was a gorgeous morning! We did a bit of shopping and then walked back to my place. Audrey was tuckered out which is exactly what I wanted to happen.

After Alison and the girls left, Audrey wanted to eat her pear in the stroller and Leo was sleeping so we headed to the park. I definitely got my upper body workout pushing those two!

After naps, we made an emergency stop at the chiropractor since my back, hips and knees were causing me pain. I have a race, just a 5K thankfully, in less than a week so I needed to get a tune up badly! The Doctor said I was in pretty bad shape so it's a good thing I went in. She used her elbows on my butt and I'm pretty sure she bruised me! I've been rolling out my glutes, IT bands and stretching my hip flexors like crazy. I've also taken a few days off from working out so I can be race ready for Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Rolling partner

Saturday I had a spa appointment for a manicure and pedicure- the last of my Mother's Day gift certificate. It was so relaxing and my fingers and toes look so pretty now! Can I go to the spa every weekend?

Relaxing at the spa

Afterwards I picked up new running shoes since I'm pretty sure my old pairs are done and hopefully that's why I'm having knee pain. At least I'm hoping that explains it. Fingers crossed!

I came home and hubby had both kids napping, in their beds. He's good!

When they woke up we went to a BBQ. There were a few other kids there but mostly under 1. It was nice to see some friends we haven't seen in awhile and celebrate the good news that the hosts are expecting!! Yay more babies!

Super hero!
Maybe he can use his powers to fix my knees!

Sunday we didn't do too much- mostly chores around the house. The weather wasn't very nice so it was a good day for organizing. Leo was kinda grumpy so I didn't accomplish much other than lots of bouncing! We went to my sis' for dinner so my arms got a bit of a break while other people entertained Leo. Thank goodness for Aunts, Uncles and Grandmas!

We have a pretty busy week coming up so we are taking it easy today while hubby works.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Mr Leo had his 4 months shots yesterday. He has gained barely any weight since his last set of shots 6 weeks ago, plus has a persistent diaper rash so we went to the Doctor this morning. They aren't too worried about his weight since he had a bug for a couple weeks and that likely explains his lack of weight gain but they do want to monitor it so back we go in a couple weeks to make sure he's gaining again.

She gave us a prescription for an anti- fungal cream since she thinks that's why the rash won't go away despite the millions of things I have tried.  Hopefully this clears it up and he's back to normal. Poor baby!

2. This little girl got a new stroller for her dolly, Susie. Despite her expression in this picture, she loves it!!

3. I hate Crocs!! They are ugly! Audrey was given a couple hand-me-down pairs and I thought they would be good for playing around in the backyard. Except she wants to wear them everywhere now!   We went to the Zoo this week and I compromised on the Crocs, since she wanted to wear her winter boots! 

We were at the Zoo for 5 minutes and she starts wailing in her stroller. Turns out her shoe fell off and out of the stroller so we had to turn back to retrieve it.

Then we are looking at the new Rhino (he replaced the elephants) and her shoe falls off while she's standing on the railing- into the rhino enclosure! Thankfully there is a double fence and I could reach it through the fence! Those shoes might just disappear and I sure won't be sad about it! 


Crocs again

Effing Crocs! 

Do you think she will wear the pretty,  expensive and well-made shoes I bought for her? No!! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Such a fun-filled weekend! Finally it feels like summer is here!

On Friday, one of my running friend's came over for coffee with her 3 week old baby. She's so sweet! It was nice to visit with her and her newborn makes me want another!

She didn't stay too long and after she left Audrey said she wanted to go to the Zoo. We were so housebound all week between sickness and rainy weather that even though we wouldn't have much time and I wasn't really "prepared" for a zoo trip, I agreed to it anyway.


It was a bit difficult because we were off of our schedule and trying to juggle 2 kids amongst a million other kids was hard but we had fun.

After the kids went to bed, I met my friend Jenn for a late dinner.
Pre-bedtime fun- belly raspberries!!
I am so happy she is back in town and we get to see each other a little more frequently, even if it is a challenge to arrange a date! As usual, we stayed until the restaurant closed and they were practically kicking us out! 

Saturday was a busy day of running errands, working out, or trying, while the kids napped, and ended with dinner out with friends, since Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandma babysat.
We went for an amazing dinner downtown with our bests, had a couple drinks and walked around downtown. We stopped by The Bow to take some pictures by the face. Even though I only worked a few blocks from this building, I've never been by it before. It's pretty neat!

