Thursday, June 26, 2014

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Mr Leo had his 4 months shots yesterday. He has gained barely any weight since his last set of shots 6 weeks ago, plus has a persistent diaper rash so we went to the Doctor this morning. They aren't too worried about his weight since he had a bug for a couple weeks and that likely explains his lack of weight gain but they do want to monitor it so back we go in a couple weeks to make sure he's gaining again.

She gave us a prescription for an anti- fungal cream since she thinks that's why the rash won't go away despite the millions of things I have tried.  Hopefully this clears it up and he's back to normal. Poor baby!

2. This little girl got a new stroller for her dolly, Susie. Despite her expression in this picture, she loves it!!

3. I hate Crocs!! They are ugly! Audrey was given a couple hand-me-down pairs and I thought they would be good for playing around in the backyard. Except she wants to wear them everywhere now!   We went to the Zoo this week and I compromised on the Crocs, since she wanted to wear her winter boots! 

We were at the Zoo for 5 minutes and she starts wailing in her stroller. Turns out her shoe fell off and out of the stroller so we had to turn back to retrieve it.

Then we are looking at the new Rhino (he replaced the elephants) and her shoe falls off while she's standing on the railing- into the rhino enclosure! Thankfully there is a double fence and I could reach it through the fence! Those shoes might just disappear and I sure won't be sad about it! 


Crocs again

Effing Crocs! 

Do you think she will wear the pretty,  expensive and well-made shoes I bought for her? No!! 


  1. Topher had a pair of hand me down crocs that he absolutely ADORED the summer he was two. He refused to wear anything else! I was so relieved when he finally outgrew them, and I refuse to buy him another pair!

  2. Oh poor Leo! I hope the cream helps his rash too.
    Lol with Crocs, I can just imagine the similar battles I have coming my way in the future.!

  3. Oh my gosh the crocs!! LOVE it - ha ha ha!!! D was given a pair too. I may just donate them. :) To Leo - so he can match his sis!! ;) tee hee
    Poor Leos rash, hope this cream helps!!

  4. Haha, I hate Crocs too. Liam got a hand me down pair and honestly, I threw them out. I just can't put them on his feet!!

  5. I love her little stroller! Adorable! And I am with you on the Crocs - yuck!!

  6. Poor Leo! How much does he weigh now? Noah is super slow again right now! I have learned I need to stop worrying about it until I have reason too! It is seriously stressing me out! The next two weeks away will be good for both M and I to stop worrying and just enjoy him, without people questioning us if we are feeding him enough...don't get me started! Haha.
    Hopefully Leo will feel better soon!
    Funny story - I kicked my shoe into the panda bear cage when I was under 1! My Unlce had to go get it (with the help of staff) but we have pics of him in the panda bear inclosure.
    To funny she wanted to wear her winter boots! Crocs are in for little kids around here. I don't like the look of them, but I like how easy they are for kids at least. They could make cute ones at least haha. That's all my nephew will wear too! None of Noah's shoes fit him yet! And I have small ones! Love her little stroller!! She is too cute!! Soo excited to meet him NEXT WEEK!!

  7. Hahahaha about the crocs. That is kind of funny! I have to say I hate them too but Audrey wears them well and they look SUPER cute on her. You should get her some little toms! My 5 year old cousin has them and they are SO freaking cute!


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