Sunday morning was our niece L's 2nd birthday party. All the little kids had a blast running around and maybe fought a bit over the toys! The cupcakes were delicious! 

It was such a gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon outside (after my workout). 

After dinner we went for a nice walk. Suddenly we heard music- the ice cream truck was in our neighbourhood!!! Audrey loved her frog popsicle. She ate the whole thing- well, what didn't melt all over her! 

What a perfect weekend! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


At 19 weeks, we found out a sweet little boy was joining our family.

Now, Leo has been in our lives, on the outside, for 19 weeks.

So happy- most of the time

Still a little small for the exersaucer!

Loves his fist and cuddling with Mommy

I can't believe it!

It's flown by so quickly! Definitely quicker than the first 19 weeks he was 'in' there for! Someone really needs to work on a "stand-still time machine."

Our love for this perfect addition to our family only grows with each day.

We love you Leo!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

~Father's Day + Weekend~

Happy ~belated~ Father's Day to my wonderful Dad. Even though I don't get to see him that often, I know he thinks about me everyday and he's always in my thoughts.

Happy ~belated~ Father's Day to the father of my two babies!! He is the most amazing Dad and I'm so grateful every day that my children have such a wonderful father in their lives. He is so patient, kind, fun and beyond helpful. 

My favourite photo of these 3

Unfortunately, we didn't get to celebrate Father's Day as I had hoped because a nasty flu bug invaded our house and taken us each down one by one. It started with Audrey last week, then hubby and now me. It's been awful! Hoping I have a far speedier recovery than hubby or else this week won't be fun!

On Friday, after Audrey recovered and before I got the flu, we went to the Zoo. It was a particularly wet day but when you promise a 2 year old you are going to the Zoo, rain isn't a good excuse to bail. We managed to stay relatively dry by staying indoors at the butterfly conservatory and the atrium and with umbrellas when we needed to go outside. I brought my rain boots but didn't wear them since it wasn't raining when we got there. That was dumb! My feet got soaked! 
T-Rex in the Prehistoric Park
Audrey smelling the plants in the Atrium

On Saturday, I had an amazing facial, which was part of my Mother's Day gift. It was so amazing- I want one every month now! My skin feels so nice. Facials are my favourite spa treatment. Hubby, being the amazing father he is, managed to get Leo down for a 3 hour nap in his crib! That's a first!! Hopefully I can continue getting him to nap in his crib. 

That evening I started to feel sick and we had a bad night with Audrey so when I woke up Sunday morning I felt like death. We cancelled on family brunch but the ILs came to get Audrey. We both started to feel better after a bit more sleep and a shower so we ended up going for brunch after all, just late. My SIL made a delicious meal and I wish I had felt better to really enjoy it. 

Afterwards we went to a 2nd birthday party for our friend's son. Audrey had a blast playing with the other kids and we had a good time visiting. 

I didn't feel well that evening and we had another bad night with Audrey. That girl just hates sleep!! 

Hubby stayed home from work today since he still wasn't feeling completely better, but definitely on the mend. I'm worse so I'm so happy he has been here all day to help with the kids- I don't know what I would have done! 

Such a happy morning baby!

I've been napping off and on and surviving on these three items: water, crackers and peppermint tea. Greatest diet ever. 


Ok flu- you can leave now. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Finally a gorgeous weekend without rain!! A lot of time was spent outside enjoying the sun!

Friday was an uneventful night. I went to yoga in the evening. It was an ok class- they had a sub who isn't my favourite but I still enjoyed it. Afterwards I picked up a Blizzard for hubby and I to share while I caught up on Mad Men.

Saturday we went to a joint birthday party for our Goddaughter and her stepbrother. They live in one of the lake communities in the South. The kids had a blast. Audrey loved playing in the sand and the highlight was going on a row boat. She wouldn't stop talking about it.

Birthday cake and cupcakes!
Audrey made sure she got a good spot!
We ended up stopping for dinner on our way home and I ran into a  coworker. I was guilt tripped into visiting the office since I still haven't made it down there yet! Hopefully this month I can plan something.

After Leo was in bed I went out for a run. It was such a gorgeous night and the perfect temperature.

On Sunday we went over to my BIL and SIL's new house to help with painting. Well hubby helped while I provided the distractions! We hung out in their massive backyard and enjoyed the sun, some bubbles, soccer ball and food! I got a burn, despite putting sunscreen on!

I went home early with the kids so they could nap while hubby continued to help with the painting. I snuck in a workout while they napped.

Best thing ever!
Hubby came home, grabbed Audrey and went grocery shopping. It was a pretty quiet evening and I again stayed up too late watching Mad Men.

Friday, June 6, 2014

.:Leo: Four Months:.

Eating: Hasn't changed too much from last month- Leo still eats every 2-4 hours during the day. I pump a few times a week and he takes a bottle without a problem. I have quite the stockpile in the freezer which is awesome! Makes it much easier to leave him for a few hours.

Sleeping: Night time is still going pretty well. He goes to bed between 7:30-8pm and usually sleeps till 6:00am, although once or twice a week he wakes up between 3:30-4:30am to eat. I usually bring him into bed if he wakes up after 5:30am so he can eat and we can go back to sleep. He's usually up for the day between 7-8:30am.
Naps are still random and everywhere! I haven't worked too hard on getting him to nap in his crib quite yet. He's been catnapping quite a bit but he is pretty happy so I'm not too worried about it. He usually has 2-3 catnaps that range from 20-40 minutes each and then maybe one longer nap from 1-3 hours. He's pretty content so I'm not going to change anything quite yet.

I am worried that the 4 month sleep regression will hit us hard, especially now that I've written down his good sleeping habits.

Diapers: Leo is mostly wearing cloth diapers, except for the last week since he's had diarrhea and a diaper rash so I've needed to slather him in cream which is not good for cloth diapers. He's still in Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.

Weight/Size: Leo was measured at his Doctor's appointment this week and is 12.12 lbs and 24 inches long (between 5-15th percentile). He hasn't gained much weight in the last month but the Doctor didn't seem concerned.
Leo is wearing 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothing. The 0-3 month onesies are getting small length wise but the 3-6 month pants are quite big, especially if he is wearing disposables.

Hair and eyes: Brown hair, what he has of it, and blue eyes, so far.

Leo's cradle cap is mostly gone. However, the rash he had on his cheeks and arms is now everywhere. I changed the detergent back to Tide Free and Clear- turns out that Ivory Snow is quite heavily scented and was likely irritating his skin. The Doctor did diagnose him with eczema though. So we have been putting Glaxal Base cream on him 2x a day to help it. I have seen some improvement in the last couple of days. Hopefully he grows out of it soon. It doesn't seem to bother him which is good.

Milestones: We worked on tummy time a lot this month and he is a pro at it now! He usually doesn't mind it too much. He occasionally will roll from tummy to back but he isn't doing it consistently. He has rolled a couple times from back to tummy but again not consistently. That's fine by me- I'm not ready for him to be on the move quite yet! He does a 180 on his play mat just by kicking his legs around.

Leo has been sucking on his fingers and his thumb. Often he will wake up partially and will self soothe by sucking on his hand or thumb and he goes back to sleep.

Personality: He is such a happy baby! He will lay on his play mat for a long time just watching and batting at the toys. He will "talk" to them which is adorable. He is content staring at himself in the swing mirror, playing on his mat, and watching Mommy, Daddy or big sister. He loves attention too and gives the biggest smiles and giggles when you talk to him. He does have his fussy moments but it's usually because he is hungry, tired or dirty.

Nicknames: Little Man, Munchkin, Mr. Leo, Lovey, Baby Brother, Buddy

Likes: Cuddling, eating, people talking to him, diaper changes, looking around, his swing, the baby hawk carrier (sometimes), baths, raspberries on his belly, his playmat

Dislikes: His car seat, the baby hawk carrier (sometimes), dirty diapers, being hungry or cold, being tired.

Mommy Update: I almost feel back to my regular self, except when I go running! I still wonder sometimes how I ran half marathons while pregnant because 4K seems so hard some days! I know I'll get back there though, I just need to be patient and put the time in.
I've been doing T25 for about 2-3 weeks now (I took 5 days off when my Dad came to visit) and I love it! It's so different from what I'm used to and I feel stronger and fitter each week. I'm losing weight and my clothes are feeling looser so I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've also been drinking the Shakeology which is delicious!

Since I'm training for a 5K in a month I've had to change up the recommended T25 program up a bit to include 3 runs a week. So I usually do T25 3-4x a week, run 3x a week and yoga at the studio once a week so a couple double days but I just listen to my body and try to not over do it.
I haven't had problems finding time to workout most days, although weekends are harder since our schedule is all over the place. I usually workout during Audrey's nap time and sometimes Leo is also sleeping and other times he just hangs out with me while I workout. Occasionally I do my workout in the evening if I wasn't able to fit it in during the day. There was one day that it took me 3 attempts to get a run in but I finally got it done!

Having Wednesdays as "Mommy and Leo Day" has been great. I've been able to give him more one-on-one time and make plans with friends that don't require a toddler friendly atmosphere. Thankfully most of my mommy friends are pretty accommodating with Audrey but it is difficult sometimes for me to juggle everyone and have a good visit.

The dread "post partum hair loss" has begun. Hair everywhere! Yuck! My hair line is still recovering from after Audrey was born so I'm sure I'm going to be sporting a mullet soon with all the regrowth! Between this and my hair dresser moving away, I'm expecting quite a few bad hair days in my near future. Haven't they invented a pill or shampoo for this yet?

Big Sister: Audrey is enjoying her "big sister" role every day. She loves to give Leo kisses, hugs and tell him she loves him. Makes me so happy that she loves him so much. She's started imitating me and saying "Awww, he's so cute!" It's pretty funny! She is at such a fun age and her language is amazing. Some days I can't stop laughing at the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She's two going on fifteen!

Now that the weather is decent, we are able to go outside a lot more. We've been adventurous and have gone to the Zoo a few times with other moms and toddlers.

Sleep is still an issue some nights. We really don't know how some nights she can sleep right through until morning and other nights be a complete mess and up 4-5 times. Hopefully those nights are far and few between now.

She's also getting a bit interested in potty training but not quite there yet.

Misc: Leo met Grandpa M last month! It was so wonderful to have him visit. Audrey adored him and pretty much monopolized his time!

Leo, each month you amaze us with your sweet personality, and laid back attitude. We will never tire of you smiles and giggles! They are music to our ears and you bring smiles to our faces each day. We love seeing you interact with us, especially your big sister. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

~Thursday Random Thoughts~

1. Yesterday was National Running Day and I celebrated by running 4K outside!! Woohoo! I've been running consistently (minus the 5 days my Dad was visiting) for a couple months now but almost always inside since I try to do it during nap time on the treadmill. Well yesterday was a busy day (Wednesday is usually my rest day) so I didn't workout during the day but hoped I could get Leo in bed early enough so I could run outside. The stars aligned, he cooperated and I was out the door by 8pm.

I still have some pains in my knees and achilles and I'm hoping maybe a new pair of shoes fixes it? I should probably go back to the chiro again to make sure I'm staying aligned. I DO NOT want an injury of any sort.

2. Yesterday morning, Leo and I walk around Nose Hill Park with my friend A and Baby C. Sadly the mosquitos ate me alive! I have so many bites! And I may have forgotten sunscreen again... I need to put it in the car so I have it one me all the time. And bug spray too.

I wish I had a bug net!

3. Yesterday afternoon, my friend and I took the babies (Audrey was at the day home) to see Maleficent.

It was a pretty good movie! I'm not always a fan of Angelina Jolie but she did a great job. It was a bit loud for Leo at some points and he was trying to sleep so he was not happy! I had to leave the theatre for a few minutes to calm him down and then he fell asleep for the last half an hour.

While in the parking lot, just about to leave, we saw three cops on bikes ride by to the far end of the mostly empty lot. There was a car parked there and I suppose it looked suspicious. A guy and a girl were in it and we were trying to guess what they were doing. They got out of the car and it looked like the cops searched it and them but after 10-15 minutes the cops got back on their bikes and rode off.

4. There is a sad lack of photos in this post. It's so hard to take pictures with 2 children anymore. Maybe I should get one of those tripods that mounts your camera on your head!

5. Today we did some power shopping in the morning. June is a busy birthday month so we had a bunch of gifts to buy. Audrey always enjoys playing in the kids area and it's my way of bribing her for being good while I shop. Plus I can feed Leo while she plays.

Climbing the "rocks"
(She's in a dress!)

Playing around post lunch

6. I wanted to share one of my biggest peeves. I hate when you bring home the leftovers from the restaurant and you are all excited to eat them the next day, for lunch or whatever and you open the fridge to find out someone else ate them!!!!. Hubby and Audrey ate all the leftover pizza from last week's dinner out and I was not happy! There were 6 pieces left and they ate them all! This Mom was not impressed!
The pizza that they didn't share with me :(
Reminds me of the time when I had leftover pasta from Earls (which they have since taken off their menu- jerks!) and hubby ate it!! I had just had eye surgery, recovery was much slower than expected, my eyes hurt, I couldn't see and he ate my pasta!! It's probably a good thing for him that I couldn't see! That was 4 years ago and I'm still bitter about it! Haha!

Any random things to share? What's your biggest pet peeve